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Sql Ce in a szenario with ASP.NET and synchronisation

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :

Hi all,

I'm checking a szenario for a project which should satisfy the following two requirements

- a Silverlight based UI running on a local machine using data stored in a local database
- a sync function which synchronizes locally added data to a server-based database (via internet)

Is it possible to use Sql Compact for this szenario?
As far as I know the Silverlight App needs Sql Ce 4 because of its ASP.NET Web App Support.
But is there a way to sync a Sql Ce 4.0 with a Sql Server?

Or am I on a wrong way??

Best regards

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Our tables have Unique IDs with automatic indentity and GUIDs. We have exactly the same solutions working on MSDE and SQL 2000 and there is no such problem on these system.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.


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Hi there!

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But when we create a new subfolder within the document library those new subfolders and files are not synced to Outlook. The users then have to manually right-click on the document library in Outlook and select "Mark to download" again. After a click on "Send/Receive" all the new folders and files are synced.

Is there a way to make sure, that also new subfolders are synced automatically?

Thanks in advance!




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