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This will sound redundant...

Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

/schedule/pages/JobList.asp, line 15 which corresponds to line 15 (below)

Server=Rigel2;Database=HagenSQL;Uid=cfroot; Pwd=######;

I feel like there's a permission setting in SQL server not allowing our intranet to access the database, and/or maybe the string is not coded properly. I'm not an ASP programmer, so any help on the SQL or ASP side would be appreciated.




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UI Frontiers: Sound Generation in WPF Applications


A good case could be made that computers should not make noise except in response to a specific user command. We're going to ignore that and show you how to play custom sounds in a WPF application.

Charles Petzold

MSDN Magazine February 2010

C++ at Work: Web Version Checking, Adding Sound to an App


This month: CWebVersion revisited using HTTP instead of FTP, and adding sounds to an MFC-based app.

Paul DiLascia

MSDN Magazine May 2006

Advanced Basics: The Sound of Music


So you've got a burning desire to accompany your application's splash screen with a rousing chorus of "Funky Cold Medina" (that's Tone Loc for those of you who aren't children of the 80s). Prior to working with Visual Studio® 2005, adding even simple tunes and system sounds to your application could be a challenge.

Brad McCabe

MSDN Magazine January 2006

No sound when playing MPEG video in MediaElement

Hi, I am writing a multimedia centre using the WPF MediaElement control, the project is very mature and going really well. However I get no audio when my player plays a .MPG file. I have tried installing lots of different codec packages on my test machine but to no avail. The same files have audio when loaded in WMP but not in my WPF application. I am developing on an XP machine and on that I get sound, but on my target machine, Windows 7, no sound! Other formats such as AVI etc do not have this problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

this might sound really strange..

Hello guys, I hope this is the right forum to post this. Anyway,  before i replaced my HD with a new one, i backed up everything on an external HD. After installing windows XP, i installed VWD2008 and all was good, then i tried to install SQL server 2005. have no idea why a blue screen popped up. anyway i had no other solution rather than Restoring the System.After system restore, i found out that all of my aspx.cs files are GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEM.and the strangest thing is that they were deleted from the external HD i had!i did a little research in google. i've found out that system restore might delete *.CS files as they were system files.Okay i might understand that. BUT.. why they were deleted from the external hard drive also?IM really confused.. u really dont care right now what caused this.. i just need help with getting all of my CS files backis there any way ? other than using Reflector software or any Recovery softwares, cuz it did not help at all. PLEASE. HELP ME ASAP!


I am using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express with C#.  How do I put sound bytes on a Web page? 

How to prevent click sound on Frame.Navigate()


I have an application with several different forms which need to be filled in one after the other, so I thought I'd use a frame with pages.

However, I don't want a click sound when navigating to the next page.

Is it possible to get rid of it?

If not I have just discovered that I can set the source Uri instead but it would be nice to be able to use Frame.Navigate().




I am using Web Developer 2008 Express.  I have successfully placved a sound object on a page.  I would like to turn the sound off and on with a button, but I don't see any attribute that allows me to do it.  I tried setting the volume to 0 but that didn't work.  How can I turn the sound on and off? 

Play Sound on Notification Pop Up


Hi All,

I wonder is it possible to play a sound  for example when i have a notification pop up?

If so please kindly assist.

Thank you in advance.

Warmest Regards,


Redundant SQL code to "set up" my code behind. Can I put it in the global.asax?


I've moved away from using sqldatasources, and now I exeucte all my sql in my code behind.   However, I'm looking to make my codebehind a little more cleaner/neater.  For example, on one page, there are three stored procedures that must execute, and All three have these same 8 lines of code for each of my three stored procedures.   How can I condense my code behind to not always have to add this...

        SqlConnection conn = default(SqlConnection);
        SqlCommand comm = default(SqlCommand);
        SqlDataReader reader = default(SqlDataReader);
        string connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["xyz"].ConnectionString;
        conn = new SqlConnection(connectionString);
        comm = new SqlCommand();
        comm.Connection = conn;
        comm.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.StoredProcedure;


How can i play short sound when im over the button in C#?

i want, whenever i was over the button in C#, short sound will play
I,m CRAZY about learning NEW things.

How to make menus play Menu Popup sound

Programming in C# for .NET Framework 3.5:

I've noticed my Windows Forms menus (ToolStripMenuItems on a MenuStrip) do not make proper menu popup sounds when they open (a problem curiously shared by many flagship Microsoft applications, lately). How is this remedied? Is there just some flag I need to set somewhere? Or am I going to have to make a subclass of <some-ToolStrip*-class > and override <whatever-method-that-executes-when-menus-pop-up > so it properly makes sound? A bit of a daunting task for someone new to the language/library, however necessary.

If in fact the latter is necessary, any suggestions regarding the best class+method to override for the purpose?  Keeping in mind that I'd also like menu popup sounds for context menus, too.

MySites Authentication Best Practices - Eliminate redundant logins?


Greetings all,

Our users have started to adopt the new MySites, which is great! For the first time, we're getting questions like: "How do I add my photo into MySites" and "How do I build my professional network" or "Wow, the ask me about is a great feature!". These are most definitely wins for Microsoft (and their team's hard work).

However, we're also getting some questions, one of which has to do with why people are required to log in 1-2 extra times as they pass from our Intranet portal to their Mysite.

Theoretically, shouldn't the AD/login authentication information be passed directly through to the MySite? What can we do to make the transition from corporate intranet to mysite more seamless, e.g., not require an extra 1-2 logins?

Several notes w/ information:
(1) The Intranet and MySites resides on the same server, but (of course) are different site collections
(2) We're using standard authentication (not Kerberos)
(3) Both servers are on ssl - but that shouldn't make a difference, should it?

Thanks so much!


UserControl: Change image and play sound on MouseDown using only XAML?



I am trying to develop a UserContorl which shows an image that changes and plays a sound when MouseDown is raised. This is my UserControl:


<UserControl x:Class="Jugues.contacteButton"

Capturing and streaming sound by using DirectSound with C#

Today we'll speak about how to get sound from your microphone or any other DirectSound capturing device (such as FM receiver) and stream it out to your PC speakers and any other DirectSound Output device. So, let's start creating our first echo service by using managed DirectX.
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