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adding Window Media Player into IE Toolbar

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework
Hello: I am facing a problem in adding a Window Media Player Control into IE ToolBar. I found a project written in C# on Code Project site that can add a text into IE toolBar. But I can't add the window Media Player into IE. The Project I found constitutes of 2 projects BandOjLib and SampleBars window Application C sharp where the development is happening in it. So what you do in SampleBars project will be embedded into BandObj Project after compilation and start without debugging both BandObj and SampleBars respectively. When I am adding the Window Media Player into TOOLBOX, then to drag it into window Form => it gives me this error: Assembly generation failed -- Referenced assembly 'AxInterop.WMPLib' does not have a strong name. I have tried to give it a strong name but with no vain???? I am sending you the project link http://www.codeproject.com/csharp/dotnetbandobjects.asp?select=1113574&df=100&forumid=3788&noise=1&mpp=50&fr=51#xx1024015xx. So please if you have any advice try to inform me.   Regards, R0nda

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Silverlight media player control for mvc

I wamnted to add a silverlight media player to my MVC site. there was a silvlight Media player that you could drag and drop on a page from the tool box, but I cant find it anymore. I am not sure it was good for mvc anyhow,   what is the easiest way to get a silverlight media player up and running on a mvc site, I really dont want to make my own, incorarating a silverlight app just for the media playerr seems like a fair bit of work, i was really looking for the drag and drop option we had in VS2008  I'm using VS2010 .net 4 silverlight 4 Any ideas?

How to check for media player and real player are installed ?

 Hi, All    I am using the media player and real player video controls they work fine in ie. How can I check they are installed in all main browsers like firefox and chrome and ie if not installed ?. Many Thanks Kered

Silverlight media player change source and play from javascript

I am having trouble accessing an embedded Silverlight 2 media player in an aspx page from Javascript and was hoping someone might offer some insight on what's going on. What I want to do is fire a javascript event on the client when a button is pressed to change the Silverlight media player media source and then play the newly selected file. I found what seemed like a pretty straightforward example on the silverlight.net site that looked like this:<%@ Page Title="" Language="VB" MasterPageFile="~/master.master" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Test.aspx.vb" Inherits="Test" %> <%@ Register Assembly="System.Web.Silverlight" Namespace="System.Web.UI.SilverlightControls" TagPrefix="asp" %> <asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="Middle" Runat="Server"> <asp:MediaPlayer ID="Media1" runat="server" Height="240px" Width="320px"> </asp:MediaPlayer> <button id="Button1" onclick="onPlay()" type="button">Play</button> <script type="text/javascript"> function onPlay() { try { var player = $find("ctl00_Middle_Media1"); player.set_mediasource("example.mp3");

Adding a Callback to the Window Title Property

Hi all-   I have a quick question.  I have a customized window, based on the Window object.  Is there a way to create a Callback handler on the Title Property, so that I can basically capture and perform my own customized actions when the Title property is changed?  I have no problems adding custom dependency properties (as below), but adding a callback to an existing property from the base class is where I am a little lost and need guidance.   Thanks for any help. Chris   public class WindowBase : Window { // Several Dependency Properties exist as below, with callbacks which trigger on the change of the property // The trick is to find a way to add a callback to the Title property of Window public string Caption { get { return (string)GetValue(CaptionProperty); } set { SetValue(CaptionProperty, value); } } public static readonly DependencyProperty CaptionProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("Caption", typeof(string), typeof(WindowBase), new PropertyMetadata(OnCaptionChanged));

how can I attach a window to my IE toolbar button extension similar to IE8 'Favorites' toolbar but

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I managed to add a tool bar IE using the BandObjectLib which is written in C# and uses DESKBANDINFO struct and others the thing is I want to attach a window when a button is clicked that has some input like button and lists etc..The window is not part of the toolbar, but rather it is The project I am using is the following http://cgeers.wordpress.com/2008/02/16/internet-explorer-toolbar/#download

I created a separate window control but it's appearing as if it is a separate unit. I just wanna be able to detect the exact location of the toolbar button relative to the screen..

Any suggestions?

Link opens new window without toolbar but can't sizeable



I use html link to open new sizable window without toolbar. But my code does not work. not sizable and no scrollbars. Please check my missing.


