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barcode SDK for 1D and 2D barcode recognition and creation

Posted By: Syed Shakeer Hussain     Posted Date: March 11, 2011    Points: 2   Category :Others
Whether it's a document, a package or a medical record, there is no room for doubt.

Use Barcode Xpress and you'll never have to worry about the accuracy of your barcode recognition.

In just a few lines of code you can integrate the most accurate 1D or 2D barcode recognition into your applications.

With Barcode Xpress, your application can scan over 1,000 pages a minute locating and decoding multiple barcode images on each page.

There are endless uses for barcodes, such as auto-indexing, forms processing, inventory tracking, batch separation, and more. No matter how you use barcodes, Barcode Xpress handles them all.

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Free BarCode Software

Bar Code Specifications

There are more than 300 different types of barcodes, all with their own specifications. You will find detailed specifications of many popular bar code symbologies and where you can order the official specifications here at BarCode-1.

Barcode-1 Specification Sources Page list the most popular barcodes. It has links to technical information and is a good place to start.
The UPC/EAN Barcode Page lists the details of UPC barcode, and EAN barcode, the type used in grocery stores.
UCC128, EAN128 and GS1-128 Page lists the details for this important standard for marking shipping cartons.
The Code 39 Barcode Page has the details for Code 39 barcode, the most popular barcode used in industrial application.
The Code 128 Barcode Page has the details for Code 128 barcode, a barcode that can encode the entire ASCII character set.
The Interleaved 2 of 5 (I 2 of 5) Barcode Page has the details of this popular barcode.
The NW-7 Barcode Page has the details about this popular barcode in Japan.
The Plessey Code Barcode Page has the details for the historically important barcode.
The 2D Barcode Page lists the most popular two dimensional barcodes. It has links to technical information and is a good place to start if you a looking for 2D barcode information.

Use Camera as Barcode Reader

some important links



The Free Barcode Creator produces barcode images one at a time, and allows easy saving to a file or

The Free Barcode Creator produces barcode images one at a time, and allows easy saving to a file or pasting into an application. 2D versions are also available:

How to stop blurring of barcode images

I have a custom DLL that has a function that takes a string and returns a raster image(PNG) of a Code 128 barcode. That works fine, no problem. The barcode rendered does *not* use a font, it physically renders rectangles with precise pixel widths to generate the barcode. This is necessary because the laser expects a discrete stop of a "bar" and beginning of a "space". -- Image properties->Size is set to "Original Size" So I look at the report viewer, and I see barcodes. Cool. HOWEVER ... when I zoom in at about 400% I start to see blurring at the edges of the bars. It also prints this way. This is unacceptable. So then, within report viewer, (this is the same report!) I export the report to PDF. No blurring, not at 500%, not at 2000% not at any zoom level. In the PDF, there is a sharp, precise, quantum drop from black to white with *no* blurring whatsoever. On pixel is 0x000000 and the next is 0xFFFFFF. The PDF also prints this way. This is correct behavior. I cannot have the user export the report to PDF before printing it. This is a production shop, and I can't have folks taking twice as long to do a task. MY QUESTION: How do I instruct, how do I force SSRS to simply render the image as I have presented it and not tinker with it? This is a bit annoying. If my function returns a 200x50 image, SSRS may trust that that is what is t

Sending 2D Barcode via SMS

Can any one suggest me the approach to send 2D barcodes via SMS. Am developing a sample application which generated text as 2D barcode. I want to send this as SMS to mobile phones. I dont have any idea to proceed. Is there any API avalible. Please suggest. Regards, Megarekaa.

Dotnet Library For RFID and BarCode Devices

I have an time and attendance application that takes Employee Id for Employee Attendance.Using such dotnet library i want to read the data(Codes) from rfid codes or bar codes from employee card.so that i may use that data for further processing of my time and attendance application .

Creating Barcode Image

Hello Guys.Posted a question earlier but i havent recieved a reply. i wanted to create a barcode using vbscript or javascripting. Dont know if this makes a difference which one i use  The barcode will be linked to information stored in my access database. The barcode will be displayed on a webpage, so for this i'm using Dreamweaver CS4. I have to 2 barcode fonts available and DLL file they are:FRE3OF9X.TTFi2of5txt.ttfBarcode.dll (not sure i need this)I prefer to use the interleaved 2of5 font. I have no experience of coding in general Vbscript or asp.net. From this situation how would i go about creating a barcode image.All feedback welcome. Thank you very much...

