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Change case using Find & Replace dialog box

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
Hi, I want to change case of link URLs using Find & Replace dialog box . Is it possible? eg changing http://www.abc.com/S pecial-E dition.aspx, http://www.abc.com/O ther-N ews.aspx to http://www.abc.com/s pecial-e dition.aspx, http://www.abc.com/o ther-n ews.aspx

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Patch for VS 2010 Find and Replace Dialog Growing

One of the top reported Microsoft Connect issues with VS 2010 has been an issue with the Find and Replace dialog - which grows 16px each time you use it (which is pretty annoying). The Visual Studio team recently released a patch that fixes this issue. You can download and apply it here. Hope this helps, Scott P.S. A few people reported issues installing the patch if they had an older version of the Silverlight 4 tools installed.  If you see an error message that says you need an update to Visual Studio to support Silverlight 4, you can fix it by installing the latest Silverlight 4 tools release.

Find and replace link source

I want to replace links href in the source code using regular expression in Find/Replace dialog box from http://www.abc.com/car-news/13PX5S/News1.aspx, http://www.abc.com/car-news/27JXW5/News2.aspx to http://www.abc.com/car-news/news1/13px5s/, http://www.abc.com/car-news/news2/27jxw5/   - in the resultant URL there will be no Capital letters.    

Change Text of Sharepoint Form Dialog title Bar

Hi, I am having Sharepoint 2010 RTM Trial on Windows Server 2008 SP2. I have published custom infopath form to sharepoint List. I have two views in that form, One is called AddItem and The other one is called EditItem. I have use the infopath rule to switch views depending on some condition and it is working fine. But when the view is switched to EditItem, I want to Customize the Title bar of Form Dialog to my custom text.... Can anybody have an answer ? Regards

Did anything change with modal dialog override GetCustomBuilder() in 2010?

I have several web parts in 2007 that override the GetCustomBuilder() method with the HtmlDesignerAttribute set to BrowserBuilderType.Dynamic in order to call aspx pages for custom UI on webbrowsable properties when you click the "..." in the EditorPart rather than just launching the default text area modal dialog. From http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.webpartpages.webpart.getcustombuilder.aspx it looks like everything is supposed to work the same way in 2010. But it's not. No matter what I've tried, the only thing I can get to load is the standard _layouts/zoombldr.aspx dialog. I even tried making a clone of zoombldr.aspx (named test.aspx), added another button to tell the difference and call it explicitly, but it didn't load. I've debugged and am confident GetCustomBuilder() is returning correct URLs to the custom aspx pages (and they load fine when requested directly). I've searched hi and lo without success in finding a solution. Any ideas? Many thanks!

find and replace linebreaks in file read from disk

I have a css file which I want to read from disk and in that content I want to find and replace all linebreaks (do I look for vbCrlf or ...?)   Public Shared Function GetFileContents(ByVal FullFilename As String) As String        Dim filecontents As String = ""        If File.Exists(FullFilename) Then            Dim objStreamReader As StreamReader            objStreamReader = File.OpenText(FullFilename)            filecontents = objStreamReader.ReadToEnd()            objStreamReader.Close()        End If       Return filecontents    End FunctionSo in the returned variable "filecontents" I want to find and replace any linebreaks.        FILE: style.css#progress{color:#000;width:500px;height:30px;padding:0px;clear:both;}#progress ul{list-style:none;padding:0px;margin: auto;display:block;}#progress ul li{list-style:none;display:inline;float:left;width:auto;height:30px;padding:0px;line-height:30px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:13px;}

Cancel multiple WFs at once & global list find & replace

We have a number of products in our company, and a need for an email alert for various reasons for each product. Thus, I have a SP list where each list item has a drop-dead date, plus the manager's name and manager's email address as well as a note as to what needs to be done. When a new item is created, or a list item is changed, a workflow is initiated. Remember, each single product associated with a manager can have dozens of these email alert list items with differing drop-dead dates. The workflow is designed to send alerts out at stated intervals before the drop-dead date. The problem is that the manager in charge of a given product can and does change. What I have to do now is to open each of the items that pertain to that manager, stop the existing workflow, change the manager's name and email address in the item, then save it (thus starting a new workflow). This can get tedious when a single product can have several dozen list items corresponding to several dozen drop-dead dates. I would like to be able to filter the list, kill all the workflows that are connected to each item in the filtered list, change the manager name and email using the Datasheet facility, then save. At that point, X new workflows would start where X is the number of list items in the filtered list. 1. Is that possible (I doubt it) in our native SP 2007? 2. Does anyone

Web expression 3 and find/replace with a regular expression

I'm am trying to  delete some code in a javascript

<a href="JavaScript:openPopImg('images/Burgess-Rufus1.jpg', 'Rufus Morgan Burgess', '296', '589')">  I want to delete  ', 'xxx', 'xxx')  throughout the web.  I can not get  a regular expression going that will work; .i.e.  ^(\'\, \'[0-9]{3,}\'\, \'[0-9]{3,}\' \)) Am I anywhere near right or is there another way to do this?  Thanks.

