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Posted By: codenickel     Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
The article Recaptcha was added by codenickel on Sunday, January 23, 2011.

Recaptcha:Captcha keeps the spammer away from our site. There is Lot of captcha conrols available for asp.net and few may not work on postback. Google has released a captcha control as "recaptcha" for asp.net developer and its easy plug and more secure

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reCaptcha+jquery ui modal dialog

Hi, I would like to have a contact form which contains a reCaptcha, and have that form inside a jquery ui modal dialog. All works well, except that I have a submit button for the form - which closes the modal dialog wether the recaptcha is valid or invalid. I tried adding onClientClick="return false;" to the submit button, but it still posts back, and closes the dialog. how do I remain inside the dialog ?

Updatepanel and Multiview and recaptcha and Modalpopup


Hi all

Would some kind guru please advise me on the best way to cover all the angles on the following scenario, in any combination that works:

A navigation system (buttons, links, it doesn't matter)

A multiview with one View using a recaptcha and Modalpopup for response to a submit button within the View

An Updatepanel

I've spent hours and hours and hours searching around for any sort of solution that covers all of those without *some* sort of problem. If I put the menu inside, something won't work. If I put it outside, something else won't work. If I set 'conditional' or 'child-this-or-that' or whatever, *something* comes out to bite me. The recaptcha will vanish, or there are postbacks, or Modalpopup has gone again, or *something*.

I know it sounds vague but it is the basic structure that I can't get my head around. Every time I think 'Of course! This has got to work', something else breaks. This can't go inside that, and vice versa. I've had more triggers than Roy Rogers.

There's got to be a way to set this thing up. It's such a basic structure. A page, with some graphics, with an 'area' with some text in a few containers, with one of the containers having entry fields and a recaptcha, all switched by buttons or links, wthout continual postbacks and va

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