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Same tags XML, Creating Duplicate rows

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :

<Addr type="Principal" ident="BP1">
    <Addr>1234 wonder city</Addr>
 <Addr type="Principal" ident="BP1">
    <Addr>1234 wonder city</Addr>

Hello, I have an XML Document with exactly same Tags repeating. The problem is its creating a Duplicate in my query. Is it possible to get one row data for them instead of two rows.




ident varchar

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While you may well be excited about the prospect of building managed smart tags, there is little information available to help you create them using .NET. In this article the author fills in the blanks. Along the way he discusses the Microsoft Office Smart Tag List XML schema, advanced managed smart tags for Office 2003 and Office XP, and deploying these features in an organization.

Ben Waldron

MSDN Magazine February 2005

Report Builder 2.0: duplicate rows do not show on reports

Hello,Created a report using a report model.the problem is that duplicate rows do not show on the report.Why?And also how can this be fixed?the report shows product ids, that may or may not have serial numbersticket numbers can have mulitple products associated with them and they may or may not have serial numbersthe report data row is as follows:example:order number, ticket number, product id, manufacturer id, serial number123                  456               dsl_router 12  cisco123                  456               dsl_router 12  ciscothe above data shows as one row on the report, thus, showing it to be one product, but really there are 2 products and there should be 2 rows.is this a bug?how can this be fixed?Thanks.

Duplicate rows in Table

Hi, I have a table with two rows Name  ||    Surname || Account No || Money Expensise || Amount                                                     Total ------------ Amount How can I display the last row Total at the bottom of the table not for every first row.  Thanks Anyone helps!

Creating a form with an unknown number of rows

Hi everyone, I'm pretty new at ASP .NET but not to ASP.  I've got a form I need to create where I don't know how many entries will be added.  It has the following format: "Age"             "Duration"      "Period of Duration"     "etc..." Last30Days 1-5 Months ago 6-11 Months ago Age Age Age etc. So the Age column always has the first 3 options and then an unknown number of Age values that can be inserted.  I've created a table that has the first four fields (Last30days, 1-5months, 6-11months, age)  and I was thinking I could just order by those 4 columns for display.  The problem I have is I'm not sure on how to proceed.  Does anyone have any good ideas on how to handle this situation?  Ideally data entry people could use the same form for both entering and displaying the data.  Thanks.

Duplicate field name error, creating new site from custom template

I've made a site that maps the site (with a table of contents) and i export it to another site collection. I'm able to install and activate the solution in the other site collection, however when i'm going to create a new site using the site i've installed as a template it pops an error saying "A duplicate field name Wiki_x0020_Page_x0020_CategoriesTaxHTField" was found." I have no clue what this means. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance

Duplicate rows occures in my query


i'm facing a problem to get a query. i have a query which have a simple join with another table.
plz download and exevute my sample db script to reproduce the problem (plz skip some errors during creating database):

1. plz execute first query :

select * from dbo.Reception

Comment : As u can see in the result, we have a single record in result Set.

2. then, plz execute second query :

select * from dbo.InsuranceTarrifs

Comment : This table have relation with Reception table via Reception.BasicInsuranceID and InsuranceTarrifs.InsuranceID fields.

3. nowm we want to query from both table and join together as follow :

select r.* from Reception r
 inner join InsuranceTarrifs it on r.BasicInsuranceID=it.InsuranceID

As u think like me, we expect get a single row in result set, but there is a 2 rows in result set which the second row as the same as the first one (duplicate row).

where is my problem and how to solve this ?



WPF Ribbon - specifying default items for QuickAccessToolBar without creating a duplicate of each b


With the WPF 2010 Ribbon control, I want to load in a few existing Ribbon buttons to the QuickAccessToolbar when my application starts up.  From what I can see, the only way to do this is to copy/paste each button into the RibbonQuickAccessToolbar container...

Is there a better way? I've noticed a RibbonButton.IsInQuickAccessToolbar property, but it's setter is Internal.

