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Designer rehosting and Expression Editor(s)

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :JQuery
Dear all, we are building a standalone designer for our workflows by rehosting the WF designer.
However one feature that we really like to have is the expression editor service in order to give the users a feedback on formula editing.

Normally the designer (in our case) is not given to application developers, and for this reason, writing also simple formulas could be a complex task, especially for the novice. I think that providing Intellisense or something like that could help on the same,... what could be done in this area?

I currently downloaded the BETA 2, and I am going to install it in the next few days. However, is there something new on this stuff, any example on the same?

Thank you for help,


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Work Flow designer rehosting?

Hi, I know how to create a WF designer using WPF. Can any one tell me how to integrate it with Host Application? I have a WF, i need that WF to be edited/added activities by business users. But I dont know how to integrate the exisiting host application with the WF designer?    

Change Variable and Argument editor in workflow designer?

Is it possible, in Beta 2, to customize the behaviour of the editing grids use for entering data about a workflow's variables or arguments in the workflow designer?  Can I:- add my own custom column to the grid?- can I customize the variable type drop down editor? (e.g. have my own editor or otherwise filter the list of types)- can I change the "default" expression editor (and possibly remove it)?Thanks,Notre

Expression Editor

We are rehosting Workflow Designer inside our Configuration application (developed using WPF) and we need to have expression editor there. Workflow Editor without expression editor intellisense is not option for our business users. Beside that we want to use same vb expressions to define custom validation rules for UI where we do not use WF designer.   We found out that out of VS there is no IExpressionEditorService and that vb expression editor does not work in wpf applications (some functionalities work, but the intellisense which is the most important for us does not work). Is this supported?   I investigated and found Microsoft.VisualStudio.Activities.AddIn.ExpressionEditor service and passed it to Designer.Context.Services.Publish method but it looks like rehosted designer does not uses it. I also investigated with EditorSession class from Microsoft.VisualBasic.Editor dll but it throws exception asking for a list of services: ITextEditorFactoryService, IContentTypeRegistryService, ITextMarkerProviderFactory and so on.   I would like to ask for suggestion, should we continue with exploration of possibility to use vb expression editor in WPF application using Microsoft classes? We may spent more time investigating and to find out finally that this is not possible?We also would not like to develop custom support for expression editor if there is already editor

Designer rehosting: manage edit rights on an actvity level, possible?

Hi All, We are considering using the new WF4 workflows in our new application and are currently designing the features for this. One of the things we would like is to allow our users to edit certain parts of the workflow, while leaving the standard functionallity untouched. To enable the editting of the workflow we plan to rehost the workflow designer in our application. However, until now we were not able to find if it is possible to manage edit rights for the workflow on a block level. Does anyone know if it is possible? The scenario we are trying to achieve is the following: We have a workflow containing for example 3 sequence activities: - StandardSequenceActivity1 - UserCustomizableSequenceActivity - StandardSequenceActivity2 What we want now is to manage the rights of a user so he can add some customer specific activities in the 'UserCustomizableSequenceActivity' but is not able to edit the other two activities in the designer. However, an administrative user should be able to edit all activities in the workflow. Until now we were not able to find anyone on the web that tried something simular to this. We came accross a lot of examples showing how to manage rights and impersonation while executing the workflow (a thing we are definately going to implement), but not how to do this while editting a workflow. We hope someone can provide us with an answer on this

Workflow designer rehosting and user defined types


I'm rehosting workflow designer, and I want to use my custom types as variables of the workflow. At first I couldn't get my types to be shown in the "Browse and Select a .Net Type" Window. I maneged to do that by loading assembly to AppDomain:


But now when I want to assign a property of a variable which is of type from my assembly I get the message: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression "variable1.Attribute1" Type "BusinessObject1" is not defined

WF 4.0 designer rehosting intelligence support


How to provide intelligence support(Just like Visual studio designer) in WF 4.0 designer rehosting expression editor.

Hanumantha Rao

Why does VS 2010's designer clear my property value editor's properties when it is dismissed?

(This started as a Connect post but I decided it seems like I should find out if I'm doing something daft before blaming .NET.  It requires a lot of code, and Connect lets you attach projects.  I see no option to do this on these forums, so I will link to a .zip file containing the project on my hosting.)

