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Log shipping out of sync: tuf file missing

Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

I dont see the tuf file for the transaction log shipping configured any more.
Also one of the tlog backup files is corrupt owing to file system difference. Let me know how to reintialize log shipping. I am taking backup of the Primary database, stopped the transaction log backup, stopped the copy and restore jobs. Do I have restore the backup say like below

WITH STANDY='PRISM_200905210300.TUF'

After this what should be the course of action. Will the log shipping come to sync automatically?. If so how does the jobs recognize the new tlog files rather than looking for old tlog backup files??



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Missing tmpF7.tmp file

I am missing the tmpF7.tmp file that prohibits the uninstall of net programs. I tried finding the uninstaller recommended in an earlier post but the link no longer works. Basically I need to have the tmpF7.tmp file in order to install/uninstall .net software. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

sync your shairpoint data with your file server

is it posseble to sync al the files on my file server to my shairpoint server.   now its done with shairpoint workspace. bath when a employee makes a new file on the file server it wont sync

Configuration file missing

I am trying to use app configuration file (I added App.config file to solution, reading it with ConfigurationManager), when I start the program from VS (in debug mode) everything is fine, but if I start it like a application (exe file) it can't find config file. The name are equeal (app.exe and app.exe.config). Anybody knows the solution? Thank you

Created Package missing "[Content_Types].xml" file


I am creating a package using "System.IO.Packaging.Package" class.

when does the  "[Content_Types].xml" gets added to the created package. I am missing the xml file in the generated package.

Also in my code I am not closing the package till the end of the application and the xml is missing if the application get crashed in between only. else it is there.


File MPR.dll Missing

Where can i download that file?

In Log-shipping what is load delay period on secondary server - Skipping log backup file since load


During logshipping, job on secondary server is ran successfully BUT give this information

"Skipping log backup file since load delay period has not expired ...."

What is this "Load delay period" ? Can we configure this somehow, somewhere ?

NOTE : The value on "Restore Transasction Log tab", Delay Restoring backups at least = Default (zero minutes)


Think BIG but Positive, may be GLOBAL better UNIVERSAL.

Using SQL CE 3.5 in a framework 4.0 environment. Missing file msvcr80.dll


Hi, we have an application that use SQL CE 3.5, distributed to several desktop machines via clickonce. The application has the framework 4.0 as prerequisite. To redistribute SQL CE 3.5 we followed the instructions provided at this page : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa983326.aspx in the section "Private File–Based Deployment".

On one client machine, with XP SP3, and only framework 1.1 and framework 4.0 installed, we got an error, because the dll "msvcr80.dll" required by "sqlceme35.dll" was not found.

I remark that .net framework 2.0 and 3.5 are NOT installed on that machine.


Is there any prerequisite that we can add in the Visual Studio project that contains msvcr80.dll and any other dll required by SQL CE 3.5?


Daniele Bortoluz

BEDIN Shop Systems

Sharepoint 2010 AD Sync - missing picture from AD to pictureURL


Hi all:

I have followed Jie Lie (Technical sharepoint Product Manger) steps in entirety (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/opal/archive/2009/11/19/user-profile-sync-setup-in-sharepoint-server-2010-beta.aspx), my sync with AD is working fine except it is not pulling the pictures in the AD.

Here is my issue, we have photos of all employees stored as domain.xyz.jpg in the custom attribute (emp_pics_2001) with type string, but the picture url type is url (is this the culprit type change), I am using the custom attribute to map the field in the Sharepoint 2010 miis client.

I am using the below url to do the set up: http://goodbadtechnology.blogspot.com/2010/05/setting-up-pictureurl-user-profile.html

i did check the profile db picture url field is NULL, i have all the other values for person except the picture.., I have already wasted more than 2 days in figuring this out

If i just get domain.xyz.jpg pulled to sharepoint, then i can prefix a url in front of it using powershell
I am using a full trusted service account with full permissions to the domain

please help me out..

thank you


Missing "Foreach File Enumerator and Foreach Item Enumerator"


Ever since installing SQL Server 2005 SP1, when using the Foreach Loop
container in SSIS the Foreach File Enumerator and Foreach Item Enumerator are
missing from the Enumerator drop down box.  Anyone else seen this issue?  and
know how to fix it?




FIMSynchronizationService starting error: Missing object from Sync DB?


