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Selling fresh cvv USA UK CA EU ASIA bank longins track dumps track 1 and 2 bank to bank Wu transfer

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :JQuery
Hello every body am capoorravip and am given fresh stuffs to any good vendor i was away but am here now will still up my website so does who know about me please tell the rest am here now one more thing please don't contact me if u don't know me or trust me don't have time to talk or waste n my service no minimum order any real buyer must have at least 5$ to test seller lol contact me if u need me thanks

Selling fresh cvv USA UK CA EU ASIA bank longins track dumps track 1 and 2 bank to bank Wu transfer .

Western Union Deals Available (Transfers) WU Transfer - 10% upfront of whatever amount you want me to Transfer for

you eg: if you want $1000 you will have to pay $100 upfront..availble countries for fast cash out below(

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western union transfer with western union card is safe and fast 30mins mtcn will be authorized omline available.pm

me for any mentioned deals below and also Shipping Service is available for all countries!!

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1UK = 8$
1UK CVV with DOB = 20$
plantium 40$

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Track: SharePoint for Developers - Part 1

Are you a developer who wants to learn more about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)? MOSS is based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, which will make it easier for you to get more problems solved with less effort. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 takes full advantage of Microsoft ASP.NET and the Microsoft .NET runtime. In this course, you will be immersed in the new features and added programmability that is support in MOSS, which will provide you with a wealth of development opportunities.

How to track the changes of user contacts(colleagues) by using SharePoint API

We might have seen colleague tracker web part which keep tracks the changes made in our contacts/colleagues details like profile/lists/sites. The same tracking mechanism can be implemented by using MOSS API in any custom web part/ web control/ feature/web service...

UserProfile.GetColleagueChanges is the method which returns all changes happened with the contacts, this method also accepts a Query (UserProfileChangeQuery) where we can specify different parameters to filter the changes

Virus Hunting: Track and Report Server Attacks Quickly and Easily with the .NET Networking Classes


To help stop the spread of worms, viruses, and other hostile activity, it is important to track down and report the servers used in these attacks along with those used to send spam. Many Web administrators, however, don't take the time to track them because the manual process can be quite cumbersome. The Microsoft .NET Framework comes to the rescue with several networking classes, including the Dns class and the TcpClient class, that abstract away the complexity of performing DNS and WHOIS lookups. These classes make it easy to create a simple, straightforward ASP.NET-based utility for performing these lookups and automating this very important task.

G. Andrew Duthie

MSDN Magazine April 2002

.NET CLR Profiling Services: Track Your Managed Components to Boost Application Performance


The Microsoft .NET platform provides you with a rich set of services for building profilers and application monitors for applications targeting the Common Language Runtime (CLR). These services expose runtime events that occur during the execution of a .NET application. They can be used to obtain information about managed code being executed under the runtime. This article describes the .NET CLR Profiling Services and shows how to use the services to build a simple profiler that will provide hot spot information for any .NET application. The sample profiler can easily be modified to suit other profiling and monitoring needs.

Anastasios Kasiolas

MSDN Magazine November 2001

Track declining information over time

I am having some annoying problems, both based on the same principles. For the first issue, I am trying to track a census.  Basically, I have a list of people at a place, and want to figure out how many came in, and how many left, which will give me a positive or negative number. I want to compare this number to the original count of everyone, and then increase or decrease the amount by that factor. For example"   Starting number of people: 400     People Added: 2  People Subtracted: 10 Net loss or gain: -8  New number: 392.   I want that number that keeps track of everyone to be plotted out by month, in a line graph, so my chart would be something like   400 350        0 300                                0 250                                                 0            August             S

Is there a way to track web traffic for an intranet site?

