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How to trouble shoot the SharePoint 2007 Farm Performance Issue?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

    It is taking more than 250ms to respond also sometime it throws DB connectivity Error, throws low memory alerts every now and then.

Environment Details:
    In our SharePoint 2007 Farm, basically it a publishing framework with 4 WFEs and an application server (just Excel service runs there). A WFE is used as an Index & Query Server. We are facing a performance issue since a month, it is taking more than 250ms to respond also sometime it throws DB connectivity Error.
    It has only one web-application with 18 Content DBs with 10 Site collection including the root.

Server Details (All the servers are having the same configuration)
    4 Cores - 2.27GZ
    RAM 8GB

    Full crawl takes - 90hrs (weekly)
    Incremental crawl takes - 6hrs (daily)
    It has been stopped Temporarily.

Performance Analysis(per server)
Number of Hits/ Day
    1 Lac - 200 hits
    1 Lac - 401 hits
    .5Lac - others
Memory Usage
    2GB - 2.5GB
Peak Memory
    5GB - 6.5GB
Page Faults
    35K - 37K
VM size
    2GB -

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SharePoint 2007 list having more than 5000 records - Performance issue


Hi Guys, 

I have a list which has more than 5000 records,it has 45 fields which includes some 12 lookup fields. I have used this list to display records using webparts and also used to display records in custom web pages.

The retrieval of the records has become slow now, initially i have paged and got some improvement, but again after a month the display has become slow now.

How do i work out on this performance issue. I get close to 750 records per month.


Please give me some tips to tackle the performance issue.





sharepoint 2007 indexing issue


when we do incremental crawl, the items in index start decreasing and the error count remains the same. so it is hard to find what is causing the index items to reduce. can anyone help please. i had to pause the active crawl because of this index item decrease.

I have checked the following:

1) there is no space issue

2) no credential issue

What I found a bit fishy is that:

1) in the log, i got ->

a)get REGKEY_FLTRDMN_MS_TO_IDLE, using default - _File:\office\source\search\search\gather\fltrdmn\fltrdaemon.cxx Line:323

b) Server Office Server Shared Services 6pls Medium Cache blocked for shared object '1dd1db1d-8a07-4e27-9249-b7d328818fa2' of type 'Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Administration.SearchSharedApplication'

Please help.

Designing and Developing High-Performance SharePoint Server 2007 Publishing Sites

Learn about the Web Content Management features in SharePoint Server 2007 that enable organizations to deploy Internet-facing publishing sites, and considerations for developers and designers when designing and building high-performance publishing sites.

Edit in Datasheet view does not work on one SharePoint 2007 farm, works on another.

The ability to edit in datasheet view on one of our environments no longer works.  I've tried different client machines on different builds and regardless of the install every library, list, etc. when attempting to edit in datasheet view shows as read only.  Our other environments those systems work as intended with those same clients. I've searched all over and haven't found anything that helped.  Any ideas?

SharePoint 2007 upgrade to 2010 without UI update masterpage issue

I have a public facing site on a SharePoint 2007 farm that will be upgraded to 2010.  This site has a very customized look and feel that will not initially be updated to the 2010 UI.    I have run into one small issue with 2010's handling of legacy 2007 UIs.In SharePoint 2007,  to have a different master page for the application pages and dialog boxes we utilized an HTTP Module to switch the master page on the fly.    After migrating the SP2007 into our 2010 beta test environment the HTTP Module no longer worked properly.   I did some debugging and found out that SharePoint 2010 is returning a NULL value for MasterPageFile property on the pages in the _layouts folder.   I would have expected to see the URL pointing to the application.master page (or dialog.master).   Any ideas if this is a bug in SP2010 beta and will be fixed in RTM or is this the intended behavior.If it is the intended behavior in SP2010 how could I update my HTTP Module to allow the site to continue functioning as it did on 2007?   

SharePoint 2007 to 2010 Upgrade AND Farm Merge


Hello all,

I'm curious to see if anyone has done this.  Currently, my environment has 3 seperate SharePoint 2007 server farms.  I'm currently evaluating SharePoint 2010 and so far like what I see.  I'm wondering though what would be the steps I would need to go through to actually upgrade and then merge them all to one SharePoint 2010 farm?  The steps I can think of are the following:

1. Make sure all 2007 farms are on the lastest (or at least similar) version

2. Upgrade each farm to SharePoint 2010

3. Create new 2010 farm

4. Copy upgraded farms' site collections to NEW 2010 farm.

OR can I do this:

1. Make sure all 2007 farms are on the same version

2. Create a copy of each current SharePoint 2007 site collection that I want

3. Create NEW 2007 Farm

4. Copy content to new farm

5. Upgrade new farm to 2010


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Win server 2003+ Sharepoint 2007+SQL Server 2008 ,reports view issue?


I hope someone may shed some light on a serious obstacle encountered on a client site:

We have implemented a SharePoint integrated report services solution for the client on a single server

Server = Windows 2003

SQL = 2008

MOSS 2007

Web application = servername:8888 (default) - windows auth

Web application extension 1 servername:8889 (extranet) forms auth

Web application extension 2 servername:8887 (intranet) forms auth

Reports are visible and can be run (renders) on internal sites

However, there is an external site which allows users to access the reports - the issue is, the reports then dont run and I get this:

"An unexpected error occurred while connecting to the report server. Verify that the report server is available and configured for SharePoint integrated mode."

Though I have not actually seen the firewall config of the AAM, the client assures me it has been setup properly.

