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Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
how is the the composition relation in a class able to use its parent class without any object creationexample:class A{method()}class B{A objobj.method();}here B is not having the main method its neither inherited even though due to composition relationship how is it able to acces the A class the class i have used is using C#

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Public Shared function doubt????

I am using VB.net/ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 for a web application.

For populating the dropdowns, I wrote a Public Shared function LoadDDL(), in which I pass the dataset and dropdown name to set.

I have my doubts that this function will produce unexpected results for concurrent users. And will mix the results among sessions because it is a Shared function.

I am confused here. Is it the right way to go?

Please advice. Thanks in advance.


top == self HTML DOM doubt


What does top == self mean?

My website loads in an iframe and this is used to check that it loads with an external banner. However I use it to ensure that the banner always shows.


However I have one more issue that the application again redirects and 2 banners are showing. Can I use some top.screenheight property to check and see if two banners are loading?




BIDS Doubt



        I m using BIDS for the first time. I m using stored procedure to retrieve data.

There are two options as Command Type with dropdown Text and stored Procedure.

I m seeing another existing report and in that one, In command Type Place, there is stored procedure and when I click dropdown, I got all the stored procedures listed there.

May I know how can I get that.? what is the difference.? I want to see my newly written stored procedure in that drop down box


Doubt in sp execution

Hi,  i am executing sp in one of my database it is taking 4 minutes to complete execution. where as i am executing same sp in different database it is taking only 1 millisecond to complete execution. i have checked the table settings such as index and table data also everything is same. now i want to find where is the problem. what are steps to find such kind of problems.

Array doubt

I am trying to send some numeric values to a urlExampleHttp://yahoo.com/?id=1,2,3The values are comma seperated. Now if these values are stored in arrary, I will have to use for/foreach loop and read them one by one and pass but i want to pass the array directly to the link. How do i do that?Something like thisint[] test= new test[3] {1,2,3};Http://yahoo.com/?id=testbascialy i want to save comma seperate numbers in some variable. These numbers are coming from database.sending the values to URL using WebRequest,HttpWebResponse

Doubt about Transactions

Hey guys sorry if this is not the place to write this post.   I've encounter a problem while using transactions on asp.net   In a procedure i'm making an INSERT then I call a store procedure that passes some values to a data reader. Well there's where the problem start, because while i'm reading this data reader I need to call another store procedure to make another insert. Since in total I have 3 store procedures i decided to make a transaction on server side so i can rollback if any problem happens on last procedure for exemple. My doubt relates to the data reader...somehow i can't call a store procedure inside the transaction if an data reader is in use. Is this true? Does the transaction have problems with this?  

Doubt regarding the expander control in WPF.

I want to use multiple expanders in a WPF application and i want to expand multiple expanders at the same time. I was thinking that it would be great if i could implement the following. If at any point in time, if only one expander is expanded, it shows its contents as it is but if any other expander is already expanded, then the expander being expanded would open with a scrollbar inside, displaying its contents on-scroll. thus we can have many expanders expanded at the same time without the problem of them overlapping. Any pointers or ideas regarding the same would be of great help. Regards Vignesh

Features - doubt in ItemHandlers

Hi, I have a document library which has 40 items. The document library contains sub folders and files. I am trying to create the count of items in the sub folders as a feature. I have added the code under ItemAdded and ItemDeleted event. These events will be invoked, only when an item is added or deleted, rite. Is there any other event to which this should be used. Every time, when the users visit the list, at that time also the count should be dispalyed. To which event, i should be adding my custom code.  Thank you

doubt in SSRS report

hi all, there are a few parameters used in a SSRS report. say parameter A and B. Inspite of selecting the parameters, the data which doesnt correspond both to A and B appears. How do i avoid it.  

Ajax.BeginForm doubt

Hi everyone,I got a problem with an Ajax form in MVC2 (VS 2010).Well I got an Index.aspx that has a Ajax.BeginForm, with a textbox and a input button (Button 1). The HttpPost of this simple form, will be handled by an action of my controller. This action will render a PartialView.The PartialView has a table that I fill with a ViewModel. Also it has another Ajax.BeginForm and another input button (Button 2). This new Ajax.BeginForm is handled by an action that has to do something with the data posted.Here's the thing: I click the Button 1, fill the table and everything is going well, but after that when I click everywhere in the page, the Button 2 change it's position to the bottom of the page and get the focus ... I don't know why ...Can anyone tell something that helps me?Thanks!

doubt about database in windows forms

i want to develop an application on windows forms application.  it's my intention that this application does its own database embed (sql2005), by other words, i could redistribuite it to several computers without the prior need that they had sql server installed.  On VS2008 i'll do new project-> windows form a application. then i'll add it the database by adding a new item to it. add new item > data -> localdatase (*.sdf).  i'll have an error: "An error has occured while retrieing the information from database. Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation".  Now i'll belive that i'm doing the right path but... stuck here. help?  Another question, since its a local database is it possible to add sp? because on webprojects i add the option to add sp but i can find it now.  And i can open this mds file on MS Server Studio Express. Help?   

Regarding the one wpf doubt

Dear all i have a control made in windows forms and the dll which comprises of the control is added as refernce in project , can i use it in my wpf application , when i tried i its not comming , is their any resolution for this . pls tellAnanth

regarding One WPF Doubt


Dear all

i have a control developed in windows form and i have the Dll and iam referncing it in my WPF application . My doubt i am not able to access it in my custom control so can u pls tell me  whether i can refernce a form control in WPF via referencing the DLL or not .

Any one can u provide me a clear idea regarding this .


Doubt in DataSet.WriteXML


Hi Friends,

I have a dataset with multiple datatables. i need to write XML file from the dataset. it is working fine also.

Now my problem is i want to specify the XML structure.

for ex:- my dataset have 2 data tables companydetails(only one row) and employeedetails(multiple row).

by using dataset.writexml i got the following output

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

but i need the XML file should be in this format

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

Search service doubt.


In our MOSS 2007 farm, both services are started:
Windows SharePoint Services Search
Office SharePoint Server Search

Are both of them really needed?

I think... we need only 'Office SharePoint Server Search' in MOSS 2007.


Sharepoint search problem and document set doubt!



My search system is not working, no matter what I try to search (even documents I KNOW that exist in Sharepoint) the search have no results... what have I done wrong?

And just a little doubt, is possible to send an email with a document on document set attached to it?

Many thanks,

Doubt on WorkingSetMinimum setting in SSRS 2008 configuration file


Hello All,

I have been reading about memory settings for SSRS 2008 for better performance in this link.                                                          http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms159206.aspx  WorkingSetMinimum definition here says that "Specifies a lower limit for resource consumption; the report server will not release memory if overall memory use is below this limit."

Now, I have set the WorkingSetMinimum value as 2.4GB and when I am executing a report with 300K records, I observed in Perfmon that it has consumed around 1GB of available memory during report run time but the report server has not acquired the designated memory of 2.4GB in WorkingSetMinimum as I can see more memory as available MB than the value supposed to be after dedicating minimum memory of 2.4 GB to report server.

  1. My first question, has report server not acquired the minimum memory configured in WorkingSetMinimum because it didn't required that much memory to construct the report? &nb
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