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Custom SEO Friendly Paging in Datalist like Google

Posted By: Stanly     Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
The article Custom SEO Friendly Paging in Datalist like Google was added by Stanly on Wednesday, December 29, 2010.

Let's see how to do paging with Datalist in as Next, Previous and with customized Page numbers as that of Gridview. Here I have the following things.. i) A datalist dlCollegeList to which we are to implement the paging ii) Two Hyperlinks (hyPrevious &

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Custom Datalist rows

Hi,I am use data list to display the three record and after showing the three record in one row then i want add the one row and then again the three row likedata..|data..|data..Single row...........Data..|Data..|data..Single row............so plz help me outThanks in advance

Datalist Custom design

Hello,I want to add my own image between items, how do I do that?<asp:DataList ID="dlProducts" runat="server" RepeatColumns="2" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" RepeatLayout="Table" ItemStyle-CssClass="item-box">thanks

Paging, MVC and friendly URL

Hi,I need to implement paging on a list and are not sure how to do this. For now I have made a strong typed view that is bound to a class that holds :search wordsettingspageAmountOfTotalPagesThe current url looks somthing like this : localhost/AdControler/List/?SeartchWord=test&Set1=0&Set2=23...&Page=1, and this is becourse it should be possible to get to the exact same page (search, settings, page) with just a URL.These is the questions I got : 1. If some of the settings is not set, do thay really have to be in the URL? Forexample Set1 in this case that is just the default value 0.2. How do I implement paging in a page like this? I have looked at this page  but Im not sure that this is the right way to go? I supose that I should not use JQuery for this when I need to keep a proper URL?BestRegards

Support paging in custom xslt and apply it to Listview webpart

Hi Gurus, I have a listview webpart. I want to apply a custom xslt to it. I am able to apply a custom xslt to the listview webpart, however I am not able to find a xslt code to support "paging" in the xslt for the webpart. Please bail me out. Thanks in Advance Regards, Bokes

How can I get Result Search with Paging in DataList Control

 I have Database called mygroup , and I have three tables *  Cataloges table .. columns (CatalogeId  int,   CatalogeName nvarchar) *  Brand table  .. columns (BrandId  int,   BrandName nvarchar) *  Products table, it is consists of these columns : ProductId   int ProductNO  nvarchar CatalogeId  int BrandId   int MainSpecification  nvarchar DetailsSpecification  ntext Image  imageand I want to desgin form for products, and this form contain these ToolBox *   DropDownList  for CatalogeId *   DropDownList for BrandId *   DataList Control for displaying the Result Search *  Button   When the user visit Product Page for Example (productpage.aspx),  then he see the two DropDownList , then choose one of Cataloge Name (Laptop , Printer, ....) , and choose one of the Brand Name (Sony, Toshiba, ....) , then Click the Button, and get the  Result Search in Paging DataList 

google map custom field type Rendering problem


Hi all,

I have rebuild the codeplex project of googlemapfield in visual studeio 2010 for sharepoint foundation 2010.It is able to show custom field when adding new column. I am unalbe to get  google map in display form.. I don't know where it went wrong. I am able to load a text pargaraph from control template file which is delcared in <div> as <p><cite>The Complete Manual of Typography</cite>, James Felici</p>. But not google map.

I have added safe control in web.config file and also enabled activex control scriptings in IE.

Here is my .ascx file code

<%@ Assembly Name="GoogleMapField64,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=268a24657b14d504" %>
<%@ Assembly Name="Microsoft.Web.CommandUI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" 

Problem with datalist paging


I having a little problem to get the paging for my datalits to work. I have used this article: http://aspalliance.com/157 which i found do the things i wanted. I have implemented the code but no records show at all.. No errors.. Can anybody see what i have done wrong? Thank you!

Here is my aspx code:

<h2 align="center"><font face="verdana">Paging in DataList</font></h2>
<a name="this"></a>

<asp:DataList ID="dList" Runat="server" Width="100%"

<table width="100%" style="font: 10pt verdana" cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>
<tr style="background-color:FF0000">
<th align=left><font color="#FFFFFF">Store ID</font></th>
<th align=left><font color="#FFFFFF">Order Number</font></th>

<tr style="background-color:#f5f5dc">
<td><%#DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "pName")%></td>

Datalist with paging and filtering


hi my i'm gio. i have made site with datalist and i want to use SQL data  filteting and paging,my only problem is that i want to put filtering into paging procedure  

paging 1)

ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.GetProductsPaged
@startRowIndex int,
@maximumRows int
SELECT     ID, Category, Type, Unit, MainImg, Price, Sale, Statu

Datalist paging


How to enable paging in Asp.net Datalist control

How can I add custom Search Paging webpart in the Search results page in MOSS 2007


I have created a Basic webpart page and added Content editor webpart to extend the functionality of Advanced Search webpart. This is working fine. Also added OOB Search Paging webpart int his page. But when the number of items returned by the Search Core results webpart exceeds the Page size (10) then when I click on the next link in the Paging webpart then all results are lost and retrieved from All Sites scope. Is there any way to hook into the Search paging webpart.?

