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What does SVC stand for in WCF?

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application

What does SVC stand for in WCF?

Any microsoft link explaining this is appreciated.



Suresh kumar 

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Stand alone server into Cluster Server...recomandations and Suggestion

Hi all I have Stand alone server(SQL Server 2000) on Win2k3(SP2). Now I want make as Cluster server. way I am thinking 1.I have create fresh Cluster Environment and move the Databases 2.Arrange SAN drive and move all Databases(Data files/Log files) to SAN drive and Add one more Node and Create Cluster. I am realy new cluster some body help me the Direction to move Standalone to Clusteer.   Thanks in AdvanceSNIVAS

Debugging Stand-Alone ASPX Pages


 I inherited a web site which contains many stand-alone aspx pages (with the .NET code in the page rather than in a code-behind file).  I'm wondering how to debug these pages; I cannot set breakpoints in them (I can set breakpoints in the code files on the site without issue).  I'm using Visual Studio 2008.



SQL 2005 Stand alone to Cluster


Our production server is currently running SQL 2005 on a stand alone machine. SQL Server is installed as a default instance. 

 Can we upgrade to a cluster without having to change the instance name i.e currently applications connect to this server with hostname of the server i.e SERVERA, can we install a cluster such that sql server can still be called SERVERA.



User Profile Synchronization service is not designed to work on a stand-alone installation


There were tons of discussions and blog posts about User Profile Synch service never starting. And now it appears that this is not even supposed to work....



Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1.4322 Update and Computer Stand-by Mode

Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1.4322 Update won't close and it is keeping my computer from going into stand-by mode.  A dialogue box suggest I try closing the update.  What should I do?

MVVM - Single Window with UserControl Views or Stand Alone Window Views?

I have a scenario as follows: Extending a large WinForm application (cannot be rebuilt in one hit) that has a section that is keyboard only. I've created test applications that opens stand alone view windows that close via keybindings but have the problem of calling another WPF view in a unit testable way?

The other side is create a single window that has public methods callable from the Winform application that create user control views to display in it, but how to do it? Display each view in a Tab of a TabContol?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Accessing Excel\Access files through Sql Server 2008 R2 Stand 64 BIT



This has been just such a pain with 64 bit! Data Access!!  I have been unable to use linked servers from SQL server to access files because there is no Jet 64 bit. Now, I have been using bulk insert statements.  These are working ok, but for some uknown reason, for a certain .csv file I am getting unexpected end of line errors.  I have tried many things to no resolution..

How can I get linked servers to work with SQL Server 64 bit for excel and access?  Why would microsoft leave this out??



Deploy web part set to farm on a stand alone server


I have a Visual Web Part and I specified it for a web farm.

When I deploy to the server by copying the wsp file and loading it on another server that is stand alone, it tells me it can't read web farm solutions.

Is there a way to install it without rebuilding the package? I have Linq to SQL calls inside the web part.


I'm very new to SharePoint.



AD authentication stand alone component for classic ASP and legacy .NET 1.1


Hi there,

Searching for out of box authenitcation tool/component that authenticates against Active Directory for Classic ASP AND legacy .NET 1.1 applications.

Would appreciate any open source tools.

.net 3.5/4 PrintServer creation works in Visual Studio (Express) but not stand alone


The following code works without issue from inside Visual Studio (professional or express editions) but when this console app is run from the command line it returns: Win32 Error: The RPC Server is unavailable.

The variations on PrintServer and LocalPrintServer produce the same results.  It's also disappointing that sample code provided at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa970845(v=VS.100).aspx doesn't work (which is the base of this code)

Prior to installing .net 3.5 framework sdk, I had the same errors as found in this article: http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/552520/methodaccessexception-when-printqueuecollection-disposed# with PrintServer (as opposed to LocalPrintServer) but the work around of using .net 3.5 didn't solve the problem, just made all the errors of the RPC flavour.  All the obvious things, like ensuring the RPC server is up and running automatically, firewalls turned off (instead of just adding the application - that fails too), and so on don't help any.


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