I'm experimenting with various ideas for the design-time experience for some WPF controls.  One feature I'm trying to implement is the display of a graphical preview for enumeration values.  My first attempt at this failed due to some behaviors in the design environment that I'm not certain are expected.  Here's a description of the attached project and the behaviors I don't understand.

PreviewItem is a class that represents an enumeration value; it has properties for the value and the image that represents it.PreviewItemCollection is a collection class that contains a PreviewItem for each valid enumeration value; it relies on an implementation of PreviewItemFactory.  PreviewItemFactory is responsible for generating a collection based on an enumeration that contains one PreviewItem per enumeration value. EnumPreview is a UserControl that maintains a PreviewItemCollection and displays each PreviewItem in a ComboBox.  It contains logic for representing the selected value as the enumeration value (not a PreviewItem).  To facilitate this, when the Selec

What does "property" direction of arguments editor in WF designer mean?


When you use the WF designer for managing Arguments, the direction column has several options including "in", "in/out", "out" and "property".  What does the "property" choice mean?

Thank you,


WF4 Rehosted Designer Custom Expression Issues......



As we don't have the intelligence support in WF4 rehosted designer itself, we wanted to provide the custom window to build the expressions. To open the custom window we have used IExpressionEditorService, IExpressionEditorInstance…

Code to open Custom Expression window.....

public class CustomExpressionEditorInstance : IExpressionEditorInstance


SharePoint Designer

This video series shows you how to quickly and easily build complex business solutions on the SharePoint platform. Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 Business Administrator Training is a one-and-a-half hour, 300-400 level training series, produced in collaboration with the SharePoint Product Team and Total Training

Embed Youtube inside Ajax Html Editor- problem



When inserting a simple embed of youtube inside the ajax editor, on firefox and chrome problems occur. On the other hand on internet explorer 8 everything works fine. I found this solution http://www.nopcommerce.com/boards/t/4228/bug-in-ajax-html-editor.aspx . 

My question is where do I find the DesignPanel.pre.js ?


Roderick Vella

Visual Studio closes itself by opening aspx-Page designer after Windows Update


Hey Guys,

I've a problem with my Visual Studio.

On the 13th of August 2010 i installed a Windows update on my vista sp2 pc. For this date my Visual Studio 2008 sp 1 always has closed itself by opening an aspx-page in designer view. There is no error message just closing the window. I restored a backup of my windows from the time before updating it and it helped, i could open aspx pages in the design view till the update has been installed again automatically after rebooting the pc. I can't disable windows updates, cause it's my pc at work and safety is very important. I hope you could help me out of this disaster.



text editor


 I format lines in a .aspx file (source view) the way I can use them, and if I switch to design view or view in browser or debug, the many lines get reformatted to flow all onto one line.

I can't seem to find the correct setting to keep this from happening.

Any suggestions?


Can I replace the EntityObject as base-class in Entity Designer 3.5 sp1?


I'm using EF3.5sp1 for a project, and I've been working around many of its problems... as such, my entity partial classes have a lot of logic in them for change-tracking and whatnot.  Obviously, I'd like to factor this logic out into a common base class, but of course all my objects must derive from EntityObject.  Is it possible to tell them to derive from some class of my own invention (which would actually likely derive from EntityObject themselves)?

I'd rather avoid editing the EDMX file unless the changes will be safe on entity-model-update, since I'm still making changes to the database schema in this early state of my project.


Also, is there any good workaround for the fact that the change isn't tracked when you change EntityReference.EntityKey?

ASP.NET Designer - How Do I generate this Design-Time Markup?


I want to generate this:
    <x:MyControl id="a" runat="server">
            <x:MyScript .. />

[How??] Lamda expression with ByRef parameter


How to write lamda expression with ByRef/ref parameter in c# ??

The code below causing syntax error:

item.OnAction = (p1, p2, ref p3) => {
   return true;

item.OnAction = (p1, p2, & p3) => {
   return true;

Editor's Note: Does Your Program Smell Like Bacon?


When building your program, are you content with "good enough"? If so, your expectations are fatally low.

Keith Ward

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