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Content organizer rules and calculated metadata in Records Center

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#


I created a Document content-type in which I've added a first "Choice" metadata (column) and a second one which is calculated (Yes/No option) from the first one.
I tested the new content-type in a library and works well.
Actually this content-type was created to use in the Records Center, and more particularly in the creation of new rules to route documents in the Records Center.
Unfortunately, when I want to create a new rule, I can't use the calculated metadata in the "Conditions" section, since it simply doesn't appear in the list of choices from which we can define the rules.

Does someone know why ?
Thanks !

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Content Organizer, Managed Metadata, & Routing to Folders


We have the following situation:

When using a Managed Metadata column value to name folders automatically created by the Content Organizer, the Content Organizer creates folders/subfolders for the *entire* term hierarchy from the term to the entry point in the column properties, not just the single value actually entered in the column. Is this expected behavior? If so, it seems quite odd. If not, is there some way to get this to behave the same way it does when using a non-Managed Metadata column?


Documents from a document library are to be routed to a Records Center and placed into a specific folder (Category1, for example). The Content Organizer is configured to evaluate whether a value exists within a Managed Metadata column - if the column is empty the rule does not fire, if the column is populated the rule fires. Assume the Managed Metadata column is called "MMColumn" and points to a branch in our taxonomy named "Terms". The term the user applies to the document is Category1 (chosen from MM) which corresponds to the name of the ultimate destination folder.

Our rule specifies that the document is to be routed to our Records Center. The option to automatically create a folder is enabled with the folder name to be the value from the Managed Metadata column specified above.

Expected behavior is our docume

How to stop unauthorized users from sending documents to a Records Center site?


I can't find a way to stop unauthorized users from sending documents to a Records Center site. Can someone please help me? Do i need to configure anything to restrict it to the members of the web submitters group?

I'm still using MOSS2007


The impossibility of doing things depends on your will to do it.

sharepoint search pdf files using metadata and also the content inside pdf

I am a novice to sharepoint search can anyone give some ideas on how to integrate search at a subsite level (only to that subsite) which has pdf documents with metadata associated with it the search should also search the content within the pdf and libraries and list metatdata in Moss 2007

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management Resource Center - NEW!

Find developer resources for using the comprehensive ECM object model to manage documents, records, managed metadata, rich media assets, and web content.

Record Center and content type of the incoming documents


Hello all

I have same content types in both collboration site and record center sites.

When I used Send To command to send a document from collaboration area to record center, all the properties and metadata are promoted to columns in the Record center library. But the Content type of the document in record center is set to "Document" even though the incoming document's metadata has Content type value. Will all the records end up as Document content type if we are using default router?



Kiran Bellala

using [content type] in calculated column

I want to get the content type in the calculated column. [content type] is available in Moss not able to use that in 2010. Any idea?

Need to link multiple External Content List items to a single document metadata column

I have an external content list - for my purposes, the data isn't any fancier than a list of terms provided by a web service (read only - I don't need update/delete functionality). I want to be able to link any subset of those terms to a single document metadata column (in other words, I need it to work like a normal content list that is defined to allow multiple values in a column) but SharePoint doesn't let me do that on an ECL. I need the content list to be externally driven since more values are going to be added to an outside system over time, but I think it's possible that I may not need a full-fledged ECL list to make this work this way in SharePoint. Just to clarify: I don't need the metadata values in my documents to maintain a PERSISTENT link to the web service (if someone changes an underlying value in the web service DB, it doesn't need to be updated in the document table too). I just want SharePoint to offer up an updated set of source values from the web service if somebody goes in and edits the document metadata. Any ideas for how I can make this work?

Set a Calculated column as hidden in a content type

Hello, I'm building a custom list with several columns, including a Calculated column. This calculated column simply takes the value of a choice column in the same list to convert this value to a single line of text value. I do this because when adding a lookup column to this list, I cannot select Choice columns as additional columns, but I can add the calculated column. Speaks for itself that this calculated column only needs to exist in the background, and end users should not see this column in the Add/Edit/Display forms. In add/edit forms the column is not displayed, but in the display form it gets displayed. Piece of cake I thought, I'll just set it as hidden in the content type used for the list. When I open the column the column settings (required/optional/hidden) is grayed out, so I cannot set it to hidden. In SP2007 this was possible, why can't I do this anymore in SP2010? Do I miss some feature in order to do this, or is there a good reason why this seems to have changed in SP2010?