If the AAM is setup correctly, what could be the problem? The server is clearly available and confgured in SharePoint integrated mode.


has anyone experienced the scenario where clients want to publish their reports on an external site? What can one do to see any errors other than the one line message (tried enabling custom errors, but no good)

My Site Issue: "The evaluation version of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for this server ha


Hi Guys,

when i opened my site am getting following error, but moss 2007 server is Licensed Verison.


Thanks  Advanced.



Sharepoint 2007 Minimal Master Page Picture Library Thumbnail and FilmStrip issue



If i use custom master pages. For some reason a user cannot view the thumbnail or filmstrip view;  only the details view will display. No errors are thrown when a user selects the filmstrip or thumbnail view, in fact nothing happens at all.

If the master page for the site is changed to default.master then the picture library functionality returns.

Anyone can help me in this. Thanks in advance.

SharePoint 2007 and MS Office 2010 Compatibility issue


I have MOSS 2007 and MS Office 2007.When i select new document(document template) from document library  and save it then it save to document library.

But when i upgrade MS Office 2007 to MS Office 2010 and save any document then document save locally instead of particular document library.

please suggest if u have any idea.

Mukesh Ajmera

After SharePoint 2007 upgrade to SharePoint 2010 issue with custom site(s)


With our 2007 site(s) we had a custom module (we developed) to swap out the application.master with our own master page which resembled the site default.master.  This worked great.

After the upgrade, out site's main pages looked fine however when navigating to the admin type pages (settings/viewlists etc.) pages the module stopped working.

1.) I have figured out something things with respect to what is going on but am still at a loss to how best resolve.  We want the layouts/admin pages to have the same master page as the main user pages.   I have read in 2010 this is now possible.  How can I achieve this?


2.) Currently, when navigating to the sites/settings page the site is using template/layouts/layoutsv3.master as the master page.  The settings.aspx page has DynamicMasterPageFile="~masterurl/default.master" .  It was my understanding that when DynamicMasterPageFile was set to default.master it would use the master page from the site.  So, with that said I am confused why it is using layoutsv3.master

any help would be appreciated



Sharepoint 2007 - Silverlight - caching issue


I have a Sharepoint 2007 site (Custom Template) . The data entry forms are created in Silverlight and host it on Sharepoint.

I use a User Control hosting webpart and host the XAPs.

To be in details : I place the XAP under _layouts. I create a user Control and place at _ControlTemplates and use a Object Tag in the User Control and refer to the XAP. Now on the Sharepoint page I add a (Custom) User COntrol hosting Webpart , refer the User Control (.ascx) , so that my XAp is hosted on the Sharepoint Site.

Problem Statement : I face a refresh problem when I deploy the XAP to _Layouts. When ever I deploy , if I replace my XAp with the latest , the changes in the XAP are not being reflected immediately. i have to restart my Server . instead i am creating a new Directory in _layouts , every time i deploy the XAP and updating the path in the UserControl(.ascx) , which works.

What is solution so that I dont create folders every time i deploy ? Can anyone please help.


PowerPoint issue in SharePoint 2007



I am new to the boards but I think I have an issue that I am sure someone has experienced.

Here is the issue:

We have several users reporting that within a document library, if they click on a PowerPoint document the document opens.  From there they get a box on top that says check out.  The user then makes changes, saves, and closes the document.  The user is asked to check in, which they do.  At this point PowerPoint appears to hang.  The user will end task.  I did this same test but did not end task.  After about 30 minutes the pptx saved.

Background on what we have.  We are running Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007.  We are near engaging Microsoft to help but I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this issue and what they did to solve it.  I am stumped.

Sharepoint Search Performance issue


Hi i am using Sharepoint 2007  Search and we are currently doing a performance test on the search. The issues is that once we add more concurrent users (more than 10) though the search results are displayed to the user  the CPU usage goes beyond the threshold value . Can any one tell me if there might be some thing which might be causing this. Some one else suggested that there migh be some services running on the server which are not actually required. But didnt mention which once specifically.  

Details of the share Point server :


·         OS                          :  Microsoft Windows server 2003

Sharepoint 2007 Survey - View response - Firefox layout issue



I've got a survey running on a Sharepoint 2007 site but when I open the view response page (DispForm.aspx) using Firefox 3 the layout is incorrect - The question text is not wrapping and so I've got one massively wide column.

In both Safari and IE this isn't a problem, it works fine - the problem is Firefox capability.

Has anyone come across a fix for this? I've spent the last couple of hours searching on the net with little success.

Thanks in advance

SSRS Report Sorting issue in Dashboard created usign Performance point services in sharepoint 2010


I have created a report in SSRS and this report is integrated within a dashboard created using performance point services in sharepoint 2010.

The report is a simple tabular report with 5 coulmns and interactive sorting is enabled on each of them.

Sorting works when the report is viewed separately but gives "Report Server Error" when I try to sort (on any column) inside the dashboard.

I have user IP instead of host name in the report server url.

Please help.



Issue with editing PDF Documents in SharePoint 2007


We have an issue where we can edit a pdf document in SharePoint 2007 by clicking 'Edit Document'.  This checks out the PDF document to the SharePoint Drafts folder.

We can edit the PDF from within this drafts folder then save it back to this folder.  However, when we go back to SharePoint and try to check it back in, we get an error.

Please note that we have to follow the above process because we log into one server (GIS) but the publishing site is out on another server within our DMZ.

This is actually the second issue we have had with SharePoint 2007 and Adobe Acrobat 8.  This first issue was when we clicked "Edit Document" from within SharePoint, the whole system would crash.  We changed the default drafts folder and have to follow the above process (e.g. check out, go to drafts folder and edit PDF, then save.  Go back to sharepoint and check it back in).

What I'm wanting to know is whether anybody else has had the same issue where you could not check the PDF document back into SharePoint?

If so, did you find a work around?

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