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winform got crazy ! (C#)

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application

I wrote :

this.tableLayoutPanel1.CellBorderStyle = System.Windows.Forms.TableLayoutPanelCellBorderStyle.OutsetDouble; 

(I want the buttons  to appear in a table in the form  )

When I ran it , it got crazy ! (repeating and jumping )

When I removed this line , It came back to normal


Is it a bug ?


good morning sunshine

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Hi, How can I chaneg titlebar text alignment to center in winform (C#.Net). Regards, Shweta  

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Hi everyone! I have gotten some weird problems with some of the blogs on our site. It all started with that someone could copy paste text from word to a blog entry, it came up "pasting" as it always does but then nothing happend. We solved this problem with a wordpad document where we pasted all the text from the word document then reseted all fonts and so on.. then pasting worked again. 1 day later even a funnier problem accoured: Blog entries that where saved lossed its body so only title are shown when you look at them, and if you click one of those blog entries that has that error only the title are shown and all controls that are supposed to be there are gone. Another error that showed itself at the same time as these other are that some wntries arent shown in the deault.aspx view... they are there because u can se them att manage post, they are approved and they are published...they just dont show up at default.spx view...   Someone have an idea what all these error comes form? We have a couple of hundreds of blogentries in the site and these error just start to pop up here and there, all work at it supposed to to about 95% of the time..   Really need help because me myself are totally clueless what the error can be

TextMode="Password" makes my textboxes go crazy...

Hi!I'm making a simple form to insert new users to my app, and this form has several textboxes for name, email, username, password, etc.No problem here, everything looks and works fine, until i set the password textbox property TextMode="Password". When i do this, every time i run the page the username and password textboxes get yellow and they have the logged on user's username and password :-/Even if i remove the username textbox from the form it will fill another textbox with the same thing :(Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

Access a SharePoint list from a WinForm

I have created a winform. The winform runs on the server that is in the SharePoint Farm. It is throwing an exception when I try to connect to the list. Any ideas? Is there some special consideratoin I need to have when connecting with a winform? The winform just has a button that when pressed I want to give the created date a new value, which is part of the name of the file in the list.



using (SPSite site = new SPSite(http://inet533/sites/aamc/refctr/))

VS2010 driving me crazy


Here is the thing: my old Windows XP development with VS2010 machine broke. I then decided to use Windows 7 (64-bit) in combination with VS2010.

Issue 1:

The project did not build. I completely recreated the project (took me 4 hours to find out, then another 4 hours to recreate the file with all the references), but then it builds again.

Issue 2:

The first time we completely build the solution, it all works fine. However, on the next change, we get a "Could not load assembly" issue. When we view the information of the assembly via .NET reflector, we see that the app version is:

"MyApp, Version=3.2.3924.24037, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1aaf4ff5851673aa"

But, binding errors shows us that it is trying to load:

"MyApp, Version=3.2.3924.24036, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1aaf4ff5851673aa"

Notice the difference in version (ends with 37, but requests 36).

What are we doing wrong, and how can we fix this ASAP? We already lost 2 valuable days troubleshooting these issues.

Geert van Horrik - CatenaLogic
Visit my blog: http://blog.catenalogic.com

Looking for a way

How to "fork" console when my winForm is in a pipe?


Hi All,

I have a winform app, which can read from stdin. That is fine basically, but it hangs the belonging console when I start it in a pipeline. In other words, if I start it like "dir|mynotepad", I can reach the data in my app, but the console where I started the app is waiting till I close my form.

I'd like to get my prompt back, once I read all the data from stdin. I have tried to create new thread/process, but they cannot survive the main thread. I tryed it in c#, .net3.5 on winXP.

Could anyone give me some advise please?

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks,

User can not run a winForm with the ReportView Control


hi there:

   I've developed a simple WinForm application and drag a ReviewViewer control to that form in order to pull a report from the report server. It runs perfect on my machine. However, after I compiled the apps and distributed to user's machine, she can not run it. Below is the error message


"Coudl not laod file or assembly 'Microsoft.ReportViewer.WinForms, Version =, Culture= Neural, PUblicKeyToken = bxxxxxxxx' or one of its dependencies. The system can not find the files specified.


 Any ideas?





--Currently using Reporting Service 2000; Visual Studio .NET 2003; Visual Source Safe SSIS 2008 SSAS 2008, SVN --

WinForm inside a WPF window


Is it possible to open a Window Form inside the WPF Form and how ? So that the WPF window really host all the Form (System.Windows.Forms.Form) .

.Net 4.0 Winform Control hosted in IE


We have an application that utilizes winform controls hosted in IE8+. In .Net 3.5 and before this worked great. We migrated our application to 4.0 and the exact same code will not function in IE. It compiles just fine and runs outside of IE. If I set our target framework back to 3.5 we have no problems. When we set it to 4.0 it just doesn't work.

I will say that we are gathering information from the system regarding printers.



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