Hi everyone,

I've been trying to solve some issues I've been having with the user profile service. I had it running great without problems. However I had to change a setting, then everything just stopped working and never came back alive. I wound up deleting the service profile then recreating it however now I'm just getting a whole different error. I tried searching the internet but couldn't find any solutions. Anyway here is the error I receive in the application log:


The server encountered an unexpected error and stopped.
 "ERR: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(5580): Query (select count(*) from [mms_management_agent]) performed with error
ERR: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(5633): Invalid object name 'mms_management_agent'.
ERR: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(5641): hrError: 0x80040e37, dwMinor: 208
ERR: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(5796): SQL error: 42S02, native: 208
BAIL: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(2897): 0x80040e37
BAIL: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(4114): 0x80040e37
ERR: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(5580): Query (select fixed_schema_version_number from [mms_server_configuration] ) performed with error
ERR: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(5633): Invalid object name 'mms_server_configuration'.
ERR: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(5641): hrError: 0x80040e37, dwMinor: 208
ERR: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(5796): SQL error: 42S02, native: 208
BAIL: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(2897): 0x80040e37
BAIL: MMS(4420): sql.cpp(2738): 0x80040e37

.cs file not in sync with .aspx


Whenever I add a CheckboxList control to my page in design view, I'm not seeing the corresponding protected variable that the form designer automatically adds in the .cs file. 

Also, I can't find the OnInit method and InitializeComponent methods in my .cs file. I don't think I deleted them. How to restore this page in proper order ? How could have they disappeared?

 I'm using the AJAX Extensions/ .Net 2.0 / VS 2005 / developing on XP Professional / IIS on a Windows 2000

 Thanks all.

preupgradecheck missing file

I ran the stsadm preupgradecheck this morning as we make our way toward SP2010 and it indicated a missing config file.  It gave me the ID of the file, but how do I find out what file it's expecting to see?

C# reading Java/Php/SOAP service, WSDL generated file missing some namespace information

I'm trying to use a Web Service, which I believe is Java/php/SOAP, using C#.
I can connect and send fine, but the results, which are an array of information,
is null. The return is not instant, and I can get back errors.
I believe the problem is in the WSDL translation. The actual response coming back
does not line up with the WSDL generated code in reguards to namespaces. In
perticular, 'getCategoryTreeResponse' & 'getCategoryTreeResult' do not show up 
in the generated file.
I'm quite sure the WSDL file provided is poorly written but I have no control
over it. WSDL.exe only works when I pass a saved copy of the web service's
provided WSDL information due to the way it is called.

Log-shipping - How to sync two different databases - Primary is Live and Seconday is for Archiving



SQL server 2005 64 bit standard edition sp3. I have performed the following steps

  1. Created a full back of MainDB Employee database.
  2. Restored as PDB1 with Full recovery (Test Primary Database) from same above backup.
  3. Restored as SDB2 with Stand by option(test Secondary database) from same above backup.
  4. Deleted few OLD employees records in PDB1 (Pupose is to remove unwanted hisoric records from the Live OLTP DB).
  5. Changed the recovery model of PDB1 to simple and then shrinked the log file and the change the recorvey model back to FULL.
  6. Now Created log-shipping between PDB1 as primary and SDB2 as seconday. Setuped successfully. No problem
  7. Now LSBackup job creating .trn transaction files after every specific interval on primary PDB1 and also LSCopy job successfully copies all transaction files to seconday SDB2.
  8. Problem is LSRestore job runs successfully but skip all transaction file every time. "Could not apply this log to SDB2....."
  9. I think its something to do with LSN ... may be.

The reason i am doing this all is to remove historic record from live database every month and then also keep latest records in Sync with Archived SDB2 database which will contain everything. This approach will also give automatic update of latest records and sync them wi

Error when saving file from Word: This file cannot be saved because some properties are missing or


I am receiving an error when trying to save a file from Word into SharePoint: "This file cannot be saved because some properties are missing or invalid"

I have got two different Content Types for this Document Library: "Policies" and "Procedures". Both documents have got exactly the same required fields, all required fields are displayed in the Document Information Panel. If I try to save a "Policy" the saving process works fine, if I try to save a "Procedure" I get the above error.

It's as if the Procedure had an additional required field, but I cannot figure out where that would come from? If I go to manage the Content Types and check the list of fields, I can clearly see which fields are required and which aren't.

Is there something I am missing? Or could one Content Type be corrupt? If so, how do I fix it without messing up all the files that have already been posted using this Content Type?

how to shrink transaction log file in log shipping


I have 200GB 5 databases on one server i change there recovery model to full on monday and took full backup on monday.took differential backup on friday no log backup during this period and configure logshipping but because of 5 day database did not ran log backup transaction log size went up to 70gb each but now with transaction log backup job transaction log size came down to 20 gb used but it is not able to free up unused space it has 98% unused space.

Dbcc shrink file does not help

Log file is growing in secondary server (MSSQL 2005 log shipping)



logshiping is configured in our enviroment between SQL2005 SP3 Enterprise edition , we made the online secondary server for testing perpose. now again we have restored the latest full backup (size was 1000gb) into secondary server for maintaining the logshipping with norecovery mode . everything was fine and both databases is also in sync mode. but i have shrink the log file into promary server and database size reduced to 700Gb then automated backup happened and same backup is restored into secondry srever but secondry server log file size is still showing 350GB.

plz help us how to reduce the log flle of secondry srever, current status is

Primary server DB size is 750gb (50gb log)

secondary srever Db size 1050gb (350gb log)

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