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HtmlContainerControl.InnerText and

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 28, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net
HtmlContainerControl.InnerText is supposed to decode HTML to text. For example, it will be "<b> Hello </b>" if the HTML code is "&lt; b &gt; Hello &lt; /b &gt;." as described in MSDN.  However I have noticed it does not change </br> to a NewLine string.  In other words, one would get "<b> Hello</br>Foo</b>" from "&lt; b &gt; Hello</br>Foo&lt; /b &gt;.", not"<b> HelloFoo</b>" Is this what supposed to be?I am asking this is because when I select and copy the text inside a <div> in a browser and paste it to a text editor such as Notepad, it would look exactly as it is shown in a browser -</br> becomes newline.  I thought I would get this with HtmlContainerControl.InnerText.

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xml set innertext on nothing


        objNodeListb2.FirstChild.InnerText = DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString()

That gives me a

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I know what the problem is, the tags is blank 






Select nodes based on element innertext

This should be easy...hoping someone could have a look & see what wrong with my code. I'm simply trying to loop through an xml document & grab multiple nodes if a specific element contains specific text. So if my xml looks like this: <Settings><Document>        <FriendlyName>The Big One</FriendlyName>        <ID>8ae3428b-f1f2-4b94-a65c-2c8e24f660c8</ID>        <Post>True</Post>        <Department>Collections</Department>        <Category>Forms</Category>        <Audience></Audience>        <Link Type="Page" Target=""><![CDATA[]]></Link>        <Keywords></Keywords>    </Document></Settings> So my requirement is: For each element, If FriendlyName contains "Big", get the inntertext of FriendlyName, Department, Category, Link and pipe them together like this: "The Big One | Collections | Forms | Link"   It looks like I'm having problems with the If statement, if I remove it I'll get every

Need help with getting InnerText from a specific node



I work with a third party API that sends the following XML response.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<test type="boolean">true</test>
 <id type="integer">1234567</id>
 <id type="integer">987654</id>

I'm interested in getting the state and id for the job. I tried GetElementById but so far I'm making a mistake somewhere, I keep getting object reference not set... error.

I could use some help with this. Thanks.

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