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Automatically submit to Records Center using no code?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#


I want to have a document auto submitted to the records center without using code?

Does anyone have any suggestions please?



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Automatically Execute Code at certain time from website


Is there a way to trigger a piece of code to execute at a certain time once a week?

I basically want my website to send out a reminder email every sunday. I have a function called SendReminder() and I would like to know if it is posible for it to run by itself because at the minute I have to press a button to run it.


How to stop unauthorized users from sending documents to a Records Center site?


I can't find a way to stop unauthorized users from sending documents to a Records Center site. Can someone please help me? Do i need to configure anything to restrict it to the members of the web submitters group?

I'm still using MOSS2007


The impossibility of doing things depends on your will to do it.

How to submit a form from code behind or something like that

Hi everyone,I dunno what would I do without the forum. I'm stucked again. Basically, what I am trying to figure out something like paypal where we call a specific URL from another web server and give them some information. Basically, I will have a URL like http://www.mysite.com/check_ur_balance.aspx?id=sth&blurblurblur where user call that URL and I query the information from the database and pass it back to the caller site.The flow is something like below:www.client.com  (hey give me this user balance) -> www.mysite.com (I query the user balance and send it back) -> www.client.comPlease help me out. Looking forward to receiving more input on this matter.

How to automatically run code and send emails?

Hi all- I would like to have users set some parameters, then have routines run in the middle of the night and if the user parameters are met, have an automated email sent to update the user at various time intervals as set by user , ie daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) Can someone please point me in the right direction on how I go about doing this?    

Automatically inserting server-side page events into C# when using code separation

I know this is a really basic question and I have spent the last half hour trying to find an answer so please forgive me if this has been asked before (it probably has)....When I create a web page with the C# code placed in a separate file I can't seem to easily add page events (apart from Page_Load). When I open the C# class code for the page all I see in the two drop-down boxes above the code is "Default" (with no other options in the drop-down) in the left-hand box and "ApplicationInstance,form1,Page_Load(object sender,EventArgs e),Profile" in the right hand box. I can't see a way to create the code for the other page events from either of these drop-downs.If I keep the C# code in the same file (i.e., not use code separation) everything works fine - I see "Server Objects & Events, Page, Form1, etc..." in the left hand drop-down and I can create new events in the right drop-down when either Page or Form1 are selected in the left box.Am I missing something really obvious?Many thanks for any suggestions

how to delete records automatically at server side

the application which i created is a web application which doesnt need much of a database,so i am just using the sql express  free version which allows 4 gb of data,to avoid disasters iw ould like to delete records which are very old like,1 month,2 months old etc,how can i do this periodically should i do this on client side or the server side... what id there are 100000 records and if we put this in page load or some method,it could take some time to delete,which i dont want..........can anyone suggest how i can automate this process at the server side only Please help me... thanks  

infopath submit with code


i have a document library where you can add several forms.

within this library i have a folder structure, when i want to add a new form, i will go to the a specific folder and i click on the new button and i select a form.

i want to use the submit button, but at this point i most insert a data connection with a specifiek url, but i can't know at the beginning in witch folder the user is working.

is it possible to use the submit button with code, so when i'm in a folder the document will be saved in this folder without any interaction ?

or is it possible to use a submit button with rules?



infopath submit with code, code wont run


I have a infopath form, with some c# code.

when i test te form local it works.

so i have upload the form to the sharepoint and activate it.

when i test the form in a library the code wont work, i think the code wont be called.


i'm working localy, not on the sharepoint server.

how will my code get on the server or is this a manual interaction?

is there something i forget at the moment?

External Records Center in SP 2010 - "URL is a not a valid routing destination"

Hi all,

I've got a web service that worked as an external records center in SP 2007, but when I run through the configuration for SP 2010, I get the error "URL is a not a valid routing destination".  Is there a change in the requirement for SP 2010?  The tutorials I've seen make it seem like the web service interface hasn't changed.  Is there a way to find out more specifically what the problem is?  I looked at the log entries with the correlation id but there wasn't much there, just a stack trace indicating the exception is thrown from Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.OfficialFileAdminPage.IsValidUriToRouter(Uri uriToValidate).


submit infopath form thru outlook automatically


I worked on infopath2007 and outlook2007 , I designed form to send it to a specific email that user select this email form dropdownlist then clicking SUBMIT button to send it. everything is working till now but my problem I want :

when clicking a submit I want to open outlook program with previous emial selected automatically appear in "To" field in message window.

and another issue how to include this form into body message as editable form to send to someone to update it then back to me.

please help me.

code SQL to retrieve records from multiple random selection list box


Having problems coding a query.

Got a list box that allows for multiple selections (holding down the control key) the selection quantity is basically unlimited, but should never be more than 50 to 100 items from the listing of about 3000 items.

How can I code the SQL statement to select the choosen record data? I think I have the selection list worked out by populating an array but I am not clear on how to build the SQL query.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks again

How can I send a page to a Records Center in Sharepoint 2007?


I have created a records center. I want to use it as a news-archive if it is possible.

When users create new pages (web part pages, basic page- whatever) i want to have the ability to right click and choose "send to" records center like you can on documents. Is it even possible? And how do i achieve this?

It works fine sending docs to the records center. But i do not get the option when i right click on pages (.aspx files)

Within SharePoint 2007, can one send a document to a 2010 Records Center?


I have a working 2010 Records Center with a good Send To connection within the 2010 SharePoint environment.


I have copied the 2010 Send To URL (http://hostname/records/_vti_bin/OfficialFile.asmx) and created a Send To connection within the 2007 environment.


When I use the Send To in 2007, 2007 tells me that it cannot find or access the 2010 Records Center.

Cannot submit an infopath 2007 data source to sql database using managed code - C#.


Is this possible?  I can submit the data source just fine using custom action rules either from a submit button on the form or from the submit button from the tool bar.

But when I try to use C# nothing below works, Main Connection is my data source.  I get unhandled exception errors when I run the form in debug

AdoSubmitConnection sc = (AdoSubmitConnection)this.DataConnections["Main Connection"];

WebServiceConnection sc = (WebServiceConnection)this.DataConnections["Main Connection"];

FileSubmitConnection sc = (FileSubmitConnection)this.DataConnections["Main Connection"];

However I can send an email just fine using ;

EmailSubmitConnection sc = (EmailSubmitConnection)this.DataConnections["Email Connection"];


Any help would be greatly appreciated



Records Center Search


Good Evening,

I have submitted several records to the Records Center but when i try to search on a name that is in one of the documents or in the file name i am not getting any results.


Is there a setting in record center that i have to turn on to activate search?




Tony Spaulding

Content organizer rules and calculated metadata in Records Center



I created a Document content-type in which I've added a first "Choice" metadata (column) and a second one which is calculated (Yes/No option) from the first one.
I tested the new content-type in a library and works well.
Actually this content-type was created to use in the Records Center, and more particularly in the creation of new rules to route documents in the Records Center.
Unfortunately, when I want to create a new rule, I can't use the calculated metadata in the "Conditions" section, since it simply doesn't appear in the list of choices from which we can define the rules.

Does someone know why ?
Thanks !

Error when adding a record routing to the record routing list in the Records Center




When I try to add a record routing I get this error:

  • "The Records Center Web Service Submitters group could not be added to the location you specified. You might not have the necessary permission to perform this operation."

Does anyone know why?

Does anyone know what to change?

I am a site collection admin. I am a local admin on the server. I am a site admin for RC. The application pool identity accounts have been added to the Records Center Web Service group!









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