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70-536 Exam Inputs

Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework

Hi I am new to MCTS exams. I just finished reading MCTS 70-536 preparation kit book. I am planning to take exam in next two days.

Could anyone suggest me a plan to pass the exam?

I need below info please.

Number of Q's in Exam:

Minimum Marks to Pass the Exam:

Q's pattern:

Practice Exams links:



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Need suggestions on Online Exam Application



I am thinking about creating an online exam application  using asp.net + C # and Server. To do this need some suggestion and help from experts.

My requirements are:-


  1. All Questions and answers will be stored in sql server database.
  2. Questions should be choose randomly for each candidate.
    • What method should I use to choose the questions randomly?
  3. If anything  happened unexpectedly and application get closed during the online exam .I need to get the same group of questions for the specific candidate
    • How can we handle these kind of situation

MCTS 70-503 Practice exam about service object instancing

The question says the default behavior for instancing service object is that each instance is associated with one user-defined service object, but in the book, 'MCTS Self Training Kit', it is said that the default behavior is PerCall. Is this a bug in the practice exam?

Exam Time Remaing ASP.NET 2.0 w/ VB

Hi all, I have created an online exam where the student has 90 minutes to complete the exam. When they click the Start Exam button, the current time is added to my WRITTEN_EXAM table that has a a time field called timeSTAMP. How can I add a Label or other control at the bottm of each page that will calculate the time remaining based on the value in the  timeSTAMP field to display the time remaining to complete the exam. Our web site is hosted with a 3rd party that does not support AJAX, so AJAX is not an option. Thanks in advance,

Need inputs on Perfmon data


SQL Experts ,

Need your inputs here .what can be deduced out of the below information  

-> If SQL Server working set is 270 MB but total/target server memory is 14 GB <-- Does this looks OK ??Why the working set is so less while the total and target is 14GB 
-> Processor queue length of 1
-> Lots of wait on Exclusive Latch :

Wait Type                        Requests       Wait Time      Signal Wait Time
-------------------------------- -------------- -------------- ----------------
LATCH_EX                           7.1021616E+7   1.1550805E+8          8713093 <-- Mainly I am interested in knowing this

-> Memory grants outstanding are 3

-> Buffer cache hit ratio is 99.8 and page life expectency is 306 sec  <---Which is good


Abhay Chaudhary OCP 9i, MCTS/MCITP (SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2005 BI) ms-abhay.bl

how to log all inputs for each stored procedure? plss help as I am new to sql server


Hi ,

I have upto 16 calculators(I mean 16 stored procedures) in one database.How do I log all inputs for each calculater(each stored proc)?.Most of the variables are not populated in the output table so it became hard to reproduce.The variables are not consistant across all the 16 procs . Do I need to set up new table for these inputs?

your help would be appreciated ..pls help how do I create a table or write a common proc ? Your help with the idea and code will be greatly appreciated!



sql server exam 70-433 query



im preparing for sql server 2008 developer certification, i studied preparation material from measureup, microsoft, and real, but i need a material which contains only the certification related questions, like a sql server dump for certification, can anybody tell me where i can find this, plz.........



Merge join and IsSorted for joining more than 2 inputs


I have an XML file like this:


 <e1 myvalue="test">



   <detail value1="hello" value2="world" />

   <detail value1="

Microsoft exam 70 515



I, of course, don't know this. That's why i'm asking. I've found this blog,


Can you take a look and tell me whether this is enough for the exam? Or can you point me to other free resources to complete the picture?

Sincerely thanks, Andrei

ASP.NET doesn't validate PageMethod inputs


I tried to send html from client side and no error occurred. Is there any way to stop this or I have to check each param on server side ?

MCTS exam - XML problem


I'm studying for the MCTS exam  with the MS SQL Sever 2005 exam Implementation and Maintenance book and am using files downloaded from the books CD for Chapter 8 Lesson 1.  It concerns using XML.  The script creates a new database and table then inserts data into the table.  There seems to be no problem when I execute the script to create the database (TK431) and the table (UniversalLog).  But when I try to insert the data into the table, I get the following message:


Msg 6908, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
XML Validation: Invalid content. Expected element(s): error,post,information. Location: /*:logRecord[1]


P.S.  -  I've downloaded the SQL 2005 on a Virtual PC, if that's any consequence.


Here's the script:


-- Create a new database


USE TK431Chapter8

-- Create an XML Schema Collection

declare @schema XML
   BULK '\\tsclient\C\Chapter8\Lesson 1\logRecordSchema.xsd', SINGLE_BLOB) AS TEMP(c)

-- Rob's Note: The only slight chang

Search Exam Result


Hi i need to develop a page that displays results of students using their roll no as search parameter. I have no problem with that.

My issue is that i need to develop a form to store the invidual results of each students by their class teachers. i am not getting any ideas.

The fields im going to use are

Exam Name. Halyearly/Annul

Student Name.

Roll no.

