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How to add a GIF image on a form?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application

In C# 2008.

Ok, so I read  a few topics related to my question, but I just can't understand it completely.

I just want to make a gif image animate in my form, not just the first frame. In my searches I found that I should use some class named ImageAnimator, but... I'm relatively new to C# and don't know exactly how to use that class. If someone would just copy-paste here the code for making the gif animate, declaring it with this class... almost everything that I should implement in my form in order for this to work, I would deffinately appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance.

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Insert image into Infopath form and save to SharePoint as PDF file


I have an InfoPath web-enabled form in MOSS 2007, that is integrated with a K2 blackpoint process for an approval workflow.

Once the form (a Purchase Order request form) has been approved in the K2 workflow process, I switch the form view to a "print-friendly" view for the requestor to view from the browser.  However, now I need to go one step further with this scenario:

1) I need to somehow insert/embed an image with the scanned-in signature of the approver (likely stored in a SP doc library) at the signature line section of my form.  Also, what are the security requirements for storing such images, but not granting all users access to these (e.g. only services accounts that need to access this for embedding into the form, etc.)?

2) Then I need to convert this final "print-friendly" view of the form (with the signature image) to a PDF document so that I can store it in SharePoint (and email it to the requestor using K2's email event capabilities).

Can anyone help me with a solution to both of these requirement, or point me to some resources for this (even 3rd party components are open-game).



ASP.NET: How to Load image and save to database form clientside

Hello, can any one help? I am using HTTPHandlers for loading the image from the database I need to change the image and save it back to the database from the client side, that is I need to browse image at client side and save the image as bytes in to databases, how to do this? Regards, satish  

User selectable background image for Form.


I have played around with the BackgroundImage option in C# and it works very well. My question is related to having the user select the image that will be the "Skin". Does anyone have or know where to find a good sample application that does something like this?

Thank you!


how to load image from button1 to button8 in my form ?



i have 25 button's in my form button1..button2......button25

i need to load image only from button1 to button8 (in any loop)

how i can do it ?

thank's in advance

How to make GIF image transparent on windows form app


I got transparent image saved in GIF format, and I want to put this image on other image. The problem is that this gif image is not transparet anymore when I use picturebox or pannel. I also set BackColor to transparent, but it not works :S ... here example:


That white background needs to be transparent .. how can I do that?

I'm using Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express

How Image add to any control of infopath 2007 form.



I have create a BITMAP in my code i want to attach this image to infopath form... please help....

public void FormEvents_Loading(object sender, LoadingEventArgs e){

Bitmap BM = barcode_generator("*ABCD*");


private Bitmap barcode_generator(string data)
            Bitmap barcode = new Bitmap(1, 1);
            Font font = new Font("Free 3 of 9", 60, System.Drawing.FontStyle.Regular, System.Drawing.GraphicsUnit.Point);
            Graphics graf =  Graphics.FromImage(barcode);
            SizeF datasize = graf.MeasureString(data, font);
            barcode = new Bitmap(barcode, datasize.ToSize());

            //graf = new Graphics.FormImage(barcode);
            graf.TextRenderingHint = System.Drawing.Text.TextRenderingHint.SingleBitPerPixel;

Converting windows form to bmp - image crops when the screen resolution is changed


I am converting windows form to a bitmap file using   DrawToBitmap method.  My code looks like this.

            Dim wid As Integer = 760 '  Me.Width
            Dim hgt As Integer = 780 ' Me.Height
            Dim bm As New Bitmap(wid, hgt)
            Me.DrawToBitmap(bm, New Rectangle(0, 0, wid, hgt))
            bm.Save(CurDir() & "\sample.bmp")

This code work fine on desktop/laptop with the screen resolution 1024 x 768  or above.   If I use app on a table pc – with the screen resolution is 800 x 480, the image gets cropped. 
Any suggestion or alternate mode.


Display a Web Page as an Image in Form


Hi All,

I'm not sure if this is even possible so I need to ask the forum for guidance.

If I have a C# ASP.NET Web Application form, how can I display a web page as an Image?


What I am doing is creating an app that will send out dynamic emails by giving the User a choice of what goes into the email to be sent.

So from the top working down the form I have Labels and Text boxes to enter recipients name, company, account #, and email address. Then some image buttons for Cancel and Send. Then an area for the selections to be made for the email content, and at the bottom is the same row of image buttons for Cancel and Send.

What I want to do is use the URL stored in the database of the email (which is out there as a web page) and somehow display it across from the selections to be made. The area is about 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall.

So can I make an Image out of it for display OR is there a way to shrink it to fit the area?

I have been searching Google but cannot find what I am looking for, so any samples would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I cannot just screen scrape an turn it into an Image as there will constantly be new emails created all the time.

