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Filter data to compare value

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :

    I want to filter out one value in total like example bellow:


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Category Internet Sales Amount US Internet Sales Amount
Accessories $700,759.96 $256,422.07
Bikes $28,318,144.65 $8,999,859.53

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filter n compare between two table in resultset


Hi .. I have two table 

Say Table1 n Table2


Item              ItemName

001                 Laptop

001                  PC

002                  PC

002                  Printer

003                  Pendrive

004                  Keyboard

004                  CPU


Item                  ItemName

001                   laptop

001                   PC

002                   Printer

004                   CPU

Here am comparing table1 with table2

The Itemname which is available in both table1 n table2 should be dropout ... Other Item should be displayed ...

I need the sql result set like this :

Item                 &n

Set up a validator that compare the value of the current field with an other (using Dynamic Data)

Hi! Most of it is in the title : I'd like have a validator on the DateTime_Edit template for example that allows to compare this field with an other DateTime field. My problem is when I am in the DateTime_Edit template of my "master field" (the one I want to check), how can I access to the other field given the architecture of Dynamic Data FieldTemplates? But perhaps I'm not thinking in a good way on this control. Any advice will be welcome. Thanks Raphaelp

How to filter managed meta data column using page query string?

I have two managed term sets as follows: Articles:Downloads Projects:Downloads I am trying to use a content query web part to filter a list based on the above manged meta data column. I want to filter out only "Articles:Downloads" Scenario 1: When I edit the web part and directly set the filter option with the managed meta data column to "Articles:Downloads" it works fine. When I export the web part, in the .webpart file, the "FilterValue1" property has a value "Downloads|9096e43b-555d-4879-9acc-b4ada9ea9910". Scenario 2: I want the web part to get the filter information from query string [PageQueryString:pageType]. So I tried using these options: a) pageType=Downloads      This works but returns downloads under 'projects' as well. (i want downloads only under 'articles')  b) pageType=Articles:Downloads     Does not work and shows no records c) pageType = Downloads|9096e43b-555d-4879-9acc-b4ada9ea9910     Does not work. (This value is the same as one found in 'FilterValue1' of the static web part). c) pageType = Articles:Downloads|9096e43b-555d-4879-9acc-b4ada9ea9910     Does not work. d) pageType = 9096e43b-555d-4879-9acc-b4ada9ea9910     Does not work.   What am I missing here? Can some one please help?

Filter out logically deleted data from dbf file using SSIS?

Hi Guys, while loading dbf file to sql server using SSIS,How can i filter out the records that are logically deleted in dbf file?    ~Technology Analyst~

compare data from tow tables ?

HI all I have tow tables ,, i want to add Column1 from table1 to Column1 in table2 , where Column2 in table1 is bigger than Column2 in table2

Compare Data in SSIS

I have data from two sources that I want to take two of the columns, compare the values and if there is a difference record that value - what's the best solution for such?

Filter External List by a range of data

I have an external list web part that I am currently using a choice filter on to filter by a certain status.  The options are yes, no, or (empty).  However, I would like to be able to add an additional option to filter where the person has the previous status set to no, but has a value in a different field greater than 90. I realize that the choice filter probably wouldn't do this, and that I could do this easily with separate list views, where I have some sort of web part that can change the list views on the fly. I would think I could use one of those list filters to do this, but when I tried to do that for my original problem, I was unable to connect the filter to my external list. I could connect the list view filter to any internal list without an issue however.  Somebody commented on my old thread that I posted as cptInsane0 that I could just make an infopath view form that has buttons that do this.  I have dabbled with infopath a little bit, but I wasn't able to get infopath to connect to my external list either.  I first had to connect to an internal one, and then for some reason I could add the external list as an alternate data source. I can't be the first person who has had this issue. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Data View that handles both a Filter and "Show All"


I had a nice search facility up and running that filtered SQL data displayed in a Data View via a "contains" Filter clause on an entered string.

Pesky users now request a "Show All" button as well to display all data in the Data View.  For the life of me I cannot get this up and running - anybody got a tip/pointer?  I can't figure a combination of Filter criteria that would allow this.