Hello - I have built my intranet using MS Visual Web Developer Express 2008. There are several secured areas and my manager asked me to find out if tracking the traffic is possible. Things that I would need to track include: Which unique user ID's logged in and when? How many times did the same user login? Last login What info was accessed? What page(s) had the most hits? Would I need a database for tracking purposes? Would this info be available with a "dashboard" interface? Thanks,Kirsten  

Track IP address of website visitor

Hi......I would like to develop a web application in which I can track the details(IP address...etc) of my website visitors....using vbso can anyone help me .....to implement the above web applicationI need the solution urgently...Thnk u

Disable clicking on a Slider track



Is there a way to disable clicks on a Slider track?

By disable clicks, I mean turn off the functionality in which the Thumb is moved when the track is clicked on.

I tried setting Interval to zero, but received a compile error telling me that Interval cannot take zero as a value.

IsMoveToPointEnabled changes the delay/interval functionality, but I don't even want it enabled.

Any ideas?

How to track user's time spent on a page


Hi all-

I've got a dynamic page where I'd like to track the time the user spends on it. 

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Time card management template is not track the time


we have installed Time card management template in share point 2007 . But Punch in, Punch out is not track the time.

we have to configure anything?

Can you track a FlowDecision

I would like to track what decisions a FlowDecision is making.  ANy way to do this?

Track the visitors in ssrs 2008 report manager


Can any one please let me know How to track the visitors list in the SSRS 2008 report manager and count of number of visitors to that report.

Thanks in advance.

track users without login info


Hi there. This should an easy question.

I'm trying to build the chat (it is already built here - http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/WebChatAsp35LinqAjax.aspx)

The only thing I want to change is: remove login control.

Instead of login I want to assign random usernames to people who open my webpage. Also, when somebody closes page and reopens it again in, say 10 minutes, I want this user to have the same username and data.

This is kinda easy, just need to get an idea.

Thank you

How to track Collapse/ Expand event of AJAX Collapsible Panel Extender to call javascript ?



I am working with AJAX Panel Collapsable panel extender.

The Panel which is to be collapsed/Expanded using AJAX panel Extender contains one custom control, containing 3 Radio buttons one of them is set checked through a javascript function when page loads. I have kept the default property of AJAX collapsable panel as Collapsable.

Script for AJAX Collapsible Panel Extender is as follow. 

 <ajax:CollapsiblePanelExtender ID="cpeSOP" runat="Server" CollapseControlID="pnlCollapsable"
   CollapsedSize="0" Collapsed="True" CollapsedImage="~/public/img/arrowRightWhite.gif"
   ExpandControlID="pnlCollapsable" ExpandDirection="Vertical" ExpandedImage="~/public/img/arrowDownWhite.gif"
   ImageControlID="Image1" SuppressPostBack="true" TargetControlID="pnlSearchCriteria">

But problem is that when page loads, collapsible panel gets collapsed but it resets the radio buttons in custom control. i.e. First radio button does not get checked. Script for Collpsable panel is as follow. I want to call some javascript code when the panel is Collapsed or Expanded. Is there any way to track Coll

Update div content via ajax according to tab selected. Track the url


dear experts,
I have one design question that i have stumbles on:
 -> I am using asp.net 3.5 + AJAX
 -> I have 4 tabs on my homepage and a content part. I want
    to update the content div according to which tab is selected.

Track Initial Catalog used for the execution.




My project environment includes 2 databases DB1 and DB2 of SQL Server 2008. 

I have an SSIS package designed with source from DB1. The package configuration for this package is set with Initial Catalog property being selected. There is a chance to change the database name from DB1 to DB2 in the future.

My requirement is to send an email to the team saying which database DB1 or DB2 is used for the execution.

I tried with variables but could not make it? Any help would be highly appreciated.





How to track the Idle Time of CPU using C#.net?

Hi folks!

I am working on a windows based project using C#.net, in VS 2005. I want to track the Employee Worked Hrs. But when that employee doesn't use the system for 5 mins, then I should ask him the reason or I want to logout his account.

SO How do I track the CPU's Idle Time. I dont want User's Idle Time here. I want System's Idle Time. i.e. No application is in active state even no video is running.

Hope I am clear with my doubt.

Thank U all for the support in advance.

Best Regards,
Vidyadhar - V the destiny
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