                                                                            <a href="<%#GetAFB(Container)%>">
                                                                                <img id="globe" src="../Images/Location.png" height="15px" border="none" />


    Public Function GetAFB(ByVal cell As GridCell) As String

         Dim strHref As String
        strHref = "javascript:void(window.open('../ATracking/ASTFB.aspx?" & _
        "ACode=" & cell.RowElement.GetRecord().GetValue("ACode") & "&LocationID=" & cell.RowElement.GetRecord().GetValue("LocationID") & _
        "','BedBoard', 'toolbar=no', menubar=no','scrollbars=yes','resizable

Windows Media Player - Please Help


I am trying to get windows Media Player working with C# I have not been able to get it to display anything. I have read most of the links on the web and tried different .dll's and they just do not display any Video. I can get sound but no video. Can any one tell me what is going on. I am using and Master Page and Content page.



how to upload video in sql2005 and how to retrieve it and play in windows media player



i am developing web portal, which suppose to upload video in sql2005 and should be able to retrieve that video on request

and play in aspx page with windows media player.


Getting the current song name in Windows Media Player (C#)

how can I get the songname (and songtime, songlength) from the song that is currently playing in wmplayer?  This is from an external application, not a plugin.

Com Components doesn't appear in Toolbox - Media player



I have tried to find a solution on the forum, but no one of the posts helped me...

I'm trying to implement a media player on my web page using Visual Studio 2010 and it's 'toolkit'.

In the toolbox i right click on general->Choose Item->Com Components and select Windows Media player.

But nothing is happening.

If I right click on the general tab and press 'Show All' both the windows media player accor but the icon are like 'invisible' and you can't drag it into the design window. 

A second question, if I want to use a different media player, how does I do that? I.e. VLC...


Dynamic web media player



I have a question reguarding an mp3 player I am building. I need to build an mp3 player that can do the following:

1. Pull a song into a player and play it to the currently logged in user only once.

2. Allow the user to rate the song only once, and log the geo location of the user rating the song.

3. Log how many times the song has been rated

4. Automatically disable viewing of the song to users in a specific role after 100 ratings, and enable viewing to users in a different specific role.

I'm wondering what would be the best way to approach this project, and weather or not to create it in jquery or flash or ajax.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance! :)

popup window does not hide navigation toolbar


i am opening some data in pop up window my code is follows

<script type="javascript">

function popup(str)


var pageurl= "popup.aspx?id="+str;



it works properly but how could i hide popup windows  navigation toolbar it still displayed in firefox browser but doesnot display in IE

is there any way to hide navigation toolbar?

sharepoint variation media player

Hello, hope some one have experienced this. Added the ootb Media Plyer in English site then propagate to French site. I can watch the video in French site however I can not use pause button or maximize button. any advise...

Multi Media player webpart in sharepoint 2007 out of the box



How can i play multiple media files(*.flv,*.wma,*.dat..etc) in moss2007 OOTB i have many videos in my document library on click of any video it should play in the media webpart.

please suggest me an approach ASAP.




Windows Media Player control drops out of fullscreen on Windows notifications



My app uses the Windows Media Player control to display video in fullscreen. It's vital that it remain fullscreen until the user has specifically exited it (using the escape key). However, WMP control exits full screen seemingly on any notification coming up on Windows 7. Windows update notices, anti-virus update alerts, etc. 

Is there anyway to force WMP control to stay fullscreen, or force suppression of ALL notification messages?

Windows Media Player control drops out of fullscreen on Windows notifications




Not sure if WPF is the best place to post this but anyhow...


My app uses the Windows Media Player control to display video in fullscreen. It's vital that it remain fullscreen until the user has specifically exited it (using the escape key). However, WMP control exits full screen seemingly on any notification coming up on Windows 7. Windows update notices, anti-virus update alerts, etc.


Is there anyway to force WMP control to stay fullscreen, or force suppression of ALL notification messages?

what is debugging + why is my media player being debugged

this is a new project and the first thing it said when trying to play the instructions in media player ,media player needed to be debugged and i don't bloody know what is going on as i have tried everything to uninstall visual studio,and could not.  so i tried to start at the beginning and try and learn and i went to the visual basic site and like every other time it would stop and tell me something i did not know but now my media player won't play the instructions unless it is debugged .  I know all this might be impossible to understand for someone that does not have my disability ,but all iwant is for my computer stop telling the servers i am a professional developer,and gives me so much ____ that i can not comprehend (excuse my french/) but it is driving me mad, well at least'  madder, than microsoft has driven me these past mon ths . so can i get help to uninstall visual studioi as all i getr when i try is '  that there has been an error and can't uninstall
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