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Serializing to a binary file with encyrption

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :WPF

I'm serializing datas in my  database to a binary file and used Rijndael for encryption. My application was working very fine when I just serialize to a binary file and now it's extremely slow with encyrption.

Speed is important and also have to be sure that my data can't be open by others.

 I didn't use any other encryptions before and very upset now with Rijndael. 

 Which method should I use so that others can't read these serialized binary files?

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Create excel file from Binary data on SqlServer



My requirement is that i upload an excel file then i need to validate that data.


1. Uploading file using using upload control saving binary in SqlServer

2. Then i am creating file from binary data  on Sql Server using below command and then using OPENROWSET to dump data to Sql table

3. Then reading Sql Table row wise and validating data.


Alter Procedure spUploadExcelFile
  @PKID int,
  @BatchID int


	Declare @VarBin varbinary(max)
	Declare @FileName varchar(100)
	DECLARE @sql nvarchar(MAX)
                DECLARE @errMsg nvarchar(MAX)
	DECLARE @ObjectReturn INT
	DECLARE @ErrorSource VARCHAR(255)
	DECLARE @ErrorDesc VARCHAR(255)
	DECLARE @ObjectToken INT

	Select @VarBin  = Content , @FileName = [FileName] from MultilangBinaryData Where PKID = @PKID
	SET @FileName = 'C:\'  + @FileName
	EXEC sp_OACreate 'ADODB.Stream' @ObjectToken OUTPUT
	EXEC sp_OASetProperty @ObjectToken, 'Type', 1
	EXEC sp_OAMethod @ObjectToken, 'Open'
	EXEC sp_OAMethod @ObjectToken, 'Write', NULL, @VarBin
	EXEC sp_OAMethod @ObjectToken, 'SaveToFile', NULL, @FileName, 2
	EXEC sp_OAMethod @ObjectToken, 'Close'
	EXEC sp_OADestroy @ObjectToken  
	SET @sql = 'INSERT INTO dbo.UserBulkData SELECT 0,NULL,'+ @BatchI

How to load binary file asynchronously

I need to be able to download file from local disk or UNC path asynchronously. I've tried to use FileStream, but not sure what is the best way to read file by small chunks and combine them together then. Btw, does it make sense to download file by small chunks? Here is what I tried: byte[] _content; void Start(){ FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(path); if(fi.Exists) { FileStream fs = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Open); var stateObject = new State(fs, fi.Length); fs.BeginRead(stateObject.Buffer, 0, (int)stateObject.BufferSize, new AsyncCallback(EndReadCallback), stateObject); } } ... public void EndReadCallback(IAsyncResult asyncResult) { State state = (State)asyncResult.AsyncState; int readCount = state.FStream.EndRead(asyncResult); //store bytes inside class instance this._content = state.Buffer; //close stream state.FStream.Close(); if(FileLoaded != null) { FileLoaded.Invoke(_content); } } Thanks in advance, Paul.

Read Binary Data which is nothing but a Zip file and unzip through SSIS 2005 SP2

Hi ALL, I need some help in developing a task. I have a source database which is Oracle and it has a ZIP file stored inside the database in Binary format. When I move this data into the sql server 2005 database I get the data as binary data. Now the task begins with SSIS, I need to read the binary data which gives us a zip file and then unzip this zip file and read the XML data which is present inside the Zip file. I beleive some one might have already developed this task can you share the solution with us. Note: As this has to be moved into production I dont have permission to use third party tools like Cozy roc or install winrar.exe and simpy calling this exe from the execute process task in SSIS.  Raju

Inserting a Binary file in SQL Server 2000

Hi all, I want to store a native binary file into the DB having the column datatype as 'image', in SQL Server 2000, through SQL Query. I have found the solution for the case of 2005, thet is using the OPENROWSET and BULK. Can you please help me out in constructing the SQL or TSQL Query for performing that operation? Thanks a Bunch in Advance :)

Insertion of a Binary File in SQL Server 2000

Hi all, I want to insert a binary file into the SQL Server 2000. The type of the column reserved for the file is of 'image' datatype. I have found the solution for the SQL Server 2005 and later, using the open rowset. Can you please give me a SQL/T-SQL Query for the operation? Thanks a bunch in advance :)

How to send binary data ( ogg audio file) using a web service?


Hi folks, I would appreciate any help or guidance on this topic:

How can I receive binary data (specifically an ogg audio file) using a WCF4 service?

The general idea is to define and host a WCF service inside IIS that returns an audio file (ogg file)

I have read some info related with using ByteStreamMessageEncodingBindingElement class to achieve this, also I read some topic related on using MTOM to attach a binary file. It seems that it can be several ways or approaches to achieve this.

So any guidance on the themes and/or examples for the better way to solve this point would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Reading Binary file


Hi All, 

 I am using BinaryReader class to read binary file.But I am facing problem while reading number of  bytes from it.

