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How to apply a filter to a library so that people only see major versions?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

Hi all,

We would really like a filter (button or checkbox) that when viewing a library, you could switch on and off depending on whether you wanted to see major versions only or major and minor versions.

So, for example, you would see version 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2.  Then after clicking the filter, you would just see 1.0 and 2.0.

Any ideas on how to make this happen?


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Filter People search

Is it possible to filter people searches?  For example, remove users with a certain last name?

Views for different group of people in form library

I have created a form library with many fields. And I have created 3 views say X,Y and Z for this form library. I have 3 set of User groups say A,B and C. When a person in group A visits this form library,  the view 'X' should appear. Similarly when a person in group 'B' visits this form library the view 'Y' should appear. How can we achieve this.. Any suggestions...

How to apply dynamic filter in Datasheet View from Query String

The datasheet view doesn't support either connections/dynamic filters from Query string. How to filter the data using query string?

Unable to filter the "E-mail To" field in email enabled document library

Hi, We have setup a few email enabled docuement libraries to store emails relating to project work. Is there a way to make the "E-mail To" field in the library be filtered? It is greyed out and doesnt give you the option. The "E-mail From" and "E-mail Subject" are able to have a filter applied to them but for some reason the "E-mail To" field wont let you filter the content. The probelm is that there are over 500 files in the library and the easiest way to find messages is to be able ot filter this column in the library if it is at all possible.

filter search results to specific document library


Hi all.  I have a sharepoint 2007 subsite, which is a small part of a large corporate sharepoint 2007 system.  I only have admin rights on my chunk.

I would like to limit a search to a specific document library within my subsite, and further would like the search results to return additional non-standard meta-data from this library.

Is this something that I can do without creating a new search scope? 

Apply a Filter in a Select statement Problem


Hello all

I need to select some rows from a table and apply a distinct on two of the columns (keeping the most recent one) and get all the attributes of the selected rows.

for example

if I have a table with the following rows and coloumns

1 1 1 1/1/2010
2 1 1 2/1/2010
3 1 2 1/1/2010

I need to do a select distinct on columns A and B keeping the most recent row and return all the coloumns of the selected rows

so i need the result to be rows 2 and 3 and discard row 1 because there is another row (2) having the same data in columns A and B and the other row (2) is more recent.

I tryed creating a veiw, use a common table expression and create a stored procedure...

but my knowledge with sql is limited and cannot get the result i want...

Is there a way of getting that result without having to change the database structure?

Any suggestions are welcome


SharePoint Document Library - Compare two versions - blackline


Autonomy WorkSite has a capability called iManage that allows a user to select two documents and view the blackline / redline version of the document hightlighting the differences between the two documents.  Does anyone know if this capability has been extended into SharePoint? 

I know I can perform this function from the Compare button on the Review tab of Microsoft Word 2010, but I am interested in performing this capability right from SharePoint.

Thanks in advance!


Is there a filter that will show all documents with only their latest "approved" versions?


Is there a filter that will show all documents with only their latest “approved” versions? The current filers in SP2010 apply to the document level rather than the version level.

Thank you

Filter Form Library View using promoted columns from InfoPath

I have a form that requires two levels of approval. This is published to a form library on SharePoint 2007. I only want users to see their own forms as there are monetary values involved. I can achieve this using the view filter “Created by” & “Modified by” = [Me], however the line approvers can only see the forms after they have interacted with them. Once the next person in the workflow edits, they cannot see the form.

I have tried using columns I promoted where I have stored the username of the approvers and using the [Me] filter, I get a “Filter value is not a valid text string”. I created two more calculated columns in SharePoint making them equal to my InfoPath fields, and I still get the same error.

Can anyone tell me how I can set a filter so that these line managers can at all times see any forms that have required their approval?

Many thanks in advance.

Move document (and versions) from one library and/or site to another?


I may be at searches, but I couldn't find anything related to this... Honest, I looked!


Is there a way to move a file from library to library and make sure that the versions make the trip also?


Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

Filter document library by page title


I want to create a page that displays a range of information for a project, the page title will be the project name. All projects have a single folder in a document library on the same site, again, the folder name is the project name. Using the page title (i.e. project name) I want a web part on the project page to display the folder for the relevant project. Unfortunately I am running SPF2010 and as such do not have the CQWP.

I thought I could use another web part that contains the project name to connect to a dataview web part of the library and subsequently display the folder. However, this would require the user to add the project name in a HTML form web part each time they navigate to the page. Any ideas on how I can have the filter applied automatically when the page is selected? 

Apologies if my explanation is not clear...

Cannot apply filter on SP dashboard using the 'Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects' template


The 'Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects'  template provides a dashboard that tracks all projects and their associated tasks/costs/issues etc. Unfortunately this does not filter by the project status so will be a continuous list forever long. I wanted to apply a filter such that only items where the status = Open is displayed. I tried this in SPD but adding filters would not work. If I add a rule to say = Open, nothing is displayed or if i enter != Complete then everything is displayed regardless. Additionally, sort conditions are not recognised either. a similar problem was posted on another forum with no answer. the problem is described in full detail.


Word does not overwrite minor version but creates new minor version (Major and minor versions)



I'm having a problem with our production sharepoint server. When editing a Word document you can choose to 'Overwrite the current minor version', but instead a new minor version is created. When i edit version 1.1 for instance, it does not overwrite 1.1, but i get a new 1.2 minor version. On the test-server this problem does not occur. On that server version 1.1 is correctly overwritten with the edited document.

I have checked differences between the 2 servers, but all versions are the same (MOSS, Servicepacks, SQL, OS etc). I compared setttings, the installed and activated features, but nothing seems different.

Has anyone seen this problem before? If so, were you able to solve it?

Hope to hear from you.

With regards,


(Versions : MOSS 2007, MOSS SP2, Office 2007 & 2010)

Is there a filter that will show all documents with only their latest "approved" versions?


Is there a filter that will show all documents with only their latest “approved” versions? The current filers in SP2010 apply to the document level rather than the version level.

Thank you

Filter document library based on multiple lookup values



I have a very unique requirement for MOSS 2007.
Lets say there is a list of projects; A, B, C, etc.
Then there are phases of the project: Design, Develop, QA, etc.
When the documents are uploaded to a document library, a project and phase is selected at the time of check-in.
I want to create a project page to show project documents by showing documents for each phase in a different web part: eg. Design web part, Develop web part, etc. all bringing documents from the document library.
So far, all good. This can be created by using web parts, views and filters, etc.
Now, I want to create a custom list with Username, Project, Phase. like this:
User1, Project A, Design
User1, Project A, Develop
User1, Project A, QA
User1, Project B, QA

Now, if User1 goes to this project page for Project A - the user sees documents in all 3 phases.
if user1 goes to Project B - the user sees only QA documents.
I will be ok with just showing and hiding web parts completely.
or showing the web parts, but filtering out the documents. either is fine.

I have tried a combination of filters, CAML, etc. but getting values from a custom list to apply the filter is where I am stumped. I want the custom list as it will be easier for the end user to manage permissions for each user for each project for each phas

How to apply style for "Search Options" pop up of People Search Box webpart - Sharepoint 2010

I have added around 10 additional filter properties to the Search Options link available in the People Search Box web part. Now all these properties are coming in a single column. How can change the look and feel for the div which shows the filter property text boxes?

Convert to formulas doesn't apply correct filter


I created a pivot table like this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It shows a measure "Nab znesek P" for selected months (attribute Month from Date dimension) - November 2009 and November 2010. There is date hierarchy in the filter where I selected only first 17 days from November 2009 and all 30 days from November 2010. You can see that in the images:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Then I use "Convert to formulas" option and I get wrong numbers. The result is:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The number for 11-2009 is actually a value for the whole month, not just for the selected 17 days. You can see the formula for this cell in the formula bar. Similarly the Grand total value shows the value for all the data (all dates) that exists in the cube.

Is this a bug in excel 2007? It looks like the CUBEVALUE function creates a union between selected dates (cell B3 and A6), instead of intersection.

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