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Columns not visable on report once deployed

Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Hi,Fairly new to reporting services and SQL, but I have designed a 3 column report in visual studio for labels. When I run locally and view there is only 1 column, if viewed in print preview the data is there and i can then print the label. When I deployd to our report server to be published on the web I can only see the one column which pushes the data to 4 pages (so ignoring the column formatting) and there is no print preview option.

How can I get the report to display the 3 columns of data once deployed to the web, also the print icon within the report when published to the web site does not work I recieve an error 'Error loading resourse library. (0x8007007e)'

I am using visual studio 2005 and SQL server 2005 sp3 on the report server

Please help


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Dynamic Columns Using Report Viewer Control

Hi,, I'm using Report viewer Control to generate reports.Currently i have static columns..I need to have columns created  based on the DB Query  results i.e., DB query will return more columns under certain conditions and less columns in another...In Short,Headers and column data will be known only at runtime.how can i bind the data dynamically...what can i do to accomplish this..

Drillthrough not functioning on deployed report (SSRS2008)

Hi I have a report with a drillthrough functionality on two cells in a tablix, the intention is for each cell to pass different parameters to the target report. The report fuctions exactly as expected when previewing in BIDS, each drillthough passing the appropriate parameters to the target report. However once the report is deployed (to a SharePoint environment), only one of the drillthroughs will function. In the other, the pointer recognises some kind of link (it changed to a 'clickable' icon) but it won't function (and there is no target displayed at the bottom of the browser as there is with the working link). I've cheked the html source for the page and it appears not to have an onclick command for the first cell (contianing the text 'BSC C701 - BIOCHEMISTRY (4 YR)(I)'): <TD ID="11iT0r9c0" class="a144c"><br/> <DIV class="a144"><br/> <DIV style="overflow-x:hidden;WIDTH:73.14mm;" class="r13"><br/> <DIV class="a143"><br/> <span style="font-style:normal;" class="a140">BSC C701 </span><br/> <span style="font-style:normal;" class="a141"> - </span><br/> <span style="font-style:normal;" class="a142">BIOCHEMISTRY (4 YR)(I) </span><br/> </DIV><

Report not getting deployed in Report manager



I have a report which I want to deploy in report manager but it's not getting deployed there. Let me give you guys a bit more detail.

 I have a report where I have used an OLE provider in the connectionstring to connect to a cube.  The properties of the connection string are Type - OLE, Provider - Microsoft OLE DB provider for Analysis Services 9.0. Connection string is, Provider=MSOLAP.3;Data Source=ServerName;Initial Catalog="Cube_Name".

I tried to use the Analysis services (as type) but in that case I was not able to connect itself. I have 2 servers, say A and B. I have BIDS installed in server "A", where I have created my report. In server "B" I have the Analysis Manager (AS 2000). So while creating the report in BIDS, I had to choose the OLE provider to connect to the cube. I tried initially with the Analysis services but in that case I was not able to see the list of cubes in the wizard for creating my DataSource.

Now my problem is that while the report runs perfectly fine in BIDS, as soon as I deploy it in the report manager (which is in the same server as where I have created my report in BIDS, in our case server A), i get an error,

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) Cannot c

Hiding Columns in Matrix (RS 2005) Report Based on Columns' Values



Is there a way to hide automatically columns in a Matrix type raport in RS 2005.  The columns I want to hide have only 'N/A' values in them because there is no data available to populate them.  Here is the example:

  Fall 2010 Fall 2009

SQL Report Service List data into columns



I showing my data in Report builder in LIST control. e.g I have 3 fields to show data in field (Name, Country, Age). currently its show data in one column I want to break data into newsletter column style.Is their any option in list two show data columns wise also

Currently:                                             but I want show data in Newsletter-style columns Like

-----------page---------------                     ------------------------------------page------------------------------

name,country,age                                     name,country,age                        name,country,age

-----------page---------------                 &n

Passing parameters between 2 SSRS reports deployed in report manager



I have created 2 reports in SSRS. In my 1st report there is a tablix, which contains many rows. The text in these rows act like hyperlink and upon click navigate to my 2nd report. This functionality is working fine in Visual Studio and also in report manager. But as soon as I deploy my reports in SharePoint site (using a page viewer web part), this functionality breaks. I can see when I take my mouse near the text in the Tablix it shows a URL like http://IP Address/Reportserver/

It's evident that the URL here is not forming correctly. Can anyone help me out in this issue. In my report for navigation purpose I had used Action -> Goto Report (report 2) and passing the parameters there.