Compare current with previous data

I need to compare the current price to an old price and not quite sure how to approach it. I am bringing in 3 CTE's that contain all of the data. Then # the bottom I'v got effective dates but I'm not sure how to re-write this and compare current prices to the old price that was effective before. The DNC Column is the column i have to compare in the last query
declare @dt datetime
set @dt = getdate();

With itmlvl as (

Full text search not working for pre-existing data on table after installing docx filter.However wor


Hello All,


I have a strange issue. I have pre-existing data in my table with full text index defined along with catalog. I noticed that I did not have the docx filter ,so I installed the filter and performed the steps below. After installing the filter  I added a couple of new records. I noticed that the full text search pulled up the new records matching the criteria but did not return any pre-existing records. Could you please let me know the issue.Please note – currently I am using sql 2008 , but also would like to verify the same in sql 2005 as well.

Also could you please verify the steps below for installation in sql 2008 and sql 2005 and with different architectures (Eg windows 2003/2008, 32bit, 64 bit etc)


This was tested on VM image on 64 bit architecture Windows 200

Is there a way to query entity based on multiple filter criteria? WCF Data Services, Linq to Entiti


Instead of:

DW_CMSOPEN dwc = new DW_CMSOPEN(new Uri("http://acctdev02/WCFDataService/EmployeeService.svc"));

dwc.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

var employees = from emp in dwc.Employees 
             where emp.DEPT == "123"
             select emp;

I'd like the linq query to resemble:

var employees = from emp in dwc.Employees
              where emp.DEPT // in {"123", "456", etc}
              select emp;

How to filter out null data


(SSAS/SQL 2005)

I am running a query against two different measure groups.  I'm using Non Empty.  Can I use something in the WHERE clause to block results where one of the measures is null?

In the following query I'd like to return only rows with non null Prc Net Weight:





MEMBER [Measures].[Weight Calc] AS [Measures].[Coil Weight] + [Measures].[Prc Net Weight]

Compare excel data on sharepoint with existing sql server data


I have seveal spread sheets loaded on MOSS 2007 (we have Excel Services).  We host our SP on Sql Server 2008 R2 64 Bit on a Windows 2008 64bit server. I want to be able to write a query on that SQL Server database that can somehow access excel data directly from SP and cmpare that to data in SQL. I have been able to create a linked server (using 32 bit sql server) but have only been able to link files directly off the server and NOT from MOSS.

So the Crux of the matter: Is there a way of making some love connection that would allow me to get data directly from my excel spreadsheet that resides ON SHAREPOINT, via my Sql Server?


Integrating PPS Multi level filter into SSRS which uses SQL to pull data



I'm trying to integrate PPS filter (which is created using MDX query and its a multi select tree filter) with an SSRS report, for which the background is SQL Query. Can you please guide me to achieve this. I'm not sure how we can link the multi level hierarchy to an SQL query which is been used in the content part of the SSRS report. For example I have a geography hierarchy in a cube and I use an mdx query to create and populate PPS filter. I need to use this filter in an SSRS report for which the query is 'select col name(s) from table'. Also my hierarchy in the cube is not a natural hierarchy.

Any guidance would be really great and thank full.

- Arvind


How to filter SQL data



Could someone please point me to a simple way to filter SQL data when it is retrieved by a GridView control?

Among the various applications I need to create are selecting records based on user inputed criteria (via a DropDownList), and excluding records that have null values (which I need to allow in my database) in certain columns.

Thank you.



Compare data in a single column overtime



I have the below sample table and is trying to compare the data accross time in the Account field. Basically if the Account field changed from NULL (default) it can not go back to NULL or change to another type. My goal is to list where the field value changed from Accept back to NULL or Reject back to NULL or Accept to Reject or Reject to Accept. NULL is the default value.



TABLE [dbo].[T2](

[ID] [smallint]


Compare two XML fiels and replace data by using C#.net code


I have two xml files. The XMLFile1.xml and XMLFile2.xml both files have same nodes but with different text. Now I want to compare both the xml files and want to replace the text of XMLFile1.xml with the text of XMLFile2.xml for those matching nodes like <![CDATA[Student Center]]> will be replace by <![CDATA[????]]>. I want to built a windows application for this with C#.net code. The structure of two xml files as shown below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<phraseroot isocode="ISO-1" langname="English">
  <section id="01" name="Learning Center">
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