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Using a table as formatting in RDLC files

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 14, 2011    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application

I don't want to make a table that autopopulates based on DB information. I have some report parameters passed in from a C# file behind an ASPX file, and would just like to display the parameters in a tabular fashion. How would I achieve this?

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Displaying Rich text with formatting in RDLC file

Hi, I want to display my rich text with formatting in RDLC file. Can anyone please help me with the way out for that? Thanks & Regards, Subalakshmi Vijayarajan.

Table formatting in word document using C#.net


I need to form my word document(#30 pages) like this using c#.net:
A   C
B   D
E   F
G   H
I   J
K   L

Here A,B,C,D...  are the text paragraphs and the page should split into two columns and if table comes it should come in one colume.
Please can one help me in this regard.

Reusable Template/style for RDLC files


Hi folks, 

I want to create a template for RDLC files which contains the UI descriptions for tables and charts which acts as a base style/template for other rdlc files.. when I create new RDLC files i do not want to apply UI settings every time i create the RDLC file.. i jst want to do it in the template and use it for newly created RDLC files.. 

As the RDLC files are XML files, i thought of CSS or xsl but that is not the solution bcoz CSS and XSL work only with browser... I want to use the simillar concepts.. so if you geeks have any idea... please share it with me...

Thanks in Anticipation


Create a stored procedure that will take different files like .csv,.txt and create a table in my dat


Hi All,

I am new in SQL Server.Currently I am using SQL Server 2008.

I have to create a stored procedure that will take different files like .csv,.txt and create a table in my database.

At a single time i am using only one file like .csv,.txt.

Here I am generating a XML file which contains script to create table and how to map data into table.

Here we are using XML as a middle man which gives us idea about file structure and how to map data into table.

Can any one guide me how can i do this thing?

Thanks & Regards

Gaurav Jain

Create a stored procedure that will take these different files like .csv,.txt and create a table in


Hi All,

I am new in SQL Server.Currently I am using SQL Server 2008.

I have a lot of different files like .csv,.txt files.

I have to create a stored procedure that will take these different files and create a table in my database.

At a single time i am using only one type of file like it may be .csv or may be .txt.

I am creating a XML file which contains script of Create Table and how to map table in sql server?

Here XML is working as middle man.

Can any one guide me how can i do this things?

Thanks & Regards,

Gaurav Jain

RDLC value formatting


Dear all.

My rdlc tabular report has Total Variance column . It values can (+) or (-) .   So i need to show those values in different colours . Are there any way to do it.

Thank you

Reporting Services Designer (LayoutEditor) Control to edit RDLC files?


I have Visual Studio 2008, with the Business Intelligence Toolset.  I want to build a WinForm application for my group that will contain a ReportViewer object.  ReportViewer will only accept Reports from an RDLC file with the 2005 schema, not the 2008 schema. 

I also want the users to be able to build and view their Reports on the fly using the tool, without Visual Studio.  It is possible to do this by manually editing the XML file, but nothing beats having a GUI.  I have found that I can include the Microsoft.ReportDesigner.LayoutEditor control in my application (from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies), which allows me to create and edit RDL 2008 files on the fly, but I cannot view them with the ReportViewer.  I do not see this as an issue, because our company has a site license, and the program will not be externally distributed.

Where can I find the DLL that contains the ReportDesigner to create RDLC 2005 files?  Since I can right-click and Add a Report object in Visual Studio 2008, and it opens with the 2005 editor, I know it must be somewhere on the computer, but I could use help finding the Winform control. 


-- Scott

-- Scott

Mapping of CSV files to sql table using execute sql task


I need to exctract data from multiple CSV files and store the data in SQL database table.

structure of data is not in same in CSV files. Number of columns and order of columns is different in CSV files. Same way, structure for all the destination database tables will not be the same. It will be according to the corresponding CSV file.

I am using execute sql task approach. I mean to use a foreach loop to loop through csv files and put an execute sql task inside foreach loop and make a BCP command dynamically to load data from csv file to sql server destination table. As using BCP we don't need to worry about structure of data.

But, I am seeing few issues:

Execute SQL task runs the sql query. Then, how can we create a common query to get the data from csv files.


Need to mass load dated files from .txt to sql table - what is the best way?



I have around 500 files which are named file_27072009.txt, file_28072009.txt, file_28072009.txt etc and I need to load them all into a table. What is the easiest way to pick up each of these files in turn and load them into the sql table?

I have access to SISS or sql server mgt studio but am not an expert in either.

Any help would be much appreciated so I am not having to manually open and merge all the files into one before loading.

Thanks so much


is there any way to create table of contents in rdlc ?


