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ProgressBar chopped off?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :JQuery

Wondering if anyone can help me regarding the progress bar being chopped off.



The first part shows a progress bar once it was dragged and dropped from the toolbox(VS 2010) and then a different control was selected.

The second shows how it looks when it was just dragged and dropped (still has the focus).

My problem is that it gets chopped off - I even tried to run the project just to find its chopped up even when it was running. I tried to the alignments, margins, height and weight - but it still doesnt work.


Thank you.

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Asp Progressbar control


dose any one have any idea how to create

an Asp progress bar control that can be manged on the server side

nice and simple one like the win forms progress bar

s.thing like

for i as int16 = 1 to 100

progressbar1.value = i '  or something like that to change the value


and the it shows the current value on the client side 

Progressbar in Asp.net

Hi  I am doing something Like that suppose data is fetteching and progress is done like tamru Plz Help Me  Its Urgent...     Thanks Neha        

How to show a progressbar in button click in wpf?

I want to read the large data from a database in a read button click event. while reading the data i want to show a circlular progress bar  or any status bar on the window. I tried so many samples. I am enabling a progress bar in read button click but the progress bar is coming on the window after the data is read from the database and filled in textboxes. But my requirement is not that i want to show a progress bar whenever the user clicks on read button and want to disable the progress bar after reading the data. can u please suggest me a code for this in wpf?

Traditional progressbar under Windows 7

Is it possible to have the classic progress bar under Windows 7 ? With classic I mean the same look as in Windows XP that seems like the one used in audio mixers, old stereo components and so on.

ProgressBar Marquee style

Hi, I've read through all the threads on this topic.  I don't understand why my progressbar doesn't do anything.  I declared: pBar1.Style = ProgressBarStyle.Marquee; on a button_Click event; but when I run it, it doesn't do anything.  It's just "blank".  Does anyone know why? I left all the defaults for the control as is on my Windows Form application. Appreciate any help.  

Tooltip and ProgressBar



You have a Windows Forms application and you want to a tooltip for a ProgressBar control. What steps do you need to take in the Visual Studio designer to enable a tooltip?

The answer is

  1. Add a ToolTip Control to the form named ToolTip1.
  2. Drag a ToolTip control on top of the ProgressBar.

I don't know the step 2. How to drag it? Thanks.

jquery progressbar and ASP.NET


I have a long process that populates a listview and was trying to use a progressbar to show the progress, but no luck so far.  Has anybody done this and have some examples?

A little more explanation:  The user clicks a button, and the process starts running, populating a dataset for a listview. It knows at any point how far along it's done, but I don't know how to send this to the progressbar to update (I tried doing ASP style response.write <script...> response.flush, but won't work, as it's all rendered at the same time).  When the process finishes, the listview shows the results. 

How can I accomplish this?

How to change Progressbar status Text in setup project dynamically


Hello ,

I create a Setup for my project in Visual Studio.I want to change the progress bar status Text at runtime.The default status text is "Please Wait" .To change the Status Text I call the API method "MsiGetMode" .But there are two parameter of this method one is "install (Handle to the installation provided to a DLL custom action or obtained through <see cref="MsiOpenPackage"/>, <see cref="MsiOpenPackageEx"/>, or <see cref="MsiOpenProduct"/>) " How can i get this first parameter in my installer class.And second parameter is "runmode(Specifies the run mode)" .If there is any other way how can i do that.

Please help me

Thanks & Regards,

Vipin Kumar

Update ProgressBar whille reading file content



I want to update progressbar while reading a file.

i write this code for this. but when file is large it took a time read the file. then update a progressbar.

Here s is a Stream.

BinaryReader reader = new BinaryReader(s);

int read = s.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length); // I want to update progressbar during this process.

downloadProgress.Value += read;





Upload buffer report: Ui to SQL via WCF for BackgroundWorker Progressbar



I am trying to solve a little mystery. The WPF program that I am working on allows the user to upload a large local image (a scanned image of a birth certificate). The image is converted into a ByteArray. The ByteArrays are large +700K, therefore the upload to SQL 2008 Srv. Media Dbase runs in a backgroundworker process. My question is the following: since I am not using a filestream or memory stream to upload the ByteArray to Sql Server, but a regular Insert Into or Update command and BasicHttp WCF Protocol, is there a buffer anywhere in WCF that reports back the sent amount of bytes so far? If so how do I hook up to it?

