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AgFx now on CodePlex

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
Today, the CodePlex AgFx site went live, with a new updated release. Quite a few folks are now building Windows Phone 7 apps on AgFx and are having good luck with it. I’ve written a few more walkthroughs and detail pages on the documentation tab, and the release now includes a help CHM file. Along with some bug fixes the Release on CodePlex adds: The ability to manually push items into the cache with the DataManager.Current.Save method Helper classes for handling login and credentials management with AgFx (AgFx.Controls.Phone.Authentication) A derived PhoneApplicaitonFrame type (creatively named PhoneApplicationFrameEx) that gives support for An app-wide header area for something like a loading progress bar A PopupContent property that...(read more)

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Working with CodePlex. How to save password for project?


I want to make public one small project on CodePlex. Everybody knows that you can work with CodePlex like with TFS client and with SVN client as well. But really I can't work with it from SVN client. When I tried to add some binary file (it was dll) I got the error "Server sent unexpected return value (200 OK) in response to PUT request for .". How to solve this problem I don't know, I found thread at CodePlex's discussions Can't commit binary files using TortoiseSVN, but last message was at past year. Ok, I'm working with TFS at work, so for me it will be not a problem connect to CodePlex with TFS. But there are some distressing case, Visual Studio always ask credentials at every new connection to project. And I didn't find a checkbox "Save credentials". But I found the method. Read more...

July preview of POP Forums v9 for ASP.NET MVC3 posted to CodePlex

Here it is, the third preview release of POP Forums v9. It's starting to smell like a real application now. New since the last release: Text parsing of HTML and "forum code" Dropped in TinyMCE text editor (still needs some customization and option for plain text) Security logging User profiled editing, for the users and admins, including avatar and photo uploads Admin pages for most of the forum settings, including category and forum management E-mail confirmation for new accounts, with verification mechanism View counting Runs on ASP.NET MVC3 (see notes below) Lots o' refactoring and more unit tests (now over 400) Other notes Keep in mind that this is still a preview, it's way rough around the edges, and it's in dire need of additional refactoring. This release requires ASP.NET MVC3, which is itself in preview mode. The views have not yet been converted to use the Razor view engine (because it's slightly hard without the tooling), but the dependency injection features are used here, and that's some delicious goodness that allowed for the destruction of much code. Look for the Ninject implementation of the service locator interface to see how it works. The unfortunate piece of this is that it throws exceptions on every request (and eats them) because the interface requires the throw when it doesn't find an implementation of the controller factory. That's

BCL codeplex site


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to point everyone using the BCL MSDN forum to check out the BCL codeplex site at http://bcl.codeplex.com.

This is a site for the BCL Team to get features to customers to try out without requiring a Beta or CTP of the .NET Framework.  Our goal is to put generally useful functionality on the CodePlex site, and to get feedback on it and have the chance to iterate on the design.  Having a feature there does not mean that it will eventually end up in the BCL.  Some items are samples that build on top of existing classes, and some features might be ones we were considering for the .NET Framework but decided not to include for one reason or another.

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Custom Workflow Activity Works 'Manually' but can't be fired using CodePlex's 'Start Another Wo


Consider 2 lists.  In one list, a workflow runs on an item and if conditions are right, it creates an item in another list, pauses for 5 min, then starts another workflow on that newly created list item (using CodePlex's old 'Start Another Workflow' routine).

All of that works great, used it many times in many situations without fail, so long as I put a pause between the item creation and calling the workflow on the newly created item.

I've started writing my own custom workflow activities, all of them work just fine, up to 5 now, really useful to do little things that SPD Workflow can't do by itself.  The 5th one I added was a very simple 'Now' routine.  The class itself is called 'GetNow' and has a 'RightNow' property that's DateTime and it works great.  I have the need to stamp something with the current date/time, and I haven't modified the underlying record yet, and setting a Date/Time variable only takes Today or a static date/time, with 'Today' returning the current date, but '12 am', which is redunculous, but I digress.

So my step compiles, updated my .ACTIONS file which holds the definition for the other 4 custom routines.  I have the context 'in' parameter and one 'out' parameter for 'RightNow' defined as System.DateTime (which I think is where the problem is, possibly), and it all works if I

Tutorial: Building a connected phone app with AgFx

Earlier this week I wrote a post detailing the application framework that I’ve been working on, which I’m calling AgFx. I wanted that post to be a bit of an introductory overview,. Now I’m going to dig into detail a bit more, as well as show a bit about how you can use the free Windows Phone 7 Developer tools to quickly create a great application. AgFx does a lot, and one of the apps I used to generate requirements and testing, is Jeff Wilcox’s gorgeous new foursquare™ client: 4th & Mayor , which is built on AgFx. Jeff and I, along with some others, have written several apps on top of AgFx over the last few months, and have really sharpened it to be exactly what you need when building a connected phone application...(read more)

Codeplex Facted Search filtering Issue


MOSS 2007:

When we are Searching for a keyword from the home page , it is redirecting to search result page with proper results and facet on the right side. Now , if we click on the any facedted item from the right side. it is appending the same keyword one more time. its keep on appending the same keyword if we click on the facet.

Please let me know if anyone faced the same problem.

Thanks in advance.

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