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workflow not starting randomly

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

I created 2 simple out of the box SharePoint workflows to route to a user for approval when a new list item is created.

The issue I'm getting that sometimes the workflow does not start at all, and when I go to workflow history, there is none.

Also sometimes after the list item is created the workflow number 2 would start and workflow number 1 wouldn't.

any ideas or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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SharePoint 2010 workflow randomly not starting


I have a list (List A) in my SharePoint 2010 site that has many paused workflows in it. They are all waiting for a specific date at which point they move to another list (List B). When items are created in List A a workflow is supposed to fire that reads a date field for that list item and pauses until that date. However, it seems that the workflow does not always fire. Currently there are 1,040 items in List A.

To try to solve this I re-created the workflow on List A that is supposed to fire on item creation. Most of the time it works, in fact it's never failed me while testing it. However, when users start to make use of it there are failures. Although it works most of the time, I'll have a about 5-15 failures a night, out of about 60-90 processed items.

It's important to note that these are not registering a failure code of any kind - they are just not starting at all. Because of this I'm having a very difficult time troubleshooting. So far I've just been starting the failed ones manually every day, and they work fine - not cool.

I have other workflows on the site that never fail, only this one. All workflows have been created with SPD, I don't have Visual Studio.

Is 1,040 paused workflows too many? Could that cause a sporatic issue like this? Should I be coding a solution here instead of pausing that many

SharePoint 2010 Long Starting if start workflow programatically


In SharePoint 2010, I'm starting workflow #2 programatically from my workflow #1. See code below:

					SPList currentList = web.Lists[new Guid(ListId)];
					SPListItem currentListItem = currentList.GetItemById(ListItem);

					//resolve any lookup parameters
					string workflowId = base.ProcessStringField(WorkflowIdentifier);

					//find workflow association by name
					SPWorkflowAssociation workflowAssoc = currentList.WorkflowAssociations.GetAssociationByName(workflowId, Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture);

					if (workflowAssoc != null)
						//start the workflow
						SPWorkflow workflow = site.WorkflowManager.StartWorkflow(currentListItem, workflowAssoc, workflowAssoc.AssociationData, SPWorkflowRunOptions.Synchronous);

And workflow #2  will hang with Starting status (1-10 minutes), Then the workflow #2 status would be modified  to Completed.

I couldn't find how to start the workflow # 2 immediately and complete immediately without several minutes delay

SPD workflow status show "starting" when I create a document from the library !!. and hangs

I have a document library in MOSS 2007. Have created a WF and that starts "autmatically when new item created" In the document library I have created couple of column those are mandatory (required columns) and user has to fill those column while uploading a document as well creating a document from library. WF has ran and completed succefully  when I use "upload" option to load a document.  As you are aware, when we "upload" a document, we will have to fill all "required columns" and the click "check in" command button.  After I do all this, document get loaded and WD ran succesfully. However, the WF is not running when I create a document (.docx) from this library (using "new" button) !!.  I have filled all required field in the document information panel . After save & exit from WORD application, I can see WF status as "starting". But, it never started and completed.  So I did following and found WF worked !! a) After creating document (.docx) using "new" option I found WF status "starting"!. So,  I did "Check-out and Check-in" manually from document library. After doing this,  WF ran and status has been changed as "completed" b) In SPD, I change workflow start option from "Automatic" to "Manually start".&nb

Workflow stuck on starting When using Win 7 / Office 2007

I've recently created custom workflows for a document approval process. At first I set the workflows to be started manually, for testing purposes and everything worked well. However when I changed the workflows to start automatically I started get problems. The workflow progress would stick on "Starting". Im running Win 7 And Office 2007, so i decided to do some troubling shooting on a different machine (XP and 2003) This time the workflow work perfectly...!   It is really strange as to why the workflows work fine on XP and 2003 and not with Win 7 and 2007. Can anybody shed any light on this or had the same problem? Thanks Chris

Incoming E-Mail with attachment not starting SharePoint workflow (VS 2008)