Rs render to PDF is not displaying barcode font




I'm rendering a report (RS 2005) programatically to PDF. One of the text boxes is supposed to display barcode font and it is actually displaying just the numbers. How can I fix this.


Thanks in advance

barcode badly displayed while rendering a report in PDF


Dear all,

I have a famous barcode issue while rendering a report in PDF: the barcode is badly displayed...  To display the barcode on the report I'm using the "Code128" font and this font is of course installed on both server and client sides.

While displaying the report, the barcode is fine, while extracting the report under Excel, the barcode is fine too, while exporting the repot in an Image, the barcode is fine too... but while exporting the report in PDF the barcode is wrong... I've tried manually or by programing using the render function... in both case the barcode is bad. I've also tried to play with the font size without any good result...

Also I saw that the PDF file created is in version 1.3 while today exists the version 1.5 (ie: Office 2007 is using PDF 1.5). Is it plan to update the PDF rendering in report viewer from 1.3 to 1.5? Maybe it could fix this issue...

Note: I'm running SQL Server 2008 R2 64b build 10.50.1600.1, Report Viewer 9.0.30729 under MS Windows 2003 Server 64b.

Someone have a solution to this issue?

Thank you for any help,


Barcode and Databases


Can anyone point me to a resource for how to build barcode reading into an ASP.net app? I need to scan a card and have it enter in the database that a person was present at a program that day. 

Capturing USB Barcode Scanner Return values



We are using USB barcode scanner to scan material barcode labels. These lables are from our vendors.

We does not have control over the label generation. We are using USB barcode scanner for scanning purpose. We want to capture USB barcode scanner output. Normally the scanner returns output in the place holder in which the cursor present.

But we do not put writable text box for the cursor. Instead of write allowable text box we want to put locked or readonly text box in the screen and want to capture scanner value.

How can we do?

Assume that our barcode scanner does not support serial ports.

S. Muhilan


Barcode Not Displaying in PDF Export


Hi all,

  I have created an SSRS report in VS 2008 that has a barcode on it.  The report and barcode both view fine when looking at it via Report Viewer.  It exports into Excel fine, and the barcode displays fine.  However, when you export it to to PDF, the barcode does not show up any more.  If I change the font to something other than barcode (which is 3 of 9), the value shows up fine.

  So my question is, why will my barcode not show up when exporting the report to PDF, but shows up everywhere else?

Need Help in Windows forms Using Barcode..

I would like to create a Windows Application Project for a Commercial shop.

Please give an idea for my following requirements,

While generating Bill :

    If the user scan the Barcode of the particular Product,

    Then the particular information should have to be displayed on the Screen.

For eg:
     If the user scans the Food product ..Then the food product's information should have to come on the First row (in Gridview)..

     after then if he scans Dress items...Then the Dress item's information should have to come on the second row.. 

Please give an idea..I have been working in Web applications for the past 3 months but never worked in windows forms with barcode..



Barcode scanning - serialport DataReceviedHandler problem


Your help is appreciated, I need some guidance..

I'm using the example found here with a Microscan MS-3 reader, that has ports for Host & Network with a PLC.


The problem arises when I scan a barcode, it seems to chop it into two pieces. In debug I can see it fire the DataReceviedHandler twice? Why is that with one scan?

Here is my code which is very similar to the MS version linked above except I added the bytes read into the console which is cinsistent to where it seems to do a newline. So if my barcode is say 1PL861T9AE, the scan gets split into 1PL861T9 one one line then AE on the next.

Imports System
Imports System.IO.Ports
' http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.io.ports.serialport.datareceived.aspx

Module Module1

  'Dim sp As New SerialPort
  Dim mySerialPort As New SerialPort(

barcode generation using linear technique help & references


hi can any body help me on barcode generation linear code39 or what so ever.

my requirement is to generate a unique image for each of my product code input in to text box.

i donot want to use third party dlls if they are paid services or licensing issues,

one textbox(txt_productcode)

one button(btn_showlineabarcodeimg)

plz provide me any references.

i want to implement it for realtime environment.

In asp.net C# , Barcode Generation live working concept ???


This is my master Table
Category  Code  Porduct Code Weight Code
Soap 1234 Lux 2345 100g 3455
Shampoo 2345 Sunslik 3456

Barcode image not printing in barcode Machine


I am using the rdlc report to show the barcode images,

after export to excell when i print it through the 

barcode Machine Barcode image not printing



pls help......

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