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E-commerce.........help me!

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I'm a newbie.

My problem is: I design a website. Now I want my website have E-commerce function.

Give me a website, which I can use to pay between my web and bank.

Code if possible.

Thanks for help!

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Commerce with ASP.NET: Leverage the Authentication and Form Validation Features of ASP.NET to Bolste


If you're planning to build an e-commerce site, you'll be pleased to see that ASP.NET makes it easier than ever. Existing controls can be used and extended to add a great deal more functionality than you might expect. In this article, forms-based authentication is used to verify the identity of users and make certain areas of the site, such as the check-out page, inaccessible to unauthorized users. The power and flexibility of validation controls are demonstrated using the CustomValidator control to connect to a Web Service that verifies addresses. A shopping cart is then implemented in ASP.NET using the DataGrid, and finally, credit card authorization and billing are performed.

Jason Lefebvre and Robert Lair

MSDN Magazine August 2002

BizTalk and XML: Add E-Commerce to Your App with XML and SQL Server 2000


XML support in SQL Server lives up to the hype that's always surrounded XML. Using SQL Server 2000, you can send queries over HTTP, save XML records to the database, and retrieve records via XML. This article shows how you can take advantage of these features in SQL Server 2000 by building a database entry system that keeps track of sales and customer information. The sample app presented here uses updategrams to make the database updates. To accomplish this, the mapping and usage of updategrams is explained. In this example, BizTalk is used to illustrate the XML capabilities of SQL Server 2000.

Christian Thilmany

MSDN Magazine January 2002

Secure Sockets Layer: Protect Your E-Commerce Web Site with SSL and Digital Certificates


Security is one of the most important factors in the future growth of e-businesses. Making sure that communications remain secure between customers and the Web server is a critical issue. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the standard that secure Web sites are built upon today. This article presents an overview of SSL-based Web security, explaining such fundamental concepts as digital certificates and their distribution, encryption, and the proper configuration of Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Acquiring a certificate, installing it, and configuring IIS for SSL are outlined in a step-by-step process.

John Papa

MSDN Magazine April 2001

B2B Frontiers in E-Commerce: Implement Affiliate Programs to Create New Partnerships and Generate Bu


Like the Internet itself, e-commerce is evolving. Today's e-commerce companies are allowing their customers to plug into existing catalogs and ordering systems, creating new synergistic relationships. Some companies are even adding real-time chat with customer service personnel. This article gives you an overview of some of the new e-commerce concepts and implementations that are helping forge those new relationships with customers, vendors, and shipping companies. The importance of these relationships, as well as the specific technologies used to encourage communication and collaboration are discussed and illustrated with representative code samples.

Ted Coombs

MSDN Magazine May 2000

E-Commerce Site

Hello All, I was getting ready to get custom ASP.NET e-commerce site and wondering which is better option: ASP.NET 4.0 Web Forms or ASP.Net MVC 3.0? I appreciate your help and if you can let me know why one is better over the other. Even though it is new site, eventually it will be highly trafficked site.   Thanks for all your help. Karan

Error Message Implementing AdminCategories.aspx - book Beginning ASP.NET E-Commerce in C #



I'm following the book "Beginning ASP.NET E-Commerce in C #, and I can not move because I get an error.

I'm trying to work some days and I can not solve.

I'm on page 325, "Implementing AdminCategories.aspx" in GridView.

When I debug,
appears a error message.

Procedure or function 'CatalogGetCategoriesInDepartment' expects parameter '@ DepartmentID' Which was not supplied.

Detalhes da Exceção: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Procedure or function 'CatalogGetCategoriesInDepartment' expects parameter '@DepartmentID', which was not supplied.

I've already made that part several times, I always get the same error.

I have this.

    //retrieve the list of categories in a department
    public static DataTable GetCategoriesInDepartment(string departmentId)
        //Get a configured DbCommand object
        DbCommand comm = GenericDataAccess.CreateCommand();
        //Set the stored procedure name

Credit Card Transaction in C# (e-commerce)


I'm developing for the first time in my life an e-commerce site in Visual C# and ASP.NET 3.5, and i need only help with the "Credit Card transaction" part, i was looking and searching many examples but no one was enough clear.

 I need the theory and some example with that, i found datacash.com and i'm working with that but i'm really confuse. i was reading "Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005" and the man who wrote that book should ask for forgiveness, what a bad book!!!!

 Does any one made a shopping cart with the "CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION" and can give me some advise please??

Thanks a Lot

SBS 2008 Premium Edition - Securing SQL Server while allowing access from e-commerce website.


