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Obtaining multiple signatures on a protected Word template.

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

Hello - I asked this question on the Microsoft Word forum but was directed to this one:

Does anyone have experience using the signature feature in a Microsoft Word form template that is protected?  I'd like to be able to obtain multiple signatures while routing the form electronically.  So far I have found that once the first signature is obtained it saves the form in a "read only" format - so it can't go any further to add another signature.

Or, is anyone familiar with the workflow in SharePoint - would I be able to route the form for signatures using SharePoint workflow?

Thank you!

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External Data Fields in a Word Template saved as a content type in a document library with multiple


I have created a Word Template for a Document Library that has an External Data Column in it of Client Name which also adds Client Address1, Client Address2, Client City, Client State, & Client Zip.  Now this works fine for a Document library with that template as the Template.dotx file. 

I want to be able to make a bunch of Templates and have them all as Content Types in one Library.  When I do this I cannot get the External Data Quick Parts to work.

Anyone have any ideas?

Word Automation - Multiple DCOM Errors/Behavior

Before I get started, I already know that Microsoft does not support and highly discourages server-based MS Office automation.  I've read a multitude of posts and smarmy "*wink*, here's a link" replies, so I'm looking for actual help here, not condescending reprimands.

That notwithstanding, here is my problem.  I have developed a simple method that will open a local Word document, modify some header information, and then save the document as a new file.  As expected, it works great as a console/windows app, but as soon as I went to ASP.NET, DCOM jacked my world up when accessing the app remotely from a different domain account (that has access to the ASP.NET app.  For reference, my method is shown below:


1    public static string ModifyAndSaveBuildDocument(string localFilePath, BuildDocumentType docType, string buildNumber, DateTime buildDate, string projectName)
2            {
3                try
4                {
5                    ProjectConfiguration config = (ProjectConfiguration)ConfigurationManager.GetSection("ProjectConfiguration");

RPC and C++: Build a Template Library for Distributed Objects Containing Multiple Interfaces


Building a C++ template library for developing distributed object-oriented applications using Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) allows the programmer to design RPC applications that are composed of components that implement multiple interfaces. This article demonstrates the use of techniques such as assembly-level thunks to build machine code on the fly, and C++ features such as templates, conversion operators, virtual destructors and virtual function tables. Along the way, familiar C++ interfaces and classes are transformed into a distributed application. The benefits of using distributed objects rather than raw remote procedures, which include writing fewer lines of code, is explained.

Ajai Shankar

MSDN Magazine November 2000

Autocomplete with multiple word suggestions, How can we do in Asp.Net with Ajax?


Hi All,

Could you please let me know the process to get multiple word suggesions for a text box in asp.net using Ajax.  

Actually I got a solution for that,


But it used Atlas. When I am running with this code in my application, it is conflicting with Script Manager that is already there in Masterpage.

How can I overcome that problem. Is there any built-in solution in latest versions of Ajax?


Thanks in Advance,

Sateesh Nagalla,



Export Multiple Gridviews To Word

Hi, I am trying to export multiple gridviews to Word.  I am able to do this but what i want to do is add some headings and text in between each grivdiew.  Please see my code below i am using to export the gridviews.         Response.Buffer = True        Response.ContentType = "Application/vnd.ms-word"        Response.ContentEncoding = System.Text.Encoding.Default        Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", "attachment;filename=evaluation_report.doc")        EnableViewState = False        Dim oStringWriter As System.IO.StringWriter = New System.IO.StringWriter        Dim oHtmlTextWriter As System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter = New System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter(oStringWriter)         dv_course_information.RenderControl(oHtmlTextWriter)        gv_gp_practices.RenderControl(oHtmlTextWriter)        gv_attendance_summary.RenderControl(oHtmlTextWriter)        gv_useful_activities.RenderControl(oHtmlTextWriter)         Response.Write(oSt

WPF Datagrid with multiple row selection/checkbox column template

Hello, I am using the WPF Toolkit Datagrid with a checkbox defined in a template column/template cell. We are using the checkbox template so that selecting the checkbox will also highlight the row in the datagrid. Here is the template definition: <dg:DataGridTemplateColumn MinWidth="50" Width="Auto" Header="" CanUserReorder="False"> <dg:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> <DataTemplate> <CheckBox IsChecked="{Binding Path=IsCheckedm, Mode=TwoWay}" /> </DataTemplate> </dg:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> </dg:DataGridTemplateColumn> We are allowing multiple row selection in the datagrid and using MVVM (using MVVM Light). We would like to keep a list in the View Model of selected rows as they are selected/unselected. Any suggestions on how we can leverage MVVM to keep the list of selected/unselected elements current. Many Thanks --Sam

Opening New Word Document with Template Selection in C#

From a Windows Forms Application, I need to launch Word. There is an option to create a new document template in the Application. So to implement this, I need to launch the template selection window (You get it when you click File->New in 2007). Once the user selects the template, a new document is created with the selected template. How do I achieve this using Word Object Model?

insert DATA sql in word template

hi everybody i'm looking for tutorial  to help me for a projecti have word template . i want to insert data from sql server data  base into this template .using asp.neti didn't found a good exemple in the internet to resolve my problemethanks for helpregards

InfoPath / ActiveX error when using person selector field in Word template off SharePoint document l

I have created an out-of-the-box document library on a SharePoint 2010 site.  I left Microsoft Word Document selected as the Document Template.  I then added a person or group column and a multiple lines of text column to the document library. I then went into Library Settings --> Advanced Settings and clicked on Edit Template, opening the template in Word.  I created my template and added the two new columns to the document.  I did this using the Quick Parts --> Document Property --> [column name] feature under the Insert tab in Word.  I then saved the template back to SharePoint. Upon opening the template or creating a new document from the template, I get the following dialog box: --------------------------- Microsoft Office InfoPath --------------------------- One or more ActiveX controls could not be displayed because either: 1) Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page, or 2) You have blocked a publisher of one of the controls. As a result, the page might not display correctly. --------------------------- OK   --------------------------- I've searched around (I believe fairly extensively) and have not run into anyone else with the same issue.  Some have mentioned a similar error when creating a custom document information panel in InfoPath, and suggested lowered ActiveX security setti

Solution requirement word template SP2010


I am trying to create solution requirements for SP2010?, can someone he;p me to provide me a barebones to start with

thank you

Verifying multiple signatures of a SignedXml



I need to add multiple signatures to an XML document.

