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How to make an ExpressionTextBox wrap text on overflow

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :JQuery

Normally, when you type inside an ExpressionTextBox in a custom ActivityDesigner, the ExpressionTextBox doesn't wrap (break into multiple lines) when the line is full. Even when I set a maximum width, it still doesn't wrap text. However, ExpressionTextBox does support multiple lines, I can add a new line by typing enter.

Is there any way to make it wrap text automatically on overflow? Unlike TextBlock, it doesn't have the TextWrapping property.

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SSRS report exort to excel wrap text proplem

When i am exporting the ssrs report to excel the wrap text is not working properly. the cell containing large data are cutoff how to resolve this issue. since the data size is not fixed so the cell should wrap the text while exporting to excel. I am using java to call the report Thanks , Kamal.

How to tell repeater to wrap text after certain number of characters for a particular column ?

I have a column in my repeater which allows as many as 255 characters and causes the page contents pushed away to the right if any of the record has all 255 characters in that column. How can I tell it to wrap the text after 50 characters ?Thanks,

i make a web site using frame . A.Text box is in parent window . but i want when frame is load(fram

i make a web site using frame . A.Text box is in  parent window . but i want when frame is load(frame window Coding ) then parent window text is changed l(1)suppose parent window Text. is a when child widow is load thenparent window Text. is b

How to make bold/regular font text the same width

Hi! In Excel the width of texts in bold font cells have the same width as regular font ones. My question is how to do that programmatically (in a DataGridView, labels, paint event, anywhere...). I can do this if I draw the string twice in the paint event (1 pixel shift for the second draw), but it requires 2 drawings of course, which I think is not too efficient. Is there any other solution? Some trick in creating the bold font? Thank you, Feri

Wrap text in Multiple Lines of text column

I had a List created from Calendar. I then took two copies of it to use for two slightly different purposes. I created a View on the list in both cases using the "Newsletter" style. On one of the list the Description column wraps text. In the other one it does not. Any idea what I could have done differently? Is there a checkbox in the View definition or the Column definition that toggles wrap text ?

Making the program make text boxes according to a num of a variabe

i have a text abox that the user need to enter a number then according to this number the program need to show text boxes

How to put a TreeNode into Edit mode and make the text unselected

I have a c# app in which I would like to allow the user to enter new nodes in a TreeView control without having to use the mouse. I am able to intercept keystrokes in OnKeyDown, and the following code is working successfully: TreeNode newNode = new TreeNode( e.KeyData.ToString() ); Nodes.Add(newNode); LabelEdit = true; newNode.BeginEdit(); The problem is that the first letter in the node being edited is selected, which causes the following keystroke to replace the selected character.  Typing "HELLO" results in "ELLO", unless the user first presses the right-arrow key to deselect the selected first character. I tried setting e.Node.IsSelected = false in OnBeforeLabelEdit, but cannot because the IsSelected property is read-only. How can I programatically deselect the first character and position the edit cursor after the first character?

how to make text fit into column of a gridview



i'm bindng data to gridview using bound field.one column of gridview is linkbutton.if the text is more than the cell width then the gridview width is increasing automatically.for ex if i have text like "microsoft asp.net forums" then it's displaying the whole text.but i need that text like "microsoft.....".how to display like this in gridview?can any one help me?

Make a Combo Box look like a Text Box


Hello, I'm new to WPF and I'm struggling to find a solution for my application. I have a group of four combo boxes. I would like them to appear as a text box until the combo box either captures a mouse over or has focus. Of course when the combo box appears via a trigger the data in the text box should be found in the combo box and displayed. I suppose an alternative solution would be to have the drop down icon appear and disappear based on the focus of the text box either via a mouse over or a focus event. At any rate the goal I'm looking for is a cleaner appearance on my form by displaying the data in a combo box without the drop down indicator of a combo box i.e. more like a simple text box, yet with the ease of use and selectable choices that a combo box provides. Eventually the combo box will be bound.



VS 2010 c# .Net 3.5(I have to use the 3.5 framework)

Here is what I have so far...

<UserControl . . .

      <Style x:Key="cboYellow" TargetType="{x:Type ComboBox}">
        <Setter Property="HorizontalAlignment" Value="Left"/>
        <Setter Property="VerticalAlignment" Value="Top"

How to make a panel visible based on the validation of a text box?



I have a text box and some validation on it. I want to make a panel visible only when

it is successfully validated,i.e.,textbox entry is valid.Also,I want to capture the entered valid value(it should be integer within 1-8) in a session,based on this number,I am going to add that many rows in an editable grid view.

How to do that?

make bold part of the text



Is there a way to make bold part of the text in table cell in Reporting services 2005? Maybe some function that can do this?

How to make masked text box for TabletPC?.


hi Juhani,

I have a requirement like to create masked textboxes(Phone number with extension, zip,SSN)..I created them successfully..but if I ran my app on tablet PC and entering data with pen..then the mask and validation not working properly.

For ex: (___) ___-____ for this if I use pen and enter phone number i.e., 7324859000...in the masked textbox it is showing like this...   (7324859000___) ___-____.

Is there any chance to fix this. I am getting headache with this.

Please help me if you can.



How to wrap label text ?


How to wrap the text in label please give me code or property of label..

In c#.net


When i write long text it gets expands and disturbs the interface so kindly tell me how to limit the text




text wrap


This is probably something very simple that I've over looked, but I have a template field in a details view. In the field there is a html <p> tag that is bound to a database field. The database field is set to nvarchar(max) and will usually be very long. When the text is loaded into the <p> tag, it is not wrapped and does not go onto a new line when it reaches the edge of the screen. Any ideas on how to fix it?

-ms-text-overflow not working in ie8


I have a repeater on my aspx page and I want to hide the overflow but show ellipsis. I had it working fine in ie7 but noticed that it doesn't work in ie8.  I changed the text-overflow to -ms-text-overflow but it still doesn't work in ie8.  When I select the div with the developer tools it shows the following: style="text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden;"  I found this to be weird.  Is it interpereting -ms-text-overflow as text-overflow and then ignoring it???

<td style="width:250px; height:30px; border-bottom: 1px dashed #333; padding: 2px 5px;">
                        <div style="overflow:hidden;  white-space:nowrap; -ms-text-overflow:ellipsis;">
                            <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"Headline") %>
                    <td style="width:250px; height:30px; border-bottom: 1px dashed #333; padding: 2px 5px;">
                        <div style="overflow:hidden;  white-space:nowrap; -ms-text-overflow:ellipsis;">
                            <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"Text") %>

AutoCompleteStringCollection for text box in DataGridView 2.0

I have been searching for a way to have autocomplete in a DataGridTextBox
object. There does not appear to be an obvious way to do this like you would
for a TextBox outside of a grid using the AutoCompleteCustomSource. Any
thoughts on how I can add this collection? :)

Built-in Functions - Text and Image Functions in SQL Server

Text and image functions operate on TEXT, NTEXT and IMAGE data types. These data types are deprecated with SQL Server 2005 and should be replaced by VARCHAR(MAX), NVARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX) when possible. Alternatively you can also consider storing large string values using XML data type. Text and image functions are nondeterministic.

Future versions of SQL Server will not support TEXT, NTEXT and IMAGE data types. Columns with TEXT / NTEXT data type do not support commonly used string functions such as LEN, LEFT, RIGHT, etc. Furthermore, due to the large size of TEXT data you''re likely to see performance issues if you store such data in the database. However, at times you can''t help but use the TEXT / NTEXT / IMAGE data types (for example when supporting 3rd party databases when you cannot change the schema) - this is when text and image functions come in handy.
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