"BDC Metadata Store is Currently Unavailable" when navigating to the External Content Types object i

After installing SharePoint 2010 Beta and Sharepoint Designer 2010, opening Designer and navigating to the External Content Types object results in the following error:"The Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store is currently unavailable."Anyone else having this experience?ThanksMark

How to configure Metadata Properties for Publising Content Type

Hi, I have created content type hub and sucessfully published new content type to site collection. I have added it to document library, I want to configure Metadata Properties (Mapping to crawled properties) for SharePoint search, how i can do that?? I can't find any site columns which i defined in content type hub in crawled properties. My question is, can we configure metadata properties if we use publising content type (content type hub is on same web application) ??. Thanks,  

Content Organizer for Pages



I am trying to use the 2010 Content Organizer feature to route documents within my Pages library.  This is actually MS's recommendation for large Pages libraries (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee721053.aspx).  At first I wasn't sure that this would work for me because I didn't think the content organizer feature would work on anything but document content types, however I have seen it work on a few of my pages (custom content type inheriting from Page) and Page is listed as a supported content type  (http://www.sharepointanalysthq.com/2010/05/content-organizer-routing-limitations/). However, I am seeing some inconsistent behavior of this feature.

Here is what I have set up:  Pages library with only my custom content type accepted (inherits from Page).  I created a few simple rules to route content into folders within the Pages library based on a site column used (and required) on this custom content type.  I have a few different page layouts that can be used.  For each of them, the custom content type is the only supported one.  There ar

Content organizer - email integration - rule "not firing"?

Hi all.  I’d be very grateful for some advice with the following problem.

I have:

1. A Records Center with the Content Organizer and email integration with Content Organizer features activated
2. A Drop-Off library, and Document Library configured for Word document content type
3. Configured the Content Organizer Settings
4. Configured the Content Organizer Rules, based on the Word document content type

I can:

1. Upload a document of the Word document content type directly into the Drop Off library and see that it is correctly routed to the Document Library in the Records Center
2. Email the same document to the Drop Off library and see that it does appear in the hidden list “Submitted e-mail records” in the Records Center

The symptom is:
1. The incoming document arrives in the “submitted e-mail records” list, but is not routed to the Document Library – it just stays there

Routing of Records to a particular folder (in a hiearchy) based on contents of a metadata column


Hi, i'm looking for ideas to solve a problem that is roadblocking our sharepoint 2010 records management implementation.  We have set up our sharepoint 2010 records center to mimic our existing folder based records management system.  We would like to stamp each of our documents with a piece of meta data (called classification) which contains the path to the records center folder in which this document should reside.  Our users are familiar with this structure and we can setup defaults for a lot of documents so getting the value in the meta data is not a big issue.

The issue is that we would like to create a content organizer rule that would forward a document to a path defined in a meta data column to the matching column in the records center.  I don't beleive this is possible OOTB but i would love to be proven wrong.  I don't want to manually have to create a rule for every folder / meta data value combination because there are thousdand of folders in the existing records center folder.

I'm open to developing a custom solution to this problem (or hiring someone to doe this), however not sure where to start... use the content oganizer object or a sharepoint timer job?  Don't want to have to reinvent the wheel...

here is and example of what i mean by the metadata / folder pair



Content Query Webpart + Managed Metadata + Public facing site


I have content query webparts to fetch data based on filter on managed metada its work like charm but not working on Public facing site.

i mean on public facing site its not showing data.i check all pages in library are published and also all css and custom .xsl file also published.

please advise me

Thanks Ron

SP 2010 Content Organizer between sites (instructions linked)


Anyone that can comment on this, please do.  I am on a client site and I am setting up a poc for a client using the Content Organizer feature.  I wanted to use the Content Organizer to move a document from a top-level site to a subsite but was unable to until I created a submission point using the instructions linked below.


Only when I created that entry in Central Administration, did the subsite become available in the Content Organizer Rule drop-down with the heading "Target Location > Another content organizer in a different site:"

It works great now, I could have used an SPD workflow as well but I wanted to see if I could get the Content Organizer to go what I wanted it to first.

Sending document to Content Organizer with rule applied generates GET request error


When I attempt to send a document to a Content Organizer through a custom send to location configured in Central Admin I am getting the following error.

Updates are currently disallowed on GET requests.  To allow updates on a GET, set the 'AllowUnsafeUpdates' property on SPWeb.

I run into this problem with content types that have rules defined for them. So if there is no rule, it gets sent to the drop off library. If there is a rule, I get the error in the browser.

I am getting these errors in the Event Viewer:

*Error loading and running event receiver Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement.DocumentSets.DocumentSetEventReceiver in Microsoft.Office.DocumentManagement, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c. Additional information is below.

: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

*The http://<domain>/site/_vti_bin/OfficialFile.asmx site is not properly configured for this request.


Any ideas?

External Records Center in SP 2010 - "URL is a not a valid routing destination"

Hi all,

I've got a web service that worked as an external records center in SP 2007, but when I run through the configuration for SP 2010, I get the error "URL is a not a valid routing destination".  Is there a change in the requirement for SP 2010?  The tutorials I've seen make it seem like the web service interface hasn't changed.  Is there a way to find out more specifically what the problem is?  I looked at the log entries with the correlation id but there wasn't much there, just a stack trace indicating the exception is thrown from Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.OfficialFileAdminPage.IsValidUriToRouter(Uri uriToValidate).

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