I'd prferably like to grab the amount of data sent until I initiate the upload, use that as start number, then with each increment of bytes sent (something like max WCF transmit buffer / (byteArray / 100)) have the backgroundworker report to the progressbar and increment the percentage of the progressbar... I understand how to do all this, I have just no clue about a possible buffer in WCF and how to grab its values. Then again there might be an easier way of doing this???

Thanks in advance.


How to fill Progressbar until Timer.Tick executes? (VB.NET)


Hey everybody,

I'm trying to fill a Progressbar during the Timer.Tick-Event is NOT executed. That means when Timer.Tick runs the Progressbar have to be filled. In may opinion that would be a nice way to show the user when the Timer.Tick-Event will be executed next.

But I've no idea how to realize this feature. Any suggestion will be helpfull. Maybe it's not possible with managed code? Do I need a BackgroundWorker? Also any other solution to show user when Tick-Event will be executed is welcome.

Text on buttons appears fine on Windows 7 machine but is partially chopped off on Windows Server 200


I have an application that was developed in Visual Studio 2010 on a Windows 7 machine. When testing from any Windows 7 machine, all is well - the text of the buttons are showing fine. However, when I try to run the same application on a Windows Server 2008 machine, the end of the text (right side) is chopped off. Does anyone what may cause this?

I have done research and found some info about default fonts, but this does not apply here because all needed fonts are on both machines. I have also found an article at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb756969.aspx that mentions that the DPI scaling may be causing this issue. The DPI scaling is set to 96 on the development machines (WIndows 7), but I cannot view the DPI on the WIndows Server 2008 machine. If the latter is the likely problem, can someone please point me towards a solution for this problem?

Any help would be appreciated.

How do I get the new, slick ProgressBar for an old application?


Today I develop using VS2008 on a Vista x64 system.  The properties of the subject application specify .NET Framework 3.5.  This application was originally developed ages ago.  Dynamically added ProgressBars are still the clunky, old, blue, low-granularity ProgressBars.  If I write a new application, also specifying .NET Framework 3.5, I get the new, slick, green, high-granularity ProgressBar.  

I've recompiled the code but that made no difference.  How do I get this old code to use the new ProgressBar?

Thanks,  Bob


how to use progressBar for retrieving data from the database.


Can someone tell me how to create a progressBar to show the data retrieving progress. 



How to check for Maximum property of a ProgressBar in a trigger statement


I have a style defined for my custom ProgressBar control. I have a dependency property (Type: double) ("testDoubleVariable") for which I want to perform some action when my testVariable value equals to Maximum value of my control ( as I might be providing some dynamic value for Maximum property). my sample code snippet is:

            <Trigger Property="testDoubleVariable" Value="Maximum">
              <Setter Property="Visibility" TargetName

ProgressBar using MVVM


I have a View with a progress bar.

This is binded to the ViewModel's property called Progress.

The VM also has a property that starts an execution by calling "Execute" method. This Execute() has about 5 steps, and so my progress bar is to increase in steps of 20.

To maintain the progress made, I am using a property in the Model called "ProgressMaintainer".

Now, I want this ProgressMaintainer to be tied to the Progress property of ViewModel, so that this would update the VM, which would in turn update the UI.

I assumed I could use INotifyPropertyChanged on the mode, but that fails - the reason is that the VM in the code I implemented was just calling the Model's property instead of being binded. So, the PropertyChanged event in the model doesnt fire, and so the VM doesnt get updated and thus the UI is never updated.

Can someone help me solve this - while sticking to MVVM pattern?

Thank you.

EDIT: After searching here and there, I think there are couple of suggestions to use Asynchronous methods. If someone agrees to the suggestion, can you post a sample code for a simple progress bar app?
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