Reposted from SBS forum:

I'm currently planning an SBS 2008 Premium Edition installation for a client currently running a five old Win NT / Server 2003  machines to serve a small company (fewer than 50 people).  A complicating factor is that one of their e-commerce websites is currently served directly from their production SQL server - a security risk made necessary by the limitations of their e-commerce software.  In the SBS 2008 plan I would like to protect the production SQL server from the Internet.  My question - is there a way of replicating the production SQL database in real time on a second SQL server outside the firewall?  If not, what other options are available?

I'm not an SQL specialist so I'd also be grateful for links to useful web resources on the topic.

Thanks in advance.


Integrating product based e-commerce website with webservice API ?


I developed an e-commerce product based website on which i developed all the features like for products, shopping cart etc.

Till now it works in a standard way, in which from admin section, store owner adds product categories, and products with prices etc.

Now there is a kind of product category which is empty right now (no products in this category right now) -There will be 1000s of products in this category in future.

and the manufacturer of this particular product(s) are providing web services API, so it is possible to add web services API to this e-commerce website to that for that particular category, website gets all the information from the manufacturer's website along with all the product information and prices etc. ?

How to accopmlish this  ? as i don't have any experience with implementing web services on any website ?

Implementing webservices on an e-commerce website, how ?


I worked on an online store based . In this store i have a category for which there are almost 2000 products. So every time when there is some change in the price, it is very difficult to update the products with new price, descriptions, features etc.

The manufacturer of this product is providing web services which can be linked with store owner's website who is selling their products.

So is it possible to integrate e-commerce website with webservices API that are being provided by manufacturer ? , i know the answer is yes but..

One more concern is that, how web services will connect to specific category only ? i mean on this website there are many other products also, but i want to integrate webservices for this 1 category only, is it possible ? if yes, then how ?

Right now the database mapping follows the normal process, web admin / store owner adds products in the database from the admin section and that's how products are being displayed on the website.

I would really appreciate if you could guide me in a right direction...

Commerce Server: Portal de Compra Coletiva


Olá pessoal!

Hoje meu post é voltado para o produto Microsoft Commerce Server. Se você não sabe o que é, acesse http://www.microsoft.com/commerceserver.

Portais de Compra Coletiva estão na moda. O principal conceito deste tipo de negócio é a união de diversos compradores com o objetivo de atingir um mínimo esperado para usufruir de descontos em diversos produtos e serviços. Temos como exemplos o Peixe Urbano e o Cidade Oferta.

A questão é que, como estes modelos estão em alta, será que podemos adotar um produto robusto para aguentar a demanda crescente de acessos, com facilidade de manutenção e ferramentas de monitoramento?

O Microsoft Commerce Server se baseia, resumidamente, em quatro pilares, os básicos de qualquer e-commerce: Marketing, Pedidos, Clientes e Catálogo de Produtos.

A utilização do produto para Compra Coletiva poderia ser feita de diversas maneiras.

1. Cadastro de Produtos ou Serviços para Ofertas

O cadastro de produtos ou serviços para ofertas podem ser cadastrados utilizando o Catalog Manager, dentro de categorias pré-determinadas. No exemplo abaixo, foi criado um catálogo chamado "Compra Coletiva", com uma categoria "Gastronomia" e o produto/oferta "Jantar Es

Image generation best paratices for e-commerce store


I have an e-commerce store with over 1000 products and would like each product to dynamically generate about 5 thumbnails of different sizes. This way staff only need to save one big image and asp.net can generate all the other sizes.

I am wondering what is best practice for dynamically generating this many images. I was thinking dynamically creating them on every page or caching them would be too much. So instead I was thinking I could generate the image once only and save it as a file on the server which would be linked to on future requests. Then images would only be re-generated when a product image is changed.

Does this sound a good way or doing this, or are there better ways?

10 Mistakes To Avoid In Setting Up An E-commerce Site

According to SearchEngineJournal.com, the main things to avoid in setting up an e-commerce site are: 1. Complicated Checkout 2. Bad Payment Gateway 3. Information Overload 4. No Product Information 5. Not having a good return policy & terms 6. Not Securing Your Site 7. No Products on home page 8. Slow Loading Speed 9. Poor SEO & Marketing 10. Not Up Selling Read the complete blog post here: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/10-mistakes-to-avoid-in-setting-up-an-e-commerce-site/28221/......(read more)

Lost Need Help on Installing Commerce 2009 on Sharepoint 2010


New to Technet I am having nothing but problem installing the 2007 (Upgrade 2009) installtion of commerce server. I am trying to

get a store up for a customer on one of there sites hosted on a sharepoint 2010. I installed the 2007 on a fully patches sharepoint 2010 as of april. Ran the CS2009-KB975567-x86 before installing the 2009 upgrade. Run the commerce 2009 sharpooint configuration and I get failed lights. I am stumped, looking for the right pieces. My only suspicion right now is "CS2009-KB975567-x86" on a 2008 R2 maybe there is  a 64bit version.

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