With X509Certificate2 and SignedXML objects, I sign my XML using certificate A (first) and B (second).

When I try to verify, the second signatures is OK, but the first one is not verified.

If I don't add the second signature, the first one is OK.

I found this thread


I tried to add <signatures> element as suggested. I remove the second signature before verifying the first one, but the first one is not OK.

My code below. Any suggestion ?


// _signingKey and _signingKey_2 (AsymmetricAlgorithm) are loaded starting from certificates

XmlDocument _xmlDocument = new XmlDocument();
_xmlDocument.InnerXml = "<ROOT><DETAIL>my details</DETAIL><Signatures></Signatures></ROOT>";

SignedXml _signedXmlDocument = new SignedXml(_xmlDocument);

_signedXmlDocument.SigningKey = _

Problems with XmlDsigEnvelopedSignatureTransform and multiple signatures


 I'm having a lot of problems using XmlDsigEnvelopedSignatureTransform when signing an XML document multiple times. For example, I have a simple document and I add a signature to it, then, when I check the document, the signature is valid and everything is fine. But when I add a second signature to the previously signed XML then the problems begin: the second signature is valid, the first one not! This seems like if the XmlDsigEnvelopedSignatureTransform is not removing the already existing Signature nodes (as from W3C specifications) from the document before signing and when verifying, so the second signature broke the first one. This behavior is also specified in the MSDN documentation:

The XmlDsigEnvelopedSignatureTransform class removes the <Signature> element from an XML document before the digest is computed. With this transform, you can sign and verify all elements of an XML document except the XML digital signature elements. 

To confirm this, I've tested the example found in the official documentation and the results are like I imagined, the Signature element is not removed:

Sharepoint 2010 List data to Word Template via Workflow


Ok, I am using Sharepoint 2010 and Designer as well as Infopath 2010. I have a requirement to send out a word document (via workflow) that will be a template that references fields from my Sharepoint List.

Any help is appreciated, I do not want to buy anything extra and a no-code solution would be best.


Parsing Words from Multiple Recordsets - Returning With Word Counts


I've had too many sleepless nights trying to work this out - I hope I can get some help here.

I have three distinct ADO recordsets that I need to parse words from and return to the client with sorted full word counts (less a predefined dictionary of innocuous words e.g. a, an, the, of.) across all three, references to the original record and references to the original source. The user needs to be able to drill in and out of this result set.

I'm going to simplify the layout for clarification purposes.

Let's say each data source has three identical fields 'updatedTime' (DateTime), 'text'(VARCHAR(255)) and 'ID'.

User goes to the site and searches for the word 'frog'.
User is returned with a word count of every record that has the word 'frog' in the 'text' field sorted by the top count down.
'green' 18 times in table A, 12 times in table B, 22 times in table C
'hop' 16 times in table A, 13 times in table B, 6 times in table C.
'roadkill' 12, 11, 4
'red' 10, 12, 3
And so on.

User clicks on the word 'green'.
Now only words with both 'frog' AND 'green' in the original record show up (again, with the counts and sorted by count).
A breadcrumb is built, so the user can click on 'frog' again to kill that filter.
User decides he doesn't want the default timeframe (6 months) and adjusts a filter

Sign-on prompts while opening Word doc. from Sharepoint (due to template)


Some of our users are getting a lot of sign-on prompts while opening documents from Sharepoint.

After some troubleshooting I noticed that the prompt popped up while Office was trying to load the Template of the document, the problem was that the document was created with a template from a site to which the user didn't have access.

You can check this by opening the document, pressing cancel a few times until the document opens, go to the "Developer" tab in the ribbon, press the "Document Template" and check out the path of the template being used. You could fill out the correct template here or clear it and your problem will be fixed.

Steps to recreate:

  • Create a document from a custom Word template in a document library.
  • Move document to other document library.
  • Remove your read/write rights from the first document library.
  • Try to open the document from the second document library, here you'll get the sign-on prompts.
  • Be sure to check that your not using a admin account.

I'm hoping someone can give me another way to fix this, because changing all the document Template settings is a tedious job.

Erwin Bastiaensen (sharepointology.com) Dont forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you.

C#NET2008 Using Microsoft WORD Template


Hullo Good Guys,

I encountered an interest error trying to transfer data from DR (DataReader) onto WORD 2003 Template created with Textbox and Table. The folder path and Template document name was retrieved by using OPENFILEDIALOG.



Error message:

Error 1     The best overloaded method match for 'Word.Documents.Add(ref object, ref object, ref object, ref object)' has some invalid arguments


This coding generate the error message above

Cannot apply filter on SP dashboard using the 'Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects' template


The 'Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects'  template provides a dashboard that tracks all projects and their associated tasks/costs/issues etc. Unfortunately this does not filter by the project status so will be a continuous list forever long. I wanted to apply a filter such that only items where the status = Open is displayed. I tried this in SPD but adding filters would not work. If I add a rule to say = Open, nothing is displayed or if i enter != Complete then everything is displayed regardless. Additionally, sort conditions are not recognised either. a similar problem was posted on another forum with no answer. the problem is described in full detail.


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