I am using rdlc in asp.net 2.0 .Is there any way to Create table of content in rdlc ?

importing multiple dbf files into same table



I have an old dbf program that provides me with a dbf ouptut on a daily basis. Each file is identical, but the file name is different by using the following naming convention: MMMDDYY.dbf, for example, OCT2710.dbf.

My OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit
My version of SQL is 2008 R2 64 bit
The DBF files appear to be DIII (I am able to use this type to import into an access database, one file at a time, and it creates a new file, not appending).

I have about 2 years worth of dbf files that I would like to import into a single sql table in order to be able to create some reports. What I'm looking for is a macro that will enable me to run it against a file folder and import all of the dbf files until it has imported them all. I want to do this as an append as each of the files have identical layout and so append should work fine. I have tried to do an import via 32 bit as well as 64 bit import wizard but can't seem to figure out how to do it. I have created a 32bit odbc to the folder but the sql import for both 32 bit and 64 bit won't recognize the odbc connection.

Has anyone got any ideas about how to resolve this? I did manage to find an old sql 2000 server that was able to do the import, but it was quite a manual operation.


Table rendering Bug: Setting Background color for SSRS report (RDLC)



I am facing the issue while trying to create a Report Definition Language Client-side (RDLC) report. I want to set background color to the textbox (used in table) depending on the value. I have used conditional formatting to achieve this. But i am facing issue in setting background color for Some of  the fields like

  1. EnduranceYoYo
  2. Endurance5MinRun

The General Format of the Conditional format is

=iif(<Varchar Field>.value="NA",Gray.iif(<Integer Field> < 600,"Red",iif(<Integer Field> >=800,"Green","Gold")))

I have used this conditional formatting in Textbox (Properties) --> Background (Expressions)

 I have tried the following options to rectify the issue

Option 1 :

This is the format i have used in Conditional formatting in Expression (In Textbox properties -- background -- Expressio

Files in table



In my web application (made with DynamicData 4.0) I want to add the ability to insert files (.doc, .xls, .png, .jpg ...) into database table (SQL SERVER Image).

That is relation one to many. What would be the best way to do that?

Let's say, that I have table FRIENDS and table FILES.

I tried the way, that I added column FRIEND_ID into FILES table and made relation to this to tables.

Then I want to use DbImage field template, which I would extend, so that it will support other files, not just images.

For files, that are not images I will show some default thumbnails (doc, xls ...).

Problem with relation that I have is, that I have to insert files with selecting FILES table and then select FRIEND.

I would like to insert Files to FRIEND from FRIEND table.

Any idea? I hope I didn't complicate to much.

Short description of what I want is: I want to add 1 or more files to friend on same page.

Thanks in advance.

Ordered Lists numbering restarts in RDLC files.


1: Create SQL statement

Set @val = '
<li> 1 </li>
<li> 2
    <ol>    <li> 2.1 </li>    <li> 2.2 </li>    </ol>
 break continuation from 2</li> <!-- this causes the next li to start again at 1. If remd then order is correct.-->
<li> 3</li>
<li> 4</li>

Select @val

2: Create NEW rdlc file

3: Call the select statement into the report

4: set the exression to render as html



  1. 1
  2. 2
    1. 2.1
    2. Can Report Builder mimic something like MS Word's "Column" formatting with a lot of table data?



      I want to make a report that shows the sign-in of a list of people. There will be anywhere from 40-200 people signing in per day. I need to print this data. The columns in the row are small: [firstname, lastname, id number].

      What I would like to do is have 2-3 mega-columns, which each "mega"-column contains [firstname, lastname, id number]. I'm using the phrase mega-column to distinguish from a normal column in the context of a table.

      Is that possible with report builder? My production platform is IIS7.5 with ASP.NET 4 and MVC3. I am planning on generating PDFs for the user to print. However, right now it looks simpler to just format html with stylesheets and have that print.

      Any help would be appreciated.



      Error in Uploading Files to Access 2010 Web Database Table with Data Macro


      Hi All,


      I've recently published an Access 2010 Web Database to the SharePoint 2010 farm in my organization and I'm having the strangest problem.

      I have a table which includes an Attachment field. When trying to upload a file through the web I get the following error: "There was an error uploading your attachment to the server".

      Now, this table has a "Before Change" Data Macro, which basically executes a simple LookUp of several parameters from another table and writes them back to the "master" table. When deleting this Data Macro, upload on the Web works fine.

      The thing is that when working from the local Access file (connected to the SharePoint) and trying to change a field in the table, the following error is received: "The Microsoft Access database engine encountered an error whil

      unable to run report.rdlc files in single reportviwer.



      I want 2 report.rdlc files to display on a single reportviewer. Here is the code file will class file. pls do help me.


      Default.aspx.vb Page Code :


      Protected Sub btn_genrprt_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btn_genrprt.Click





      ReportViewer1.Visible =

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