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cookieless="AutoDetect" vs cookieless="UseDeviceProfile"

Posted By:      Posted Date: April 10, 2011    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Could you please let me know if you have any idea on the difference between

cookieless="AutoDetect" and cookieless="UseDeviceProfile"

<forms cookieless="UseDeviceProfile" loginUrl="~/Login.aspx" timeout="2880" protection="All" path="/" />

<forms cookieless="AutoDetect" loginUrl="~/Login.aspx" timeout="2880" protection="All" path="/" />

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How to use cookieless session state...

I want to know how its work and it advantage and disadvantegePls explain me with example

How to Consume (Cookieless =true) Session Enabled Web services

  Hi, I need to use cookieless=true in web.config and enablesession=true in web methods.   I've two web methods like, [WebMethod(EnableSession=true)] public void SetName(string Name) { Session["Name"] =Name; } [WebMethod(EnableSession=true)} public string GetName() { return (string)Session["Name"] }   In my aspx.cs, using proxy I want to call SetName in button 1 click, and retrieve the name (which i put it into web service session on button 1 click ) in button 2 click like,   protected void Button1_Click(sender o, eventargs e) { webserviceproxy proxy =new webserviceproxy(); proxy.SetName("Prabhu"); } protected void Button2_Click(sender o, eventargs e) { webserviceproxy proxy =new webserviceproxy(); Response.Write( proxy.GetName()); } Here, How can I use cookie container and how can i achieve what Im expecting to do?   Please help me on this. thanks Prabhu P Work Smart, Not Hard

Ajax AutoComplete is not working when Cookieless is true


Hi All,

I have a web page that using AutoComplete Asp.net Ajax Control.

It was working find when the Cookieless is not "True".

I have no idea my it is not working when I set cookieless to "true".



Cookieless session



I'm pretty new to the .Net environment and am learning all the time.  I was however quite surprised (or shocked) when I turned off cookies to test a bit of "flowery" functionality on my latest project.  I use the term "flowery" because its nice to have and not key to the overall user experience.

I did however discover that my postbacks stopped working as well :).  I don't know whether this was down to Ajax UpdatePanels or postback as a whole, but it did come as quite a shock.  I changed the webconfig cookieless value and everything works again.  The downside is that the stuff I've read so far doesn't exactly give cookieless sessions a glowing report - what with security issues and potential refactoring.  Admittedly from what I've tested, everything seems to work ok in the cookieless environment but I may have to make changes to things like my Facebook like buttons that capture an absolute URL.

The question I have is why does something as basic as postbacks have a dependency on cookies - may as well use javascript and flash whilst we're at it.  Or have I got it wrong?  Or is there something I can do to work round the issue?

Ironically, with cookies turned off I couldn't even get the ASP.NET site to load!!!

Any advice, tips,hints?


Session when Cookieless ="True" Page Ispostback is always false


When Session attribute Cookieless ="True" the page.Ispostback is always false.Cant understand the reason behind it.

And one more thing what is happening when we click Remember Me option in login control.As per my knowledge it is storing authentication cookie in it. If we can add data to authentication cookie then why we need session...we can add session data in that.. and authentication token is also regenerated for every new request like sessions.....i got confused after browsing for few hours.

Which one is more secure using cookies or URL for authentication and session.


cookieless="false" in sessionState

what is the means for cookieless="false".
is it means that session data would be stored in cookies

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