I am working on SharePoint 2007 workflow in visual studio 2008. The workflow is attached to an email-enabled list and is supposed to automatically start on incoming email. It works fine when email (without attachment) is sent to the list but the workflow cannot start when the email is sent with attachment. There is no error message but the workflow status field is blank. The attachment field is also blank. When I manually run the workflow, it works fine. This problem happened on Staging and production servers. On Development server, the workflow works fine either way. The list is setup to save attachments. Any help please

Incoming E-Mail with attachment not starting SharePoint workflow (VS 2008)

I am working on SharePoint 2007 workflow in visual studio 2008. The workflow is attached to an email-enabled list and is supposed to automatically start on incoming email. It works fine when email (without attachment) is sent to the list but the workflow cannot start when the email is sent with attachment. There is no error message but the workflow status field is blank. The attachment field is also blank. When I manually run the workflow, it works fine. This problem happened on Staging and production servers. On Development server, the workflow works fine either way. The list is setup to save attachments. Any help please

Workflow keeps status Starting



We use SharePoint 2007 in our organisation, and are developing some simple Workflows with SharePoint Designer.
The thing is that, even the most simple workflows, are not running consistent. Sometimes the workflow goes
from 'in process' to 'completed', but mostly the status of the workflow keeps 'Starting'

I read many forums about this isseue, but stiil I have no idea what i'm doing wrong. Somewhere I got the tip
to put a delay in the action of the workflow, but the result is not satisfied.

Can someone give me a tip?

With kind regards,

activeX error when starting a workflow from inside Microsoft Word


I have a Word 2007 document hosted on a local intranet SharePoint 2007 Server.
When i open the document inside Word 2007 and start a Collect Signature workflow (the word document has some signature lines included), the following ActiveX error si thrown:

Microsoft Office InfoPath
One or more ActiveX controls could not be displayed because either:

1) Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page, or
2) You have blocked a publisher of one of the controls.

As a result, the page might not display correctly.

I managed to find out that the error is generated because of the security level regarding ActiveX controls set on the INTERNET zone.
In the internet zone, all ActiveX controls are restricted to run, but in the LOCAL INTRANET zone are allowed.
Our company security policy does not permit changing the ActiveX settings in INTERNET zone.

If i navigate to the sharepoint site in Internet Explorer, the site is seen correctly in the LOCAL INTRANET zone

Can somebody give me a solution to be able to start the workflow process, without modifing security settings on the internet zone and without upgrading to O

Sharepoint Server 2007. Sharepoint Designer workflow not starting for one user only.


We have created a custom workflow in SPD that is attached to a document library within a MOSS 2007 teamsite.

The workflow is set to trigger when a new item is created in the document library.

Previously, the workflow has worked fine for all users but recently has stopped working for one user only.

For the problem user, what we are seeing is that when a new item is created in the document library, the attached workflow never starts.  There is no error, the workflow just does not get triggered.  However, if the problem user goes to an item in the document library and clicks on the workflow she can manually start it and it works fine with no error.

This user has the same permissions on the site as others who do not have any problem.

In the course of investigating this problem, we have temporarily increased the problem users permissions on the document library to full control (was contribute before) but this has had no effect on the problem.  Authentication is being done via Active Directory.  We have tried removing the user from the site and re-instating her but again this has no impact.

Does anyone have any idea how we could fix this problem or further debug it?

Access denied when starting workflow


I have a workflow that when started by a site collection admin, allows it to start. But if a user starts it they get access denied. I've set the user up with full access to the document library, tasks and workflow settings and still the same. If I then add the user as a site collection admin all is well.

The workflow has been created using sharepoint designer.

I've tried everything I can think of, so any ideas welcome.




Starting workflow very slow


When I run my workflow from within visual studio I get more than 800 exceptions between the statements wf.Run(); and syncEvent.WaintOne(). In the output window I see the following exception:

A first chance exception of type 'System.IO.FileLoadException' occurred in mscorlib.dll.

After the syncEvent.WaintOne() I see a lot of "Does not have corresponding Xaml node for: VisualBasicReference<Decimal>" exceptions.

These exceptions decrease the performance very very much. However, when I host my WF in IIS using a WCF service this performance issue seems to be fixed or doesn't exists.