I have written code to read only 2 bytes from it,it works well on my machine and read only 2 bytes,but when I deployed that code on server machine it read 4 bytes from file.Whats wrong in the code?Is it due to processor i.e.. 32 bit processor/64 bit processor I am using?

Please provide solution or any link for it ASAP..

Thanks in advance




Reading strings from a binary file


I am tasked with reading various files that were saved to disk by a Visual Basic 4 application.

I've started with the easiest of the files, which contains one or more strings, each 128 bytes in length.

And so I wrote the following code to put these strings in a list:


Console.WriteLine("========== START ==========");

var list = new List<string>();

var fileStream = new FileStream("(Filename)", FileMode.Open);
var bytes = new byte[128];
while (true) {
 if (fileStream.Read(bytes, 0, bytes.Length) == 0) break;

foreach (var s in list) Console.WriteLine(s);


Console.WriteLine("========== END ==========")

Binary content of any file..


help me--

1. I have a file upload tool to get any file okay..

2. I want to get binary format of any file that i browse through upload tool and

3. I want to save it in another file say any text file or database or any custom file type


4. Now that i've binary format of any file say a image file, how can i recreate the file

   from it's binary content...

all i need is....FIle to Binary and then Binary to Original File. 

Serializing XML using the Binary Serializer



Can anyone advise. How can I Serialize XML using the binary Serializer.

Without stating the obvious, it is clear that XElement can use the XML Serializer, and Other objects can use the Binary Serializer, but how can you serialize the following :-


Using the Binary Serializer, XElement throws an exception.

Thanks in advance

Age Gould.

Serializing to file system to maintain state



I have a system that has several large objects that need to be built and populated each and every time, and these objects may be accessed quite often as well. As a strategy, caching would not be that good for me because there are potentially thousands of these objects which are fairly large. So I propose to serialize the objects to the file system and then deserialize it when I need those objects again. I have several classes that need this serialization functionality.

These objects change as well, so on the next access I check if there were any changes and then I grab only the changes and edit the object, and then reserialize the object.

My question is what is the best way to do this, since I have several classes ... I need some design pattern or strategy that would help me make this a breeze to implement on several classes.

Thanks in advance

Ajax - Send Binary File to Server


Hi Guys,

Am new to Ajax coding.

Is it possible to send a binary file file from client to server using ajax???

am using ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") to get a binary file from client. I need to send the binary data to server.


Converting a binary file to byte array


Hi Everyone-

I'm retrieving a binary file from the database, a .pdf file that I would like to let the user open and view.  From what I can tell, there are two steps to do this: 

1. Convert binary file to byte array  

2. Convert byte array to file content 

Here's what I've got so far:

 Dim c1 = (From c In dc.Documents _
                     Where c.userID = userGuid _
                     Select New With {c.downloadName, _
                                     c.docData, _
                                     c.type, _

             Dim bArray As Byte() = CType(c1.docData("binary"), Byte())
            If bArray.Length > 0 Then
                Dim fs As System.IO.FileStream = New System.IO.FileStream("d:\xx.pdf", IO.FileMode.Create)
                fs.Write(bArray, 0, bArray.Length)
            End If

This isn't working and I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a solution.  I'm getting a blue squiggly under c1.docData in the Dim bArray line. 

What am I doing wrong?

How to store binary (file) in SQL server using Entity Framework?




Sorry for the newbie question. I want to store files in SQL server. I searche a lot but didn't found what I could use. I'd like to use Entity Framework and C# in Visual Studio 2010. Could somebody help me with a code snippet or pointing me to a good howTo where I could find and understand how to store files in SQL using Entity Framework 4 and C#?




I'm not a development! I'm an infrastructure engineer! Please be patient on the development forums! :)

How to store binary (file) in SQL server using Entity Framework?




Sorry for the newbie question. I want to store files in SQL server. I searche a lot but didn't found what I could use. I'd like to use Entity Framework and C# in Visual Studio 2010. Could somebody help me with a code snippet or pointing me to a good howTo where I could find and understand how to store files in SQL using Entity Framework 4 and C#?




I'm not a development! I'm an infrastructure engineer! Please be patient on the development forums! :)

How to post form with fields and binary file using ServerXMLHTTP?


I need to simulate user submitting a web form that contains some form fields and a binary file upload as part of the submit.  I found this KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290591

But, that doesn't work with binary file.  Can someone provide an example of how to do it?



Need to pass audio file as binary in XML through webservice


In my application I want to send an audio file (.mp3) as binary string through XML webservice, and save the binary data as audio file in server. In this case what should be the structure of XML file and how can I convert this incoming binary sting to audio file in webservice code.

Currently I tried a structure like the following

             <FileData>![CDATA[ - binary data goes here -]]</FileData>

But it is not working correctly.

Please help me. Also what should be the encoding base for the binary data ?

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