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trouble with Pending Approval and Draft Document Reports

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#

I'm getting ready to launch an intranet site. It is using the publishing infrastructure. In an effort to ensure that all pages and docs are ready to go, I looked at the Pending Approval and the Draft Documents reports.  They are both showing items that have been approved.  In fact the list of draft docs, shows the same doc multiple times (with different modified dates). On the pending approval report, I even selected them all and approved them, but some remained in the list.  When I select these again and attempt to approve them, Approve is not available from the Actions drop down list.

Can anyone advise how I can get this all cleaned up and ready to go? If something is "wrong" here, any ideas why?  I will say that I turned off publishing once and turned it back on because I got sick of the approvals while I was creating the pages and loading docs into libraries.

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Should I use WWF for custom document approval workflows?

Before I dive into yet another behemoth MS framework, maybe a little guidance for the simple but dynamic workflows that I will need to be dealing with. Document approval with n approvers both sequential and parallel QA assignment of helpdesk case to check that case was handled properly (needs to add disposition). Collaboration workflow where domain object may pass between several people to complete pieces of the job and result in a fully-qualified dohickey when the workflow ends. My strong impression from some of the other posts I have read here is that WWF would be overkill and possibly even a nightmare compared with a home-grown solution here.  Our use cases primarily will deal with activities going to people to complete and pass to the next level... Thanks a ton! Dave

Multiline text field in document library and item update from Word trouble

Hi I have faced a bit of odd problem. Here is the scenario: I have document library with text columns (multiple lines of text) that are set to unlimited length. I have a workflow that runs with Word documents (.docx) that stores information in XML to this field. Everything works perfectly until document is edited in Word and saved back to document library. After Word saves my document in document library, the multiline text field is "cutted", only 7 rows of text is saved to my field. I have tried hiding my text field, making it sealed or readonly, but still Word breaks my field. Funniest thing is that when editing document in Word, this field should not have any changes (meaning that I dont show my "long text field" in document information panel back in Word). I have tried also creating event handler to handle itemupdating event in document library where I switch spweb.parserenabled property to false and in itemupdated event I switch it back on. Also I have tried to remove all line changes from XML with no luck. This XML saving to long text field works perfectly with many other places but in this one environment this does not seem to work :( I am looking forward to any suggestions what to try next. I have been wondering about using the eventhandlers and trying to "protect" my text field with some logic but that is still just a thought.   T

Automatic Document Approval

I am setting up Sharepoint Server 2010 - Using Document Folders -- I would like to set this up if the user has write permissions to the folder that they can upload a document to the folder and have it published/approved without having to go through the approval process workflow. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Document control with approval process

I need a mechanism to upload documents, in which has up to 12 different approval levels, dependant on value and cannot be escalated until the lower level's approve.  I need the ability to send email notification that a document is pending their approval as well as the ability to see at any given moment, where the document is in the approval cycle.

How can I edit the link to the document in a Approval Task email?


With the 2010 out of the box Approval workflow, the emails and tasks work just great, however, when a user receives the email, the instructions look like this:


To complete this task:
2. Perform the specific activities required for this task.
3. Use the Open this task button to mark the task as completed. (If you cannot update this task, you might not have access to it.)


Currently, we are using a friendly url for our users, in order to access their SharePoint site.  The <LINKED DOCUMENT> when clicked on, gives them an error and doesn't take them to the actual document in the SharePoint site, because of the fact that we are using a different url name for the site.

If there any way I can edit this auto-generated email so that the links will always be to the friendly url of our SharePoint site with each document?


Thanks in advance!

combine Document libraries 2010 that is in Draft mode into a dashboard


I have a question on Sharepoint Enteprise 2010

I have couple of document libraries in one site that needs to rollup to a dashboard where the content should be displayed in an combined view ,showing draft versions only, perhaps in a summary total of ones in Draft.

Basically the best solution will be if I can get a summary list of some sort with the link back to docuemnt library where the draft documents reside.
The user will then edit the draft document and Approve the document that will remove it from the view.
With such a dashboard the user will always quickly see how many documents are left in Draft per library

Something similar to what you see at {site}/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx?BaseType=1 on the site would be really cool for the client.

Or even the content Query grouped by Content Type but when clicking on the item its should go the view Properties or something, even though Sharepoint2010 pops up with View Properties and not same as 2007, possible?

My documents libraries have a content type that all inherit from the same Parent Content type, so already quite well structured. Each Document library runs a custom workflow on them that prevents me from moving them all into one Document Library.

Any suggestions, with little custom development out there? with link perhaps?

trouble associating template in document library?


I am having trouble associating a template with a document library.  When I enter the URL for the template under the Advanced Settings for the library, I get an "Invalid URL" error message. I've compared my URL to other templates on other sites and I think I'm doing it correctly.  The name of my document library is "Link Checks".  I put my template, BrokenLinksTemplate.doc in Links Check/Forms  so that my URL is formed: "/Link Checks/Forms/BrokenLinksTemplate.doc".

