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Quad-precision floating point in .NET?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
When does Microsoft plan to add quad-precision floating support to its .NET CTS data types (such as IEEE 754 binary128)? I.e. when is it going to become available to .NET C#, C++, etc.? I have published a WP7 calculator app, and I am currently working on an enhanced scientific mode in landscape display. Currently, the only available floating point is float and double; hence, I have a maximum of 15 digits precision available using double.

While double precision (theoretically) is all anyone ever needs, in a competitive sense, that's not true. Microsoft supports 32 significant digits in the scientific mode of its Windows calculator, presumably because it's written using the unmanaged C++ quad-precision library. More importantly, other competitive platforms support more than double precision.  Rgardless of any theoretical arguments about how someone may never need to use more than double precision, if quad precision is supported elsewhere, for practical, competitive-product reasons .NET should support it too for WP7 apps.

The Decimal structure is not adequate for many reasons:

- Decimal was intended only for financial calculations where a loss of precision during rounding operations is unacceptable.
- Decimal is much (much) slower than double for most operations, primarily because double operations are done in binary,

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Invalid Floating Point operation when used with group by



This is related to a question I asked in the forum before and it looks like it is not handling the negative numbers within the log expression. Please let me know.



declare @insurance table


groupid int,

classid varchar(20),

creditamt varchar(20),

debitamt varchar(20),

insuraceflag varchar(30)




 ;with cte as


select groupid,classid,creditamt,debitamt,ROW_NUMBER() over (partition by GroupId order by ClassId ) as rn from @insurance


 cte1 as


select t.GroupId,t.debitamt,t1.Amt from 

(select * from cte where rn = 1)t

inner join (select GroupId,exp(SUM(LOG(CAST(isnull(creditamt,debitamt) as decimal(8,4))) )) as Amt from cte where rn <> 1 group by GroupID)t1 on t.GroupID = t1.GroupID


 select * from cte1 -- this bombs when the inside log expression is NEGATIVE or ZERO.


An invalid floating point operation occurred


why do i get an error while running this command

select (POWER((0.1935 /-0.0972 ),0.5) - 1 )

and what is the solution for this

Why is ParseXPathExpression throwing a Floating-point invalid operation? (re: WinDbg)


I'm a software developer working for the federal government and we use a third party product that we are suddenly having problems with.  The product worked perfect on Friday but after the weekend it no longer works.  (ie. the application/process starts but nothing appears on screen and it appears to hang, etc)

I've never really used WinDbg but I'm trying to learn but looks like MS.Internal.Xml.XPath.XPathParser.ParseXPathExpresion is throwing a Floating-point invalid operation exception.  (0xc0000090)

I've stepped through the code (with WinDbg) and here is the managed stack trace when the exception is first thrown:

001EF98C 01D3BD83 System_Xml!MS.Internal.Xml.XPath.XPathParser.ParseXPathExpresion(System.String)+0x23
001EF9A0 01D3B301 System_Xml!MS.Internal.Xml.XPath.QueryBuilder.Build(System.String, Boolean, Boolean)+0x21
001EF9B8 01D3B2B7 System_Xml!MS.Internal.Xml.XPath.QueryBuilder.Build(System.String, Boolean ByRef)+0xf
001EF9C4 01D3B24A System_Xml!System.Xml.XPath.XPathExpression.Compile(System.String, System.Xml.IXmlNamespaceResolver)+0x2a
001EF9E0 01D3B200 System_Xml!System.Xml.XPath.XPathNavigator.Select(System.String)+0x10
001EF9EC 01D3AED2 System_Xml!System.Xml.XmlNode.SelectNodes(System.String)+0x32
001EFA00 01D309C4 TiS_TisCommon!TiS.TisCommon.Configuration.BaseConfigStorage.LoadConfigSections()&#

String.Format rounding down floating point number


Hi, I'm having an issue with String.Format, can somebody tell me if it's something I'm doing.


I'm using C# 2.0 I have code which looks a little bit like this:


Code Snippet

string result;

float floatToConvert = 10780503.000000f;


result = String.Format("{0:0,0}",floatToConvert);



Now I would expect result to have a value of "10,780,503" after this line of code, but it doesn't it has a value of "10,780,500"...


If however I do this:


Code Snippet

string result;

float floatToConvert = 10780503.000000f;

Precision and scale from flat file with no decimal point


I can't figure out if "precision" and "scale" in flat files connection manager can give me an implied decimal. 

Say each record is an amount and a name:



The numbers represent 1.01 and 1.02

I would hope I could put in the flat file something to say the Scale is 2 and Precision is 5, and down-pipeline tasks would see 1.01 and 1.02.  I've tried dt_numeric and dt_decimal data types in my flat file connection manager advanced properties and tried setting DataScale to 2 and (in numeric, no such option in decimal) setting DataPrecision to 5, but the numbers just come out as 101 and 102 when I write them into an ODBC database. 


Would you expect this to work (I'm doing the right thing wrong) or is there something similar (I'm doing the wrong thing)?

In fact what I have is dozen of currency fields and percentages with no decimal points - old Cobol style data we get from competitors who won't change the format.  I realize that I could transform the field(s) but then that has to be done for each dataflow that uses the connection manager.


learn basic about share point.

