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LogIn control: How can i set password from cookie to login contro's password textbox

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


My problem is in login control, password text box is not taking any changes. I cannot put value for password textbox in login control. My purpose is, in my login control if some one checked in "Remember me next time" then next time the user id and password will be autometically set from cookie. So user just need to click on LogIn button. My code is like bellow...

HttpCookie cookie = Request.Cookies["SiteSettings"];

Login1.UserName = cookie["Username"];

Login1.Password = cookie["Password"];


Can anyone help me please.


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Login Control Works But Can't Log Back In with Password


Good Day,


This is weird:

website: icethestore.com (I know the site is not visually appealing, I'm just trying to get the functionality correct for now!

If you click my login link, you are taken to the login.aspx page - which I have named The Membership Center.

If you create an account - you account information will be sent to the email address you registered with.

After getting the email and copying the password, I return to the membership page and change the password, and get a message that my password change was successful.

Now here is what is strange:

If I use the original password sent (meaning I did not change it) or even if I changed it and I use the password I changed it to (with no errors) i only get a message : Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.

I am just using default login control, createnewuserwizard control and password change control.

Yet, if I choose to recover my password (again using the default control) - I do get an email with my account name and a new password that it has been changed to, but, still can not login with that password either, still get: Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.

I check my database and the memberships and users are there!

Please, any help on what could be wrong is appreciated!


how do i create a windows form application login for to validate username and password from sql serv

 I would like to know how I can create a login form for my windows form application. The login form must be linked to a SQL server 2005 express edition database (in which the username and passwords are stored). The login form must validate the user using the database and allow them to access the program. 

Login to SPSite\SPWeb through console app using user/password

Hi,I'm developing some basic console application which interacts with SharePoint site through the object mode. I'm using:SPSite site = new SPSite(MySiteUrl); SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb(); This way, current windows user is acessing the site. Is it possible to supply the user with username/password to be able to acess with different credentials than current?Thanks in advance!

return url in aspx refreshes the page when I click login after entering user name and password

Hello,   I need help as I am struggling to login into my web portal on my new sony vaio laptop. I think that I need to do some settings, or download some plugin. Infact I don't know what to do, as I have spent many hours trying to login, but no success. Below is my office website:   http://www.lantec-uk.net/SignIn.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fdefault.aspx When I enter my credentials and click login, the web page gets refreshed, i.e username and password get erased, rather than taking me into my web-portal. The laptop is having windows 7 home premium, with ie8. I have also tried installing firefox, chrome, opera and safari, but same problem. Somebody please help, as sony has refused to take the laptop back and they are saying that there is problem with website. Similarly, website staff are saying that there is a problem with the laptop and not with the website.   Any help highly appreciated. 

Get Login in Application without Entering username and password in Digest Authntication.

Hello Frd'si am using Form authntication and Digest authntication mode. Foe getting Logon computer username i m using digest authntication mode. But when i browse website it's asking for username and password. while already windows login with the same username.I understood that in this auhtntication mode it's required. But r there any configuration with it i am not getting this Prompt ? Any group ploicy ??For IE i have added website into trusted zone but still it's asking for username and password.R there any other way i getting Computer logon name in asp.net application. There are But only work when i run from Editor from IIS it's not retuning value.If you give me some hint or articals link then i m very thnak ful to you.Thank you.

Forgot Password link in Sharepoint FBA login page

Hi All,      I want to keep the Forgot Password link in the login page of the Sharepoint FBA Site.     For this, i have make a copy of the login page in the 12 Hive and added an anchor tag by giving link to Forgot Password (FP) page in custom login page. The FP page is located in one of the document library, for which i have given anonymous access to view items there. Its all good, and i am able to navigate to FP page. But i dont want to show any other controls in the master page also to the anonymous user. And one more thing, i have two zones 1)Intranet and 2)extranet, i want to show different FP pages for both. How can i do this...? Please suggest me with this issue...... Thanks in advance

Authentication (login - username/password)



I have a website developed in ASP.NET created by someone else, sitting on another server... until now... a simple(ish) setup with login to update content.

The site was zipped up and I was told it would be a simple case of uploading all the files onto the new server.  I've managed to upload the site and it works fine... but I can't access the editing pages as it will no longer accept the username and password when I go to login.

The host server is running ASP.NET v4 and IIS v7.  Hosting is with godaddy.com so I'm also getting used to their way of doing things.

Hope someone can help.