Thanks in advance,


Matrix Report With Month/Year Columns - Display date even when there are no records for that month


I've created a matrix report that displays the quantity of different products  set to expire by month/year. The stored procedure returns records for a variety of products and each record contains an expiration date. If there are no products/records that contain an expiration date of lets say 6/2010 then 6/2010 will not appear as a column in the report.

I need a way to force these month/year columns to appear in the report.


Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can make that happen?


Rick Dowdall


Can someone show me how to remove blank columns from a matrix report with parameters?


I have a drilldown matrix report with 5 parameters that I group on. The users have the option of selecting any of these parameters when they preview the report. They can also select No grouping as one of the parameter option.   When I run the report and select for example, 4 parameters and the No grouping option, I get blank columns.  When I select no grouping, no data is displayed.  As a result, I get blank columns.  Is there a way to hide the blank columns?  I would appreciate any suggestions.  See table example below:



ssrs report parameters not coming on top of report when deployed on moss site



I have deployed ssrs report on moss site through integration mode but the parameter section of report is coming on right hand side of the page on moss site which is not desired.

I want the report parameters to be located on the top as they are seen in report preview.What should i do?

please help,


MS SQL Server: Search All Tables, Columns & Rows For Data or Keyword Query

If you need to search your entire database for specific data, this query will come in handy.

So when a client needs a custom report or some sort of custom development using Great Plains, most of the time I will have to track down the data in the system by running this query and find the table(s) it is in.

Adding Multiple Columns and Rows in GridView without using a Database

This article describes on how to add multiple columns and rows in GridView without using a database. Basically the GridView will be populated with data based on the values entered in each TextBoxes on Button Click and retain the GridView data on post back.

add columns with textboxes in gridview using C#

'm working on a shopping cart in a website and I have my items(which have been added to the cart) in an arraylist. And using these values I've read the rest of the values from the db and and have populated on the gridview successfully.

Custom Editing Behavior for DataGridView TextBox Columns

For various reasons I'm using a DataGridView instead of a ListView, and while configuring the DataGridView to look like a ListView wasn't much of a problem, there's one thing that got on my nerves, which is the behavior of textbox cells in edit mode: It is much too easy to leave the edit mode accidentally, simply by pressing the cursor keys at the wrong time. For example when the text caret is positioned behind the last character of the textbox cell content, and you press the right arrow key

Sorting GridView Columns Manually

We all know that GridView columns can be sorted automatically when SQLDataSource is being used. But what if you are not using SqlDataSource to populate the GridView. Sorting the GridView manually is pretty straight forward task take a look at the code below

dynamically adding sql server columns based on number of files in fileuploader


I want to create a new table to sql database at runtime.  The column names would be "Name", "Date", "Event".  I would also like to have one more column name "Image" but the problem is that since the amount of images will vary, I want the application to count the amount of files in the Multiple fileuploader and then add a image column to the table for the respected amount of files. 

For example if i am uploading 3 files in the multiple fileuploader, the names should be "Name", "Date", "Event", "Image1", "image2", Image3"

I also would like that table name to be name dynamically from the textbox Name when the user enters the information.


I have the following code to make a new table, but I dont know how to name the fields at runtime like previously asked please help!!!


Dim objConn As New SqlConnection("Server=<servername>;uid=<userid>;pwd=<password>;database=master")


Alternating row background for first column of a report


is there a way to make the first column of a report use the an alternating background color? 

I have the background color set for the entire row however it does not work for the first column if the color is set to an expression.  If I just set it to a color i.e. red it works just fine. If I insert a dummy column to the left it works just fine (but the dummy column does not work, presumably because it is first??).

In the file below only the textbox for part number does not show an alternating background.  All others work correctly.

                    <Textbox Name="PartNumber">

How to let user edit selected gridview columns, not entire row



I've got a gridview I would like to let the user edit a couple of columns.  Seems like everything I'm coming across so far makes the entire row editable.  

Hopefully the solution isn't too complicated.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


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