Can anyone advise me what I might be doing wrong?

Trying to generate dynamic link to a document within approval workflow email message


In the out of the box approval workflow, the fields below are used to dynamically create a link within the email for a user to access the item/document to be reviewed:


Review [%TaskProcess:Item Title%].[%Variable: InternetLink%]

If I create an approval workflow and modify the text around what comes out of the box, the link works.  If I add those exact fields (period and space included) via the "Add or Change Lookup" box (field selector), it doesn't work. It displays the title as a link but without a document extension of XML (for Infopath form for instance).


I don't want to have to delete my workflow and recreate it just to get that link to work.

Any ideas on why the "[%TaskProcess:Item Title%].[%Variable: InternetLink%]" only works when it is created out of the box versus building the string manually ?

Document Approval Process in SharePoint Foundation



I am currently analyzing the workflow capabilities available in SharePoint Foundation (free version).  One of the business needs my company has is that they would like to be able to submit a document that goes through an approval process.  For examples user1 adds the document then next another user or multiple users are sent an email stating that they need to go into SharePoint and approve this document, then it might be routed for more approval, etc.  My question is does the version I am currently working with support the use of an "approval" type workflow?  Do I need to upgrade to the pay version?  Thanks in advance.

Get the comments from document approval?


Hi all

We are using content approval workflow for infopath forms. I have been tasked to get out the comments of the tasks (not the Check_In_Comment field) while changing the workflow states. Any ideas how I can get them out?

We need to show them in the InfoPath form.


Linking to Reports in Document Library from .net web application


I have a document library that contains some SQL Reports.  I have crearted a .net web application and I have a page that has links to the reports.  I got the following error message:

Reporting Services does not support anonymous user from a SharePoint site. To view Reporting Services reports, choose a SharePoint site that does not have Anonymous access enabled or sign in on an anonymous site.


So, I turned on Anonymous access for the site, and gave the document library view for anonymous access.  Now I can access the applications without an error message, but others are still getting this error message when they try to access from the link.  Does anyone know why this would happen?  Thanks.

Using the "Send To" function to copy SSRS reports (.rdl) from one document library to another

We are trying to use the "Send To" function to let users get copies of SSRS reports, but still retain the ability to roll out changes by updating the original.  This would help us have "one version of the truth" but still have the ability to copy reports from one SharePoint site to another.  One reason to have the report on multiple sites is to give users the ability to set default values for the parameters.  IT creates one copy and the users configure it to meet their own needs.

Copying the file using "Send To" works.  However, it loses the data source link which effectively kills the copied report.  We have tried this in various forms of permissions and sequences, but experience the same issue consistently.  Obviously, one could re-enter the data source link, but that is not optimal.

We saw the same behavior when we copied the report out of Windows Explorer from library to another.

Is this is a known issue?  Can it be fixed?  If so, how?

Editing an item whose draft item is waiting for approval causes runtime exception



I have a list where content approval is enabled by going to Version Settings page of the list. I have allowed to view the draft items only by the author of the item (who created the item) and the person who can approve. Now if an item's draft item is pending for approval, and if another user (who is neither the author nor the user from approver group) try to edit the item, he/she gets runtime error. The more details are reported on the site http://ranaictiu-technicalblog.blogspot.com/2010/11/sharepoint-2010-editing-item-whose.html


I'm not sure if the error is reported already. Can anybody help?


Sohel Rana

Designing a basic workflow for document approval using Sharepoint Designer2010.

Here is my current workflow design http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/8594/sharepoint2010designer.jpg

My primary question relates to the approval status.  As you can see in the picture I have said if document is approved then copy it to the communications list, else if it is rejected then delete it.  I have also tried putting these items in seperate steps, but no matter what I do it always copies the item to the communications list regardless of the document being approved or rejected and never deletes the previous version (as if that action doesnt even exist).  Any insight is greatly appreciated.  I'm a novice at this so please excuse my ignorance if the answer is obvious.  I'm still trying to gain a basic understanding of the relation between conditions, actions, steps, and such. 


Document library - content approval


I have a document library that 'Require content approval for submitted items', 'Creates major and minor versions' and also 'Only users who can approve items' see draft versions.

My problem is, if I check out a minor version and then check it back in again as a major version it then requires Approval, this is correct however I (the user trying to check in the major version) is able to Approve the item, this does not make sense.

If an item is requireing approval is there any way to remove the Approve/Reject option for the user that initiated the approval?


Auto upload Cognos reports to SharePoint document library with specific metadata


I want Auto upload Cognos reports to SharePoint document library with specific metadata.

Any ways to achieve?

Please help.

Trouble uploading a document into a subfolder


When I try to upload a document into a subfolder, it is placing it in the root folder.

Any suggestions?

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