Ultimately I need to be able to to save and load the QAT configuration for each user session, but I don't see how this is going to work.  I've also tried binding the QAT ItemSource to a collection, which works, but then you can't right click Ribbon buttons to add them at runtime.

Any suggestions?


Duplicate rows when querying in Report Builder 3.0


I am trying to modify the SQL Server Reporting Services Build Summary report to include a little more information. What I want to do is add two more rows, then insert a table into each of the rows. One table will have all the passed tests for the build and one table will have all the failed tests for the build.

I successfully modified the dsBuilds dataset in Report Builder 3.0 to do this and everything works except for one little annoyance. Lets say the build had 1 passed tests, "passedTestA", and 3 failed tests. The passed table will have 3 passed tests in it all name "passedTestA" when there should only be one passed tests.

Heres that part of the query that is getting the passed/failed tests:


AllFailedTests As
	SELECT ResultTest As FailedTests, ResultErrorMessage, BuildName
	From TestResultView
	WHERE ResultOutcome = N'Failed'

AllPassedTests As
	SELECT ResultTest As PassedTests, BuildName
	From TestResultView
	WHERE ResultOutcome = N'Passed'

 FROM @Results r
LEFT OUTER JOIN AllPassedTests pt ON r.BuildName = pt.BuildName
LEFT OUTER JOIN AllFailedTests ft ON r.BuildName = ft.BuildName

I pretty much self taught myself this query language yesterday so I dont know much about joining and it is when I a

Adding Dynamic Rows in ASP.NET GridView Control with TextBoxes and with Delete functionality

In my previous examples, I have demonstrated on how to add dynamic rows in GridView control with TextBoxes and how to save the values into the database. Now, seems that most of the developers are asking if how to add a delete functionality with it. So in this example, I'm going to show on how to delete a certain row in the dynamic GridView with TextBoxes.

jQuery: Highlight Gridview Rows with Checkbox

Im learning and experimenting with jQuery and ASP.NET. Below is a simple solution I created to highlight rows in a gridview by clicking on a checkbox next to the row.

Gridview setup:

Creating your SharePoint Governance Plan

One of the most common questions that I get from prospects as I'm talking to them about the creation of a governance plan and process is what does it look like. In other words, there are materials available which describe what should be in a governance plan but there isn't a ton of guidance on what the process of creating a governance plan and process are.

Highlighting Rows with TextBox OnFocus

In another article I explained that how you can make the rows of the GridView control clickable and highlight them when they are clicked. In this article I will explain that how you can highlight the GridView rows when you focus on the TextBox which is contained inside the GridView control.

jQuery: Highlight Gridview Rows with Checkbox

Im learning and experimenting with jQuery and ASP.NET. Below is a simple solution I created to highlight rows in a gridview by clicking on a checkbox next to the row.

jQuery: Styling DropDownList Alternating Items (Rows)

In the following example, I will show how you can style any asp:dropdownlist very easily.

The example demonstrates how you can change alternating row items background color, using the fadeTo() to add a nice touch in the dropdownlist. You can change alt rows with a couple lines.

MS SQL Server: Search All Tables, Columns & Rows For Data or Keyword Query

If you need to search your entire database for specific data, this query will come in handy.

So when a client needs a custom report or some sort of custom development using Great Plains, most of the time I will have to track down the data in the system by running this query and find the table(s) it is in.

How to format and update GridView and DataGrid rows using JQuery

The behavior described in this question is as expected. When you set text of a cell in grid, it directly affects HTML that is going to be rendered. When you set text value of a cell, it means that you are setting innerText of the cell. The column that GridView creates for command fields (Edit, Delete and Select) are a (anchor) or button elements. So you can see what will happen if you set text value in that cell. It will wipe out those link or button controls and replace them with simple text string.

Creating Paging for a Repeater Control

A common question is "How do I implement paging within a Repeater?" Although the beauty of the Repeater control is its flexibility, you're on your own for building most functions. ASP.NET 2.0 has included some new controls that provide paging, as does the DataGrid in ASP.NET 1.1. However, this tip shows you how to roll your own paging for a simple data viewer.
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