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.Net 4 - Generate dump file, improved debuging

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
Hi, For the system we are developing, we need to be able to generate a crash dump file in case things go bad. The application is being implemented using .Net 4 C# WPF. In the past (.Net 3.5) we were using a number of methods from the "dbghelp.dll" and "kernel32.dll" unmanaged dlls in order to generate a crash dump and WinDbg in order to investigate it. I was wondering if .Net 4 (and Visual Studio 2010) brought anything that would help us stay away from unmanaged code and make the dump file investigation easier (especially when multithreading operations are involved). Any suggestions and links would be appreciated. Thank you for your time, Cristian

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Debug SQL 2000 mini dump file

Hello, Lately i inherited a sql 2000 sp3a  server with issues (server hangs).On checking the logs i found the non yielding scheduler error(17883) in SQL logs during backups. So i applied SP4 and security patch KB948111 but i still see the non yielding scheduler error in our logs while backing up 2 of our production databases. Process 93:1 (1498) UMS Context 0x064C8888 appears to be non-yielding on Scheduler 7. SQL Version: Microsoft SQL Server  2000 - 8.00.2273 (Intel X86)   Mar  7 2008 22:19:58   Copyright (c) 1988-2003 Microsoft Corporation  Enterprise Edition on Windows NT 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 2) I debug the dump file with windbg but could not understand what it means. 000af5d4 7c827789 77e418b6 00000098 00000000 ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet 000af5d8 77e418b6 00000098 00000000 00000000 ntdll!ZwReadFile+0xc 000af640 7d1f5edb 00000098 000af704 0000021a kernel32!ReadFile+0x16c 000af66c 7d1f5f82 00000098 000af704 0000021a advapi32!ScGetPipeInput+0x2a 000af6e0 7d247667 00000098 000af704 0000021a advapi32!ScDispatcherLoop+0x51 000af924 006ebec2 000af93c 00000000 00000000 advapi32!StartServiceCtrlDispatcherA+0x93 000aff60 0058bf6e 00000001 002a44a8 002a29e8 sqlservr!main+0x31d 000affc0 77e6f23b 00000000 00000000 7ffd5000 sqlservr!mainCRTStartup+0x143 000afff0 00000000 0058be46 00000000 78746341 kernel32

generate file

Hi, i want to generate a word file in a particular pre defined format ( if i can refer to some template) and some of the data in that format will be populated dynamically. Can anyone help me with possible ways.

How to generate report from RPL file


I have Integrated my Reporting service 2008 R2 with Sharepoint foundation 2010. I have created few reports. For one of the report I have setup a subscription. Type of subscription set is RPL Renderer.

Once this subscription was executed, I can see RPL file in my Sharepoint document library. Now the question is what to do with this RPL file. How can I generate Report from this RPL file.

I checked that Neither Report viewer control nor Report builder accepts this RPL file.

I also could not find much help over RPL renderer on Internet.

Could not generate configuration file error



I am trying to create an xml configuration file for a very simple SSIS package, but I get an error "Could not generate configuration file."

While creating the config file using the Package configuration wizard, I do get an error saying "The properties tree could not be initialized" for one of the steps. I am sure this is somehow related to not being able to create the config file. The package was created on test server 01 and then copied to test server 02. When trying to create a new configuration file, I am getting this above error. I searched others who had similar questions. I am not using any user variables that store objects either. I am just storing the connection strings in the xml file.

Can someone please help?

Thank you


Technical Details


Could not complete wizard actions. (Microsoft Visual Studio)


Could not generate the configuration file. (Microsoft.DataTransformationServices.Wizards)

For help, click:

Need help with SQL 2005 Dump file.


Hi Everyone,

Last night non- yielding scheduler error was logged in one of our production SQL databases during backup. SQL version is SQL 2005 standard edition(32 bit) SP3.

I debug the dump file but couldn't interpret it.

Could this issue be fixed by applying Cumulative update 1 for SQL 2005 SP3?




2010-09-21 20:46:49.13 Server      ***Unable to get thread context - no pss
2010-09-21 20:46:49.13 Server      * ******************

how to send the dump file to Microsoft, is this a pay service?


Since my SQL2000 server has the "insufficient memory error 701" when doing tlog backup, it happens randomly, I applied the hotfix, increased physical memory from 2GB to 8GB with awe enabled, max server memory 6GB, it still happens sometimes when backup less than 100MB log (active log should be less than it). I tried incrase memtoleave g512 and .... whatever suggested on the forums etc. the problem still not fixed permanently.

