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Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Does anyone know what will happen to sys.sysindexes.rowmodctr?

In Books Online it says that sys.sysindexes will go away in a future version of SQL Server, but there is no new way to check if there has been any modifications since the statistics was last updated.

Ola Hallengren

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Deprecated Features - Sysindexes table


Hi All,

I read an article about deprecated features and sysindexes is marked as not supported under list "Features Not Supported in a Future Version of SQL Server" (system tables).

However I am surprised to see that sp_udpatestats procedure still uses sysindexes table for picking up rowmodctr column for verifying the indexes that got modified after last stats calculation, and this procedure is not using the new DMV's introduced in SQL 2005 like physical index stats, stats calculated date, last_user_modified_date etc.

Also sp_updatestats is not marked for deprecation. When applications depending on SQL server are modifying the code/re-writting to move to the new catalog views/DMV's, I would expect SQL Server system stored procedures also get modified accordingly.

It's just a thought and never know if MS can consider this request...



Thanks, Kumar
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