Find User Password by Username Before Login


hi guys,

I have only username. and want to check and grab the password from the database. It is BEFORE LOGGING IN. so I don't think the build-in asp.net functions could be used, right?

thanks a lot!!

Password protecting entire website (that already has a login feature)?



I have a website that's still in development however I've placed it up onto our new domain name to allow a few others to see what's going on with the site development.

I want to prevent anyone else from coming in to see the site just yet however, so I want to have the site redirect to a login whenever you try to hit any page within the site.  Here's the problem though....my website already has it's own login included as part of the website in order for a member to get to their account info.  So I essentially want 2 separate logins: 1 just to see the site and a 2nd one as part of my overall website user account details section.  My concern is if I develop this new login to block users to see the site, my other login may experience issues.

How can I create this login to protect my entire site while still in development and yet keep login credentials separate from my actual website's login feature?  Or even better yet, is there some 3rd party tool I can implement to do this for me?


How to set focus to UserName textbox in Login Control ?



can you please tell how to focus cursor to UserName TextBox in Login control when page is loaded for the first time in browser ? 

How to check (login Credentials) user name and password to access sharepoint server 2007 programmati

my issue is...

while user entered his/her Username:xyz
i need to check programmatically either username & password exists ot not in sharepoint server 2007 from windows form application.

and i know how to check username,but i don't know how to check password.

you can check username in below ways..

 SPSite SharepointSiteObj = new SPSite(SiteUrl);
 SPWeb SharepointWebObj = SharepointSiteObj.OpenWeb("/");

 SPUserToken token=SharepointWebObj.AllUsers[userName]

from this i can get user name..




Validating Password for a SQL Server authenticated Login




Is there any way I could validate the password for a user ( SQL server authenticated login ), using a stored procedure?


Here is what I am trying to do :-

1. Connect to DB using the login and password.

2. In the application for certain deletes the password is reconfirmed.

3. When the user re-enters the password - it needs to be re-validated.





Change domain AD + upgrade Sharepoint 2007->2010 = window with a request login/password


New installation of Sharepoint 2010 in Domain_A domain. I added a content database WSS_content2007 from Sharepoint 2007 (from domain Domain_B). I didn't run the command stsadm -migrateuser. New accounts from domain Domain_A were manually added to SharePoint 2010. In table Userinfo on WSS_Content2007 on Sharepoint 2010 are accounts from both domains. Old domain Domain_B was deleted.
Users get a window with a request re-enter your username and password from time to time.
What should I do? Can I delete the account from the domain Domain_B with stsadm command? Should the column tp_title contain unique records for the same user and the same site?


how to login in my portal using the user's username and password in active directory


i have a username and password in my portal... i want to connect to the active directory to verify the username and password of the user?

using c# .net

anyone can help me?

howto access remote shared folder using remote login and password ?



I want to write some piece of code in C# to access (create directory, create files) on a remote shared folder (stored in a remote machine), but using a specific remote user and password (a user defined in the remote machine) but not defined on the local machine where my piece of code is to be run.

I can do that using the explorer: if I type \\remoteserver for exemple, I can then give a login as remoteserver\remoteuser and the password of this remoteuser to access the shared folder (the permission has been set on the remote shared folder to authorize full permission for this user)

Plesae tell me if it is possible and how I can do that using the base .NET framwork library (or any extension of it).



Settting password expiry to login/users without domain policy dependency


Hi Friends,

I would require your help,in setting password expiry for login/users.But this shouldnt have any dependency with Windows Domain users expiry policy.For example our domain user expiry policy 45 days but we want sql server login/users password expiry to be 180days.For any clarifications




Collect user info, assign temporary password and login later



Hi everybody,


We need to create  a Contact form on the website with the fields such as 'First Name', 'Last Name', 'e-mail address',  'Message Text', etc., that a user could contact us sending questions, etc.


Then we'd contact a user to discuss the possibility to be a member (purchase a product/service). So, we don't want to provide the ability for the user to create a login and a password through the asp login control. We want to send him a temporary password and login later after we decide he/she can be a member. The user login can be the user's e-mail address.


The questions are:

  1. Should we send the user information to the asp profile right from the first user contact info submission? Can we do this as the user won't have a password? Or we need to create a separate db table for it?
  2. Can we have a hidden field on a profile the administrator could see if the user is a member or just a new user? Or we could see it through Roles with the link to profile later when we make the user a member?
  3. How we could assign a temporary password to a user when we make them  a member? Probably, we could use their login (e-mail address) and do the registration from the asp Registration control entering the temporary password ourselves then sending some automatic e-mail to adv
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