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Audits For SYSAdmin Ids

Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server


Can pls anyone tell me how i can implement audits for  a particular sysadmin role? I'm not able to do it for a particular table. I have bussiness requirement wherein i have to monitor the insert update and selects statements being run by a sysadmin role member on a particular table.




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Problem with users needing sysadmin server role to connect to db

When we create a new user in SQL Management Studio 2005 and give it just the public server role, it does not allow us to connect to the db. We found that we had to give it the sysadmin server role in order to allow it to connect to the db. We are using a UDL file in order to test connect. It seems that this is true for all users we create in SQL Management Studio 2005. Is there a way where we can change it so that users are not required to have the sysadmin server role in order to connect to a db? We would like it so that if they have at least the public server role, they should be able to connect to the db.

NT Authority \System Account Having SysAdmin Server Role


Looking to tighten security access to a SQL Server 2008 instance based on Windows 2003 Server clusters.

Is their any downside risk to revoking the sysadmin role from this account?  We've established all our services to run under domain service accounts we had set up.

Are there features or functions in SQL 2008 that depend on this account being present and having elevated priviledges?




Login is valid, but server access failed. Windows App can't login unless assigned SysAdmin.


I put a similar plea for help in the ADO forum but haven't gotten responses. I have a feeling this is a better place to put this post. If someone thinks it should go elsewhere please let me know.

I've been stuck on this problem for a day and a half. I wrote a windows form application in C# that works flawlessley for myself and the other network admins. As soon as a normal user tries to use it it fails.

Our environment has XP workstations. SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, on Windows 2003 server.

My application makes several connections but I wrote it so that it would test and give give meaningful error mesages every time it tried to connect to SQL server. The very first connection it tries to make fails, which thankfully forces the application to exit before ay other connections are made. This first piece is very simple. It runs a stored procedure that adds the user name and the current time to a table. For normal users, I instantly get the error "Login failed for Domain\User". When I looked at the SQL Server logs, I see [Error :18456, Severity:14, State: 11.] which is telling me that the Login is valid, but server access failed.

We suspected it was a domain rights issue since the network admins can run the aplication successfully, but as it turns out the network admins and developers all have the SQL role "sysadmin". If

Login is valid, but server access failed. Windows App can't login unless assigned SysAdmin.


I'm not sure if this belongs here or in a SQL Server forum.  It's an ADO.NET application though so I'm posting it here first.

Here is our environment.  XP workstations.  SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, on Windows 2003 server.

We are putting together our first C# windows-based SQL application.  We want to install it on 50 to 100 workstations.  The first piece is very simple.  It starts by running a stored procedure which adds the user name and the current time to a table.   

If I put a test user into the SQL Server role [sysadmin] it works flawlessly.  If the user is not assigned that role I get the error "Login failed for Domain\User".  When I looked at the SQL Server logs, I see [Error :18456, Severity:14, State: 11.] which is telling me that the Login is valid, but server access failed.  Obviously, I don't want to give all our users sysadmin rights.


Essentially, we're trying to figure the minimum security settings that will allow our windows users to read, write, and delete from tables in a database, and execute stored procedures.  We thought we understood the security settings but we're missing something.  I don't know how to start with "sysadmin" and remove priveleges one at a time.

Here are a few things w

Unable to set BUILTIN\Users to sysadmin



I am trying to set BUILTIN\Users as sysadmin using command line but it doesnt seem to work, can anyone see where I am going wrong. I am using SQL08 R2 Express


How can sysadmin change the connection manager for a DTS package?


I am sysadmin user on a database server for SQL Server 2005.

I need to change the connection string that use 'sa' to another account. But I don't know how to change the data manager connection for the package 'XYZ'.

Any help would be appreciated ?



Restricting access to SQL Server box from using sysadmin user


Is there any way we can restrict a particular sys admin sql user from accessing database on the production enviornment?

There are couple of people who knew the password and keep accessing via this user in the manageemnt studio.

Is it possible to achieve thru policy management?

Give non-sysadmin user access to SQL Agent Jobs


Hi, I have a situation where a group of users (domain ad group) need access to create and edit SQL Agent Jobs. The group can not be sys admin. I tried with the server role SQLAgentOperatorRole. but that doesn't give access to edit all SQL Agent Jobs, only the one that the users owns.

Thanks in advance

SQL Server 2008 R2 Group Logins as Sysadmin


I have a new SQL 2008 R2 Standard installed on Win 2008 R2 in mixed authentication mode.  I can add my domain account as a Login with sysadmin permissions and connect via SSMS both locally when ran with admin and remotely from an XP workstation.

However, if I attempt to add a domain or local group, of which I am a member, to the login, grant that login/group sysadmin privledges, I am unable to login after removing my dedicated account.  I have read a number of posts that refer to elevating SSMS, etc but that is not the case with my issue as I am doing that and also attempting login from XP.

My exact error messages are:

Login failed for user 'xxxx\yyyyy'. Reason: Token-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error. Check for previous errors. [CLIENT:]

Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 11.
Seems silly to add each administrator directly and not be able to use an AD Group.

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