I was suggested to dump the sql and send microsoft, but how and is there a charge?


Why visual studio does not generate .vb file when, publishing project into normal directory other th



I am using visual studio 2005,

When I publish my asp.net project into C:\Documents and Settings\temp\example, then it publish successfully,but into  C:\Documents and Settings\temp\example location , I dont see default.aspx.vb file. I do see Bin directory, PrecompiledApp.config file, webconfig file.

I am not sure , why it does not generate default.aspx.vb file (may be instead it is created PrecompiledApp.config file)

or is this because I am not publishing file into virtual directory.

Give me some advice on this.

Thank you


Auto generate file name?


Hi all

The name of my form is auto generated at submit, but I need to add a counter at the end to it. I.e. "File name 1", "File name 2"... "File name 40".  
The File name I get from a column in a SharePoint list,  and I need to get that counter value from a field in a SharePoint list as well. My problem is that I can not get the field nr value to increment when forms are created.

I have googled a lot, and found that people use Count() and Max() functions to count the rows in their libraries, and then increment the number, but I need to get that value from a SharePoint list field. If the administrator changes the field value to 40, the next document name will be "File name 41".

Any ideas how that can be acheived?


Generate XSD file from Class



If anyone knows a link to some documentation regarding generating xsd file from a class (the same as xsd.exe does), ie: how it works, what it uses, the concept / relation behind this conversion. I've tried to search the web and all i was pointed to was xsd.exe tool which doesn't work for my dll/class.


new line to field name in rdl file to generate a report


Hey i want to generate a report and so while designing the rdl file i want to place some label in the same column name to display ex:

employee details - COLUMN NAME


full name

address etc

all these 3 fields should come under the column name "employees".

my question is - i need the code to place these sub labels in new lin

How to generate XML from XSD file in VS2010?


Hi all,

Right now, I am working on my prj with VS2010 C# and ArcGIS silverlight API2.0. I have got some data stored in collection and I want to write these data into XML.

I am a rookie here, so maybe my questions are stupid...

I have the xsd file which I think defines the schema of the XML file. So I should first generate the resource codes of the classes that I want from the xsd file and then use these classes to write the data into XML files. Am I thinking in a right way? If not, are they other suggestions?

If I am right, another stupid question....how can I generate classes from this xsd file in VS2010. I searched, I found something called xsd.exe, through this, a cs file can be generate from xsd file. But I dont know where I can find it....

Thank you very much!!

How to design an rdl file to generate a report.


hi im new can any one tell me How to design an rdl file to generate a report.

any code help any link would be really helpful


i have tables n triggers created.

i use sql server  2005.




How to design an rdl file to generate a report


hi im new can any one tell me How to design an rdl file to generate a report.

any code help any link would be really helpful


i have tables n triggers created.





i need to split richtextbox text by enter char an then generate an xml file from the items.


hi friends,

i need to split richtextbox text by enter char an then generate an xml file from the items.

could you please help me?


SDF file generate by windows 7 is unable to use in windows XP


I tried to generate the sdf file at windows 7 that will be use in windows CE5. after i generated sdf file and i use management studio enterprise(at windows 7) to open the sdf, it show fine and workable.

But i put this sdf file put in the Windows XP, it show me different story. After i go deeper investigation, i found some of column may included a special and hiding character in front of the value. It cause the value unable to find it.

This only happen in Windows 7, whereas, Windows XP is no problem at all.


So, did any person was face this kind of problem? What is solution for this problem?

How to generate an XML file from SSIS (based on an XSD)?


I have an XSD that describes an XML format. I also have a sample XML file as well from the XSD. I am trying to understand SSIS's capability to generate the XML file in an ETL process. I would need to create the XML file based on the XSD that I have. It is safe to assume that all the data elements are in the DB that I am incorporating in the ETL and it is also safe to assume that the data in the XML may be from multiple different tables (so massaging is probably necessary). 

Would this be a job for C#/VB or can I do this through an SSIS process/task? Please help me understand my options. Thanks.

File Splitter in .Net

I love to do utility programs in .Net. And this is one of them. As I was playing with JSplit (a free file splitter program), I wondered if I could do it in .Net. The framework supports file operations like reading files in bytes and creating them. It is indeed easy to do file operations in .Net Basics on File operations
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