Could someone point me in a direction to solve this annoying problem? Especially this is a problem when demonstrating the debug capabilities of WF.

ps, when I use procmon to monitor the filesystem I shows me a lot of the following records:
12:01:34.6019706 WebDev.WebServer40.exe 6396 CreateFile C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\DevServer\10.0\TypeScopeFile NAME NOT FOUND Desired Access: Read Data/List Directory, Synchronize, Disposition: Open, Options: Synchronous IO Non-Alert, Non-Directory File, Complete If Oplocked, Attributes: n/a, ShareMode: Read, AllocationSize: n/a

Starting a Approval workflow programatically


Hi all,

I want to start a particular workflow programatically based on the item that is edited in a list. For this I have created all the required workflows on the list using Sharepoint . I have written Eventhandler for ItemUpdating event, and in that I try to start my workflow. The following is the code i use inside the event handler.

public override void ItemUpdating(SPItemEventProperties properties)


SPList oHorizon = properties.OpenWeb().Lists["Horizon Scanning"];

SPWorkflowManager manager = properties.OpenWeb().Site.WorkflowManager;

SPWorkflowAssociation asso = oHorizon.WorkflowAssociations[0];

SPWorkflow workflow = manager.StartWorkflow(properties.ListItem, asso, asso.AssociationData);

To-Do tasks not starting when being assigned from another workflow.


Hi all,

I'm new to doing workflows and i have created a rather straight forward one to manage a leave calander list (Custom List) in SharePoint Designer. 

Here is a baisc overview of the workflow,

  1. User Submits Request -> Gets Email Notification -> Approvers Recieve Email Notification and Assigned TO-DO task
  2. If( leave is approved)-> {conf email to user and email to HR to inform them} else if (rejected) -> {conf email to user}

However the issue that i am having is that the work flow with automatically fire until the TO-DO task which will sit "not started" in thee workflow task list until it is completed manually. When the rest of the work flow will continue along happily.

My question is do i need to run another workflow on the workflow task list or is there a way to force a to-do task to auto complete?

Thanks in advance


SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow specified in Content Type retention policy not starting



I have a SharePoint Designer 2010 resuable workflow that uses the "Start Approval Process" Task Action. This workflow needs to run after a document has been declared a record. So I have a Content Type that has an Information Management Policy (IMP) attached to it. And I have 2 retention stages specified in the IMP. The first retention stage action is to run the workflow. And this Content Type is associated with the Document Library containing the records. But for some reason, the SPD workflow never gets triggered. The document has been successfully declared as a record. I also see in the document's "Compliance Details" screen, the "Scheduled Occurrence Date" is set to the proper date, but the workflow never got started on that date. I tried it with different dates that I set in the document, to ensure that the workflow runs on "Scheduled Occurence" dates such as 11/19/2010, 11/20/2010 to no avail.

What am I missing? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as always.

Best regards,
Kiran K

Workflow stuck on "Starting"



Started upgrade some of my workstation to W7/Office 2010. I've noticed that when users on these computers trigger a workflow to start, it gets stuck on starting. However, for users on a Win XP/Office 2007 system, when they trigger a workflow it starts perfectly fine.

The workflow gets stuck only when someone using Office 2010. Has anyone come experienced this issue and how did you resolve it?

We are using WSS 3.0.





Workflow Stuck in Starting process

I've had Sharepoint 2007 Server running for quite sometime now where we have managers creating documents. these workflows use to run and complete but now they're stuck in starting process. if i terminate the workflow and run it again, it works. its only when i create the element is when it doesn't complete

Starting a workflow from a Calendar Workspace?


Hi, on our team site (based on the Case Management for Government Agencies template), I added a Calendar webpart (recurring meetings) and each distinct calendar item has it's own workspace.  This is very convenient to track issues, decisions, objectives...  In each Calendar workspace, there is a "Tasks" list for which I would like to have a workflow adding a item on the "Tasks" list, based on the "Status" field of the "Decisions" list, still on the same Calendar workspace. 

Can it be done?

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