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How to create a ToolBar w/buttons and images (just like MS Word)?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :JQuery


I am new to WPF and so far NOT impressed... looks to my much like HTML in its infancy!  And no tools!

Now HTML is under control and has code generators to build the code from a Drag 'n drop interface. Such as Visual Studio!  Now MS comes along with XAML and no toold for it.  VS2010 is wowfully short on the interface working!

I tried to build a ToolBar but there is no supporting documentatoin anywhere.  I have found the ToolBar, ToolBarPanel, and ToolBarTray... but no documentation that makes any sense or sample code on how to create a toolbar?

I dragged a ToolBarTray onto a blank form then TRIED to add a ToolBar to it!  Gues what it wouldn't attach!  It puts itself wither above or below the Tray.

In frustration I am here to ask does anyone have and docs, or better sample code, that shows how these ToolBar items interact and work with each other WITHOUT writing huge blocks of XAML code?

Or do I go back to building Windows Forms applications that have great ToolBar and MenuBar support along with one thing sadly missing an MDI interface.

Hey MS not every application works in a browser or the Internet!  My client base are sailors who nave NO INTERNET connection for weeks or months at end.  ALL ther applications MUST be stand alone applications NOT WEB apps.

Thanks any help

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You cannot vote on your own post 
Hi Everyone.

I need to extract word document into number of pages and convert those pages into images by using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word, can anybody tell me how i can do this?

where to start? create an image on the fly from other images


Hi all

I hope this is in the right forum thread...

How do I create (or layer) a new image from  2 existing images with ASP.net on the fly?

Does anyone have any examples or links to websites?

or has anyone done this personally? any hints and tips?

also can i put this code (to create it) in a user control? instead of an external page?


Open word document from asp.net - toolbar not visible.



We have a scenario where the data on the web page needs to be opened in MS Word document.

For this we are using

HttpContext.Current.Response.ContentType = "application/msword"

But when we select "Open" in the popup box and the msword opens up, tool bars for msword is not displayed (Font/ font size etc.). But if we choose to save and open the saved document at that time the standard tool bar is visible.

Is there any way to display word doc with standard tool bars.


How to Create Buttons in SharePoint


Hi ,This is siddiq can any one tell me how to create button in sharepoint 2010 through designer


Mohammad Siddiqali

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Can we create sharepoint task list which contain buttons in fields in one column?

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Hi guys!

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Any idea?



How to create Word Verification where user type the characters see in the picture


Hi There:

I am not too sure what it call; however, I had seen many web site registration system had word verification (e.g gmail registration for new user) where user had to  type the characters see in the picture.

Anyone has idea how to implment this ? Or if there is tool our there can generate this as widget ? or AddOn components onto the ASP.Net page ?

Please advise.



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User interface layer. (Is our Form in Windows application and .aspx page in Web application)
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This article shows you how to create and use a typed DataSet in a small Web application. Typed DataSets, which inherit from the DataSet class, create first-class members of a DataSet's DataTables and DataColumns, yielding the many benefits that come with the use of strong typing.

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This links important to how to create connection string to any data base sever.

Dynamically Create Controls in ASP.NET by Using Visual C# .NET

This article demonstrates how to dynamically create a control for an .aspx page. The sample project does the following:
Creates two TextBox controls.
Verifies that the contents (TextBox.text) and the attributes of the TextBox are saved across posts to the server.
Illustrates handling events that are posted by a dynamically-created control
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