This learn basic about share point.

how to set break point at inline code

I set the element height value by using inline code 
<%# Eval("s") %>
where "s" is the variable declared in page load event. when i run the application it don't set the height. 
Is there any way, i can set break point into .aspx file. i mean how i can check if my Eval("s") get the value.  

Primary Key In Share Point 2007/ 2010


Can I create 3 columns Primary key in a list using the MOSS 2010 or 2007

Actually My requirement  is

I collect some information by Country,State,Dist wise Temperature


1.  India-Andraprades-Hyderabad-Temp-30

2.  India-Andraprades-KarimNagar-Temp-30

here first 2 column is Same but 3rd column is different that's I required 3 column is Primary Key


Any one help me.



How to work around Share point accessibility requirement ?



I am somewhat new to things related to accessibility in SharePoint. I am trying to work on section 508 accessibility requirements for SharePoint site. I have tried to see few articles from the internet and still looking for more information on the subject matter including what to consider fro preparing requirement.  

I am looking to know what is possible and what is not with SharePoint?

How to achieve all the possible accessibilities in SharePoint?

Is it possible to make accessible all site types (Publishing, team sites,.)?

Please help me in understanding everything around SharePoint accessibility and first in preparing the requirement document. I have tried to see AKS site but there were some issues that are not clear for me at this level.

Thank you in advance,


Is MSDN uses Share point?



Is MSDN uses Share point?


Not able to edit user profile in share point


Hi ,

I am new to share point, and not able to edit user profile data in sharepoint2007. I am getting an error "can't edit the property try with user profile services".

I have ran full crawl still getting the same problem. Also let me know how I can fetch data from Active Directory to share point 2007.



How to create WSP or Package for workflow in Share Point 2007?



I am working on SharePoint 2007. I have created 2 List called "Config List" (this is a list) and "Vacation Form" (this is form library & form designed in infopath). I have also created a workflow on form library "Vacation Form" in Share Point Designer 2007.

With the use of this workflow I am creating some task and updating "Vacation Form".

Now I want to deploy these three thing (Config List, Vacation Form & workflow) on other server.

How do I create a package or WSP file to install these things on different server.


G. Goyal

Share Point integrated SSRS reports rendering when access from external site


Our client has a SharePoint (moss2007) site on Windows 2008, SQL2008 R2 Enterprise, and Reporting service is integrated with SharePoint

The authentication on the share point integration is set to windows, else the authentication for the SSAS datasource gives and error

The extranet zone ( forms) and intranet (Customer Forms) and default (Windows) zones are all access from inside the firewall and the reports render in each with no issues, as the datasources are configured to pass a sql username and password.

However, report rendering is a problem from the internet (external site), the following error is displayed:

An unexpected error occurred while connecting to the report server. Verify that the report server is avai

Point of sale


Hello all!!

I'm Requiered to build a web app thats almost like a point of sale, but web based. Thats cool, but i'm stucked with the part where you select items and put them in some sort of shopping cart, all in the same page. What components would you guys use to do something like this.

Thanks in advance!

Share point website connection with Certral administration


Here is the situation , although I have SBS server 2008 I posted this same problem there , but I want here also to ask.

I followed link http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd548330(WS.10).aspx and here are the  results.

In SBS console there is companyweb and it is marked as online. DNS also has entry for companyweb and nslookup works.  When I try to recreate internal website , which is described as 2nd step, my IIS server  is started, in IIS7 my website is running, but when I try to see in central administration if my site exist (web application list)  it isn't listed. So I tried to recreate it and I  followed directions from upper link in section repair user access to the internal website but when I want to delete web site , it is not listed. And after when I want to extend I cannot once again because it is not listed. Any suggestions and is there an

System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Entry point was not found. when unit testing html helpers


I'm trying to unit test a very simple html helper but keep getting the following exception:

System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Entry point was not found.

public static string AdditionalUsersDropDownList( this HtmlHelper helper, int additionalUsers )


Dictionary<int, string> items = new Dictionary<int, string>( );

items.Add( 0, "None" );

for ( int i = 1; i <= 30; i++ )


items.Add( i, i.ToString( ) );


SelectList list =  new SelectList( items, "Key", "Value", additionalUsers );

return helper.DropDownList( "AdditionalUsers", list );


Any issues removing backup mount point cluster resources from SQL Server dependencies?

Win 2003, SQL 2005/SQL2008 64 bit enterprise failover cluster with 3 nodes and 6 instances. The mount points configured as cluster resources for the data/backup/logs. The entire cluster mount points are SAN replicated to a DR Site. But backup drives/LUNs are excluded from the replication. All the disk resources including backup LUNs are set to dependencies on the SQL Server server. The SQL Server is not coming on-line in the DR Site due to unavailability of the backup LUNs (failed resources). As per the documentation all the disk resources must be set to dependencies (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/835185). Thought it did not specifically mentions only Data/Log mount points and/or the backup LUNs as well. "The SQL Server 2005 resource depends on the SQL network name resource and the physical disk resources that hold its data. When mount points are being used together with the physical disks, each mount point must appear as a cluster resource. Additionally, each mount point must also be added as a SQL Server dependency. If only the root physical disks dependency is added and the mount points are not added, database corruption will occur on failover. Database corruption may also occur when SQL Server is restarted without failing over. "     What if I remove the backup LUNs from dependencies list. This will allow me to recover the SQL Server
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