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Can someone help me fix my mistake?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :


I installed Visual C# 2010 Express which installed SQL Express R2. Then I installed SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Advanced Services (64-bit) x64. After doing that I was not able to connect to the databases I had one named SQLEXPRESS and the other one SQLXPRESS. So I decided to uninstall both of the SQL Express. I was able to uninstall the SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Advanced Services (64-bit) x64 but I was not able to uninstall the SQL Express R2 so I uninstalled the Visual C# 2010 Express thinking that it would remove the SQL Express but it did not. Then I did a dumb thing I started deleting the SQL Express manually but I was not able to delete all bo the folders. Then to make things worse I emptied the Recycle Bin. 

Can someone help me fix my mistake? Any help would be appreciated  

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Surrogate vs Natural Primary Keys - Data Modeling Mistake 2 of 10

In case you're new to the series I've compiled a list of ten data modeling mistakes that I see over and over that I'm tackling one by one. I'll be speaking about these topics at the upcoming IASA conference in October, so I'm hoping to generate some discussion to at least confirm I have well founded arguments.

The last post in this series Referential Integrity was probably less controversial than this one. After all, who can argue against enforcing referential integrity? But as obvious as surrogate keys may be to some, there is a good deal of diversity of opinion as evidenced by the fact that people continue to not use them.

Deleted All the user by mistake



I deleted all the user from the Access list including myself and not able to login....How do i recover those user?

Please answer as quickly as possible.



Stupid web.config mistake: Sections must only appear once per config file

Today's stupid mistake comes to you via the web.config file in an ASP.NET 4 Web application project. At runtime, when navigating to default.aspx, ASP.NET choked with this error message: Parser Error Message: Sections must only appear once per config file.  See the help topic <location> for exceptions. Source Error: Line 14:     <location path="default.aspx"> Line 15:         <system.web> Line 16:            ...(read more)

New to Sharepoint companyweb and deleted all folder permissions by mistake

Hello.  I am just delving into the world of Sharepoint and testing to see if it will help our company meet it's needs for accessing files remotely as well as giving us collaberation abilities we currently don't have.  We recently purchased a new Windows 2008 Small Business Server which includes Sharepoint 3.0 and I've been messing around with the companyweb page.  My current goal is to emulate how we are using network drives.  There is a drive for each department and then a shared drive where common files for eveyrone are stored.  Rights are maintained using security groups. In the companyweb, inside the Document's section I created a new library named "Department Files" then within that created folders for Accounting, Customer Service, HR etc.  Being completely new to Sharepoint I was editing the permissions to the Accounting folder but forgot to add the domain administrator before deleting the existing rights.  Now the folder is no longer visible and I can't figure out how to edit the rights to it. The permissions that were removed were: CompanyWeb Members, CompanyWeb Owners, and CompanyWeb Visitors. Where can I go to see this hidden directory and change/restore the permissions?  Since this is all testing stuff I can also delete it and start again.  There isn't any info that I need to worry about retaining at thi

Schema comparer mistake in table-valued function (Nullability in column definition)

Hello. In my database i have table valued function. In its definition nullability of column is not set directly. This column has a user-defined data type. So the question is: is this column nullable? As i can see here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms174979.aspx   When column nullability is not explicitly specified, column nullability follows the rules shown in the following table. Column data type Rule Alias data type The Database Engine uses the nullability that is specified when the data type was created. To determine the default nullability of the data type, use sp_help. It should be not null, as user defined type is declared as not null. SMO says, that column is not null, but schema compare says it is nullable. Who is wrong and why?

Please,correct my mistake in query

I work with SQL Server 2008. I have a table Orders (orderid, orderdate, custid, empid).  I need write a query that calculates a row number for each order based on orderdate, orderid ordering. I should do it using derived table. My leader saus that query isn't correct:
select * from
	SELECT orderid, orderdate, custid, empid,
			  ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY orderdate ORDER BY orderid) rownum
	FROM [TestSQL].[Sales].[Orders]
) DerTable
How should I write it?

correct mistake


SQL Server 2008. I have this query

SELECT T.country, T.region, T.city FROM
SELECT country, region, city, 1 as s, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY country, region, city)
FROM [TestSQL].[HR].[Employees]
SELECT country, region, city, 2 as s, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY country, region, city)
FROM [TestSQL].[Production].[Suppliers]
) T

After execution I have a mistake:

No column name was specified for column 5 of 'T'. Can you help me?

What is the Mistake with 2nd One ? Installing & configuring Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) with the FILES



Hi anybody,

I am trying to Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) with the FILESTREAM provider (SharePoint Server 2010)

When I install and Configure for 1st Content Database, things are really fine. Whereas for 2nd time, It is failing; Failing in the sense, nothing happens when I execute below code, EXCEPT for GETTING ONE MSIEXEC WINDOW!!

msiexec /qn

/i RBS_X64.msi





Visual Web Developer 2010 Express - No more Free or a mistake?


I uninstalled VWD 2010 Express Beta2. Then installed latest Release(April 12th) via Web Platform Installer ...oh yes after installing XP Service Pack 3....

It all installed successfully and when I start the VWD 2010 express image comes up ....there is this fine text that says....

"For Evaluation Purpose Only"

"Use of this software should be limited to evaluation purpose only"

Being confused with that message I looked at Help->About VWD 2010 Express and right on top it says:

"29 days remaining"

So what's happening ????????? Did I install some wrong product... I don't think so...I used Web Platform Installer and yes it is "Visual Web Developer 2010 Express" and not a Professional Trial software.

With VWD 2008 it says "This product is licensed".

Anybody having any ideas...I am sure it is just some mistake (can I say it's a bug?)

How to undo an edit mistake in Query Editor?


How to undo an edit mistake in SQL Server Management Studio Query Editor?

When edit a code in Query Editor, because of mistake, I lose part of  the code. Now I want to undo the previous action. How to deal with it?

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