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sql query to compare the last two records

Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Hi Frinds,

Please can any one tell me the logic of how to compare the last two records

I have the table like this


Id    Number

1      23

2      34

3     23

4     43

5      12


I want to compare the last two records in the above table i.e the numbers have to comapre 

i.e if 43>12  print "grater"  else


this is the logic for finding the last two records

SELECT id,number FROM

(SELECT TOP 2 * FROM table_1



but where I have to write the logic for compare the last two records in above query,


Please if any body have ideas let me know





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Inserting multiple records under the single query

Hi All,       I have to insert a multiple records under the single table.So i have to execute the command in the frontend for every records. Inorder to avoid i write the query like this   insert into table1(field1,field2) values('1','Test1'),('2','Test2'); and also i tried insert into table1(field1,field2) SELECT "1","Test1" Union all SELECT "2","Test2" But I am getting syntax error. How to insert a multiple records under the single query???...

load users records in infopath fields without using "run the query" button



is it posible to instead of clicking the "run the query" button to load the users records in the fields that the fields load automatically.

can this only be done with a role and a "set a value's field" action? 

query wich returns records for each day between start date from table 1 and mutation dates in table



I have to tables with dates, table Employments with all employements of all employees, with start date and end date, and a table Mutations with mutations (e.g in salary) with start dates.

Now I try to write a query which returns a record for each day an employee is in employment, with the correct salary. SO at first, it should return all days between the employment start date and the first mutation date, then the number of days between the first mutation date and the second mutation date etcetc, and at last the number of days between the last mutation date and the employment end date. The number of mutations varies for each employment, and employees cna have multiple employments (history, so not at the same time) in the employments table.

How to do this?

Help figure out where records are being dropped from a pivot query


I have a stored procedure that creates a pivot query. The problem I'm having is that the inner query is returning 1641 records, then when the pivot is executed, only 1450 records make it to the result set.

The query is as follows:

SELECT CallSegments.AppName, CH.CallDate, dbo.fn_IsContacted(CH.AppName, CH.Result) AS Contacted, CallSegments.QueueID, dbo.fn_GetResultCategory( CallSegments.AppName, CH.Result ) AS CallResult 
FROM CallSegments, CallHistory AS CH WHERE CH.CallInstance = CallSegments.CallInstance 
AND RTRIM( CallSegments.AgentID ) = '' 
AND RTRIM( CallSegments.QueueID ) <> '' 
AND CH.AppName = 'some_client' 
AND CH.CallDate >= '11/3/2009 00:00:00.000' AND CH.CallDate <= '11/3/2009 23:59:59.997' 


The interesting thing, for me, is that I can copy the internal select clause and run it separately. When it executes, I receive 1641 records in the result. Then when it goes throug the pivot, records are dropped. I don't quite understand because all of the inner records have a category listed in the pivot list. I've looked it over several times but I just can't see where I'm losing records.

Select Query to get records within last 24 hours in Nhibernate


Hi All

How to Retrive records within last 24 hrs using Nhibernate.
I want to retrieve the 10 records within last 24 hours.

How can i achieve this using Nhibernate.

Please Help.

How to find records based on CAPITAL and small letters in SQL Query?



I stumbled upon this scenario at my work and it is really something I was not expecting. I know that in general SQL itself is not a CASE SENSITIVE language ... so it will not make any difference if i write select *, or SELECT * or SeLEct * ...

But recently I came across a situation where I am required to find results from a table where more than one record exists with just a difference of Captial and Small letter word. Let me explain my problem in detail,

I work for a government client, in one of their table they have list of all state statues and out of them some have exactly same string except in that string some letters are capitalized, e.g.  46b-12 (A) and 46b-12 (a) ... now my question is how can i write a query which can find only record that I search, e.g if I search select desc from statues where code='46b-12 (a)' ... it should find only one record not two.

Duplicate Records Query


Hi All,

I have the following table:

Table A:

OrderNumber     EventDescription

1                       New Order

1                       On Hold

2                       New Order

There are other fields I need to bring back as well. Now I need to create a query that if a jobnumber has more than record in table to not return those records. How would I accomplish this?

Thanks In Advance,









CAML Query for display Top n records in sharepoint 2010


Hi friends,

I have added the Content Query web part in my publishing page for displaying data from list.

Now i want to use additional filter option from content query web part.

pls tell me wht query i should write for returning Top n Records from list.

also pls tell me whole caml query format dat i need to put in custom value or query option in additional filter option in Content Query Web Part

caml query - group by column and get count of records



I want to group by on column name and get the count of records returned.



Need to query three records at a time.


I need to write a select that pulls all of the rows from a data table but the problem is that I need to get the rows three at a time.

I am querying SharePoint data and since SharePoint only allots so many fields per record per data type, my list has three rows for every list item. So in order to sum fields 1-31 of loat data I actually need to grab row instance 0, 1, and 2.

For each list item field float 1-12 holds 1-12 in row instance = 0 and float 1-12 holds 13-24 in row instance = 1 and float 1-7 holds float data for 25-31 in row instance = 2. The field name of the row instance is . I need to sum fields float1-float12 for the three rows and get one total.

Normally I would use something that summed the 12 float fields and assign it to one variable field to be returned in the select. But I have to loop through the three rows to get that for each and then sum the subtotals of the three rows adn repeat until eof.

Can anyone give me a pseudo code for the select? I am just not that fancy with SQL I guess.

You can assume that there are always exactly 3 rows for each item whether or not there is data in any of the given fields. If the field has no positive data it is recorded as NULL in the field.

Thank  you in advance to any with ideas.


query table row for several records.


not sure if this is the correct forum..but...I'm using VS2008 and have a sql query on a button click...

my question is....

is there a way to query my database for more than one record at a time?

 - i.e. "select * from mytable where myrow = "' & textbox1.text & "'"

and have more than one thing i'm looking for in that textbox?

like if the textbox contained


could it find all records in that row that are 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 ?

not sure if that is exactly clear, but thanks for any help.


SQL 2008 to iSeries via linked server (IBMDASQL) - TOP 10 * SQL query returns ALL records


I am querying a iSeries - AS400 database from SQL server 2008 server 64 bit,  via a linked server (using OLE DB Provider - IBMDASQL)

The SQL is select top 10 * FROM <linked Svr>.<Dest server>.<DBName>.<TableName>

Instead of returning top 10 rows, the query returns ALL the rows. I use the top 10 sql query in my "Heart beat monitor" to check the viability of the linked server after a server reboot.  If the test query work

MS SQL Server: Search All Tables, Columns & Rows For Data or Keyword Query

If you need to search your entire database for specific data, this query will come in handy.

So when a client needs a custom report or some sort of custom development using Great Plains, most of the time I will have to track down the data in the system by running this query and find the table(s) it is in.

How to Encrypt Query String Parameters in ASP.NET

Encrypt Query String Parameters in ASP.NET.u can send secure data one page another page u can also use query string to encrypt

ASP.NET GridView - edit records using JQuery Dialog

There are many ways in which you could modify modular data in Grid View:
1. Inline by making rows editable when u click on Edit
2. By using separate pages for Edit
3. By using popups/dialogs for adding/editing

Content Query Web Part missing in SharePoint 2010

If you don't see content query web part listed in the web parts list, this is because you have not enabled "Search Server Web Parts" feature in site collection features. Enable this feature and content query web part will show in the list of web parts.

Compare List


i have got two list<string> containing datas

i would like to compare the both list and the result to new list whch does not contains the same data.(basically unique data)

eg shown below..

list A       list b          list c

a             a                 d

b           d                    c

c            f                   e

f            e

plz let me knw..

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