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508 compliant?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :C#


is Sharepoint 508 compliant?  are there any document management systems (web) that are?

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Software Driving Software: Active Accessibility-Compliant Apps Give Programmers New Tools to Manipul


Active Accessibility was developed to allow people with disabilities to work on PCs-it's used in magnifiers, screen readers, and tactile mice. It can also be used to create applications that drive other software, and its ability to emulate user input is particularly well suited to the design of testing software. Starting from the basics of Active Accessibility, this article leads you through the development of a software testing application. You'll see how this testing application interacts with common controls and other UI elements, then processes the resulting WinEvents.

Dmitri Klementiev

MSDN Magazine April 2000

Creating a 508 compliant tri fold


I am creating a tri fold and it is 508 compliant but I want the reader to start reading in the middle of the page instead of the beginning. I created the document in Word. 


Making Sharepoint Portal DDA compliant

My Requirement is ,I need to have my sharepoint portal DDA compliant .. any thoughts ?? any reference i can take up ???any assistance would be appreciated !!!Regards

Converting UniqueName to a url compliant querystring


Hi, I am wondering if anyone has tips on this.  I have a reporting services report which accesses cube data and has parameters.  I would like to pass a parameter in a query string.  However I am not having much luck in making this work. 

To be clear about my goal I will provide this example:

In a relational world, let's suppose I have a query which I want to pass the parameter the sales person's name.  The URL might look like this (on report manager):


Where SalesPerson is the Name of the Parameter and John Public is the name of the sales person.  %20 = (Space) and %2f = "/" so that this will work as a url.

In the multidimensional world, the member uniquename is passed, which would look more like [Sales Person].[Sales Person].&[John Public]

I tried passing that as is, but that doesn't work (that is, the value passed in the query string was not recognized so it went with the default which is nothing).   I then tried replacing the brackets with %5D and the ampersand with %26, but this did not seem to work either.

Any thoughts on this and does this more belong in the SSRS forum?


Any ideas on

Making website 'medium trust' compliant


My web hosting provider re-configured their servers for 'medium trust' overnight and now my ASP.NET website will not run. All they will tell me is that it needs to be set for 'medium trust' and will not advise beyond that. I inserted <trust level="Medium" /> between the <system.web> tags in the web.config file but that hasn't fixed the problem. I'm using the auto-generated web.config file from Visual Web Developer for ASP.NET 3.5, and don't believe I'm doing anything out of the ordinary as far as violating 'medium trust' restrictions. Has anybody else had to deal with this problem? If so, please help!

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