How to change the content of a modal dialog


Hi all,

is there a possibility to change the content (aspx-Page) of a modal dialog in the dialog itself. I want to have links executed/navigation in the dialog window. My solution by now (if it helps someone) is:

In the Dialog call this function to close the dialog including parameters for the page to open afterwards:

function changeDialog(dialogURL, dialogTitle) {

    var options = {
      url: dialogURL,
      title: dialogTitle,

    SP.UI.ModalDialog.commonModalDialogClose('change', options);

And in the call-back function of my parent web, I check the return-values of the dialog and open (if desired) a new dialog:

function refreshCallback(dialogResult, returnValue) {

    if (dialogResult == 'change') {
      var options = {
        url: returnValue['url'],
        title: returnValue['title'],
        allowMaximize: true,
        showClose: true,

        dialogReturnValueCallback: refreshCallback


    } else {
Is there an easier way without closing and re-opening the dialog?


Programatically Find and Replace the words in Word documents in SP Doc library

The client has uploaded 1000 of MS Word document in SP Document Library.
We have to change some specific text in all documents which we upload in a Sp Document Library.
We have to do this without opening a document.(i.e) we have to do find and replace a text programatically.
Please provide me the solution.
Rajanikanth Rayala

find and replace on regexp in selected text



I work in SQL Server Management Studio 9.00.1399.00

I have this text:


I search this regexp:

^{[^ ,]+}
and replace with this one:

o\.\1 = t\.\1

As result I expect this:

o.Column1 = t.Column1,
o.Column2 = t.Column2,
o.Column3 = t.Column3
Replace works fine when I search in Current Document. But it does not work in Selection. When I apply search and replace to selection, I get this result:

o. = t.,
o. = t.umn3
Is there any fix? Regexp never worked fine in SSMS, but usually I managed to find work around. Not this time.

Thank you,



Find and Replace is broken


If I open a Project in SSMS 2008, open Find and Replace, type in the name of a stored procedure, select Look in Current Project and click Find Next, F&R will open all the files in the project and report "...specified text was not found". If I click Find Next again it will then find the stored procedure.

How can I fix this?

WPF: how to change groupbox border color in a special case?


our application include several groupbox. so we define general style for the groundbox as following:

<BorderGapMaskConverter x:Key="BorderGapMaskConverter"/>
 <Style x:Key="GeneralGroupBoxStyle" TargetType="{x:Type GroupBox}">
  <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="2"/>
  <Setter Property="Template">
      <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type GroupBox}">
        <Grid SnapsToDevicePixels="true">
            <ColumnDefinition Width="6"/>
            <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto"/>
            <ColumnDefinition Width="*"/>
            <ColumnDefinition Width="6"/>
            <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>
            <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/>
            <RowDefinition Height="*"/>
            <RowDefinition Height="6"/>
            <ContentPresenter Grid.ColumnSpan="2" 
                Margin="{TemplateBinding Padding}" 
                Grid.Row="2" SnapsToDev

regexp to find and replace strings in UNIX


I currently use UltraEdit to edit my files, which it has an option to do a search and replace in all files in a directory. In my directory I have files that I need to replace stuff in all of them.

Replace: $_POST['SomeVariableThatIsUnknown']
With: fetchValue($_POST, 'SomeVariableThatIsUnknown')


The SomeVariableThatIsUnknown variable could include numbers or other special characters (really anything other than ' or ]). Can someone help me with the REGEXP to find these and then one to replace them?

Find (also "find and replace") not working in Visual Studio



  I am an senior .net developer. My Visual Studio 2005 was working properly for several months. I started on a new laptop and everything was fine. Suddenly (due to a windows update or something), the find (also the find and replace) is not working. When I do Ctl+F (or Edit-Find) or(Edit menu-find and replace) nothing happens. I see my visual studio going out of focus (similar to what happens if another window takes modal position).

I made sure that service pack 1 is installed. 

I repaired/re-installed and did other things to fix this problem but still no resolution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  


Process Update does not reflect change in case of dimension member in SSAS 2008.


Process Update does not reflect change in case of dimension member in SSAS 2008. We can replicated this issue in Adventure Works 2008 with below steps.


1.  Customer Name Aaron Allen is in Title case both in Adventure Works SQL 2008 Data Mart as well as in SSAS 2008.


2.  Change Customer Name Aaron Allen to Upper case in Adventure Works SQL Data Mart.


Find & Replace - Regular Expressions, what's wrong here?



Not really a huge concern, just a minor 'bout of "WTF?".

so [A-Z] matches any 1 character that is between capital a and capital z. 

[^A-Z] is matches any 1 character ths is NOT between captial a and captial z

\ is the escape character for matching literals.

CREATE TABLE X (col1 int, col2 nvarchar(15), test bit) ON primary

Find String:  {(\([^0-9]|,|\)[^,])}

REplace String: \1\n

However the \([^0-9] doesn't find anything in the string.  now frankly, (c seems to match the \([^0-9] because the first literal is a ( and the following character is NOT beween 0 and 9, yet the IDE says with the above set up, 2 matches.  Why? 

I proceed to try and do just "\([A_Z]" and just "\([0-9]" as the find string, and their correlated ^ versions and none of them detected any matches in the file containing that create table statement.  When I remove the \( from the string, it suddenly works.  what up with that?


Jaeden "Sifo Dyas" al'Raec Ruiner


"Never Trust a computer. Your brain is smarter than any micro-chip."
PS - Don't mark answers on other people's questions. There are such things as Vacations and Holidays which may reduce timely activity, and until the person asking

Use regex to change upper case to lower case

Hi, I'd like to change any upper case letters in a string to lower case using Regex.  Does anyone have a solution?
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