Display image in MDI form----URGENT



I have added a logo image in mdi form in bottom right corner. 

 i have make the image a embedded resource and paint image in MDI form. and my target lacation is in MDI form Bottom,Right Location.

 this my code

private void frmMain_v2_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
            Image MyImage = Image.FromStream(this.GetType().Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("Test.bin.Debug.lf_logo.jpg"));

            int MyTop = 0, MyLeft = 0;
            if (MyImage.Height < this.Height)
                MyTop = Convert.ToInt32((this.ClientSize.Height - MyImage.Height) / 2.1);
            if (MyImage.Width < this.Width)

Why are newly created Controls placed on an invisible Form turned ALL WHITE for the 'first image'


I have a project where I create a Form and place some Controls on it. This works fine. Then I make the Form invisible, remove the old Controls (via delete), then put on new Controls. When I make the Form visible again, the first 'image' of the Form has all the components there, but they are all PERFECTLY WHITE! This cause an brief but ugly white 'flash' when the Form is made visible. I can even put  breakpoint in my code where I've set up all the Components (with NON-white colors) placed on the Form and then made the Form visible... a breakpoint placed here shows a screen frozen with all WHITE shapes for the Controls. Note that the NEXT update all looks perfect!

screen shot:  http://www.peteroid.com/images/all_white.png 

Also, when the Form is first created, it FADES in perfectly when it is made invisible for the FIRST time, it FADES out perfectly. When made visible again, the Form 'blinks' into existence with the 'white flash' for components I just mentioned.

I've tried moving where the Form is made visible in my code... I've tried doing (and not doing, and all combinations of doing and not-doing) Refresh() and Update() to the Form before it goes visible with no difference.

I can 'live' with this, but it seems odd that when the Form is ma

Built-in Functions - Text and Image Functions in SQL Server

Text and image functions operate on TEXT, NTEXT and IMAGE data types. These data types are deprecated with SQL Server 2005 and should be replaced by VARCHAR(MAX), NVARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX) when possible. Alternatively you can also consider storing large string values using XML data type. Text and image functions are nondeterministic.

Future versions of SQL Server will not support TEXT, NTEXT and IMAGE data types. Columns with TEXT / NTEXT data type do not support commonly used string functions such as LEN, LEFT, RIGHT, etc. Furthermore, due to the large size of TEXT data you''re likely to see performance issues if you store such data in the database. However, at times you can''t help but use the TEXT / NTEXT / IMAGE data types (for example when supporting 3rd party databases when you cannot change the schema) - this is when text and image functions come in handy.

JQuery Validate plugin to validate a ASP.NET Form

The first time I used the JQuery Validate plugin, it did not work at all, see JQuery Validate odd behaviour with the ASP.NET Script Manager for reason, but perseverance and stubbornness prevailed and I finally created my first JQuery validated ASP.NET Forms contact form.

Program for Format Conversion of An Image

.NET provides extensive support for image conversion. Any image can be processed from one format to another. Most common formats to which .NET have support for are .BMP, .EMF, .GIF, .ICO, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF and .WMF.

Configuring Profile Image Export in SharePoint 2010

It's no secret that I am thrilled with the new social features of SharePoint 2010. I am most excited about the new Profile Picture handling. I strongly believe that the more we can show the faces of our colleagues to one another the more connected we will feel. Clearly Microsoft feels that way as witnessed by the many features that make use of the Profile Image like the Activity Feed and Colleagues list

Built-in Functions - Text and Image Functions

Text and image functions operate on TEXT, NTEXT and IMAGE data types. These data types are deprecated with SQL Server 2005 and should be replaced by VARCHAR(MAX), NVARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX) when possible. Alternatively you can also consider storing large string values using XML data type. Text and image functions are nondeterministic.

How to use getElementById to get the elements in a form

There are many ways of accessing form elements, of which the easiest is by using the cross-browser W3C DOM document.getElementById method. Before we learn more about this method, it would be useful to know something about the Document Object Model (DOM), the concept of HTML nodes or elements, and the concept of containers.

Each time you load an HTML page, the web browser generates an internal representation of the page in the form of an inverted tree structure. Let us look at a simple form. We will use this form later to demonstrate the use of the getElementById method.

ASP.Net Upload Image to MS Access Database

As you learnt from the previous articles to upload image to the SQL Database in ASP.Net 2.0 and stream that image into the memory to retrieve it from the database and display it on the web page. In this article you will learn how to upload images to the MS Access database in ASP.Net 2.0

First of all create an Access Database and place it in the App_Data folder of ASP.Net web site project. Then create a table "tblImg" with the following fields:
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