Please note that in the Content Editor webpart I have used custom search scope.

I need help with regard to this.

Thanks in advance!.

Gridview custom paging using virtualitemcount



I wanted custom paging in gridview as we were using in datagrid with property virtualitemcount property,

but I am not getting the  virtualitemcount property in gridview.

i dont want to maintain it with datasource control in aspx page.


Datalist paging Dynamically........


Hi all. Actually am given a  urgent task of implementing paging using Asp.net Datalist

I did that by using "PagedDataSource" Class..by placing two buttons         

"prev Page" &"Next Page" ..it reallty worked..But am asked to do that by placing  links

1 ,2 ,3(pages)dynamically ...In this case database is not used ...the data api is already


All i wanted to do is that to implement paging by using 1, 2 ,3 links and it should adjust accordingly to the number of records in the datalist....

Thanks in Advance..


Am a beginner ...kindly help me....

Custom paging sorting stored procedure problem



I want to make my gridview enable for custom paging and sorting. I started to follow a tutorial and write the Stored procedure.

But my stored procedure seems not to be working. here it is:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[USP_getStudentsEmail]
    @sortExpression nvarchar(100),
    @startRowIndex int,
    @maximumRows int,
    @receiver nvarchar(38)

IF LEN(@sortExpression) = 0
    SET @sortExpression = 'SendDate'

DECLARE @sql nvarchar(4000)
SET @sql = 'Select *
	Select m.Body,m.Subject,m.SendDate,m.SenderProfile,m.Receiver AS Receiver,m.ID,s.FirstName,ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY '+ @sortExpression + ') AS RowRank 
	from Message m INNER JOIN StudentProfile s ON m.Sender=s.UserId
) AS OrderedEmails
            WHERE     m.Receiver= '+ CONVERT(nvarchar(38), @receiver) + 'AND RowRank > ' + CONVERT(nvarchar(10), @startRowIndex) +
                ' AND RowRank <= (' + CONVERT(nvarchar(10), @startRowIndex) + ' + '
                + CONVERT(nvarchar(10), @maximumRows) +')'

EXEC sp_executesql @sql

I tried to run this by the following line

exec USP_getStudentsEmail 'SendDate',1,1,'5ed19f91-eeb7-4c6a-b564-98c8dd83e18c'

but it says  

Incorrect syntax near 'd19f91'-

can anybody help

Custom blog and google registering of URL


I have built my own custom blog with asp.net 2, I have registered the main blog url with GOOGLE, but what do I do with each blog posting url, do I need to register those as well. How does google bot scan 100 plus or so of my blog postings for info to post up in a search ?? What do I need to do to allow blog postings to be found by google and other search engine bot?

Gridview custom paging ODS


I'm trying to come up with a simple way to alphabetically retrieve records from my database. I tried adapting this tutorial to my needs but it didn't work (I'm using VS Express 2010). I'm thinking that I'd rather have an objectdatasource alphabetically access the database through the business layer, and I wrote a specific method for that purpose (the table adapter query works at the dataset level).

But I'm not sure how to write the code to programatically display the letter links, then assign the chosen letter to the objectdatasource query, and also respond to postbacks, etc. as in the tutorial mentioned above.

I'd like to know if using objectdatasource to alphabetically bind data makes sense or complicates things and what would be the best way to go.

Thank you,



custom linq to sql statement gridview paging


Ok, I know this cant really be that hard, but im having trouble finding any info. I have a gridview on the page that i am filling with data based on a user selected date range(a dropdown list). When the user clicks the button i fill the gridview and display it. This is all done using Linq to Sql. I need to impliment paging and sorting as well. Help PLEASE!!! Below is my button click event... i am open to any suggestions to get this working


protected void btnGenerate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        int dateRange =0;
        if (rbDateList.Checked)
            switch (ddlDateRange.SelectedIndex)
                case 0:
                    dateRange = 30;

Custom Controls in C# .NET

Embedding user controls in a Windows form is just like adding a simple button or text box that are already provided with .NET. These basic controls were written essentially like you code your own controls. Typically the controls you design are to be used in multiple forms or to modularize your code. These reasons help reduce the amount of code you have to type as well as make it easier for you to change your implementation. There should almost never be any reason to duplicate code because it leaves a lot of room for bugs. So, implementing functionality specific to your control in the control's source code is a good idea. This reduces code duplication as well as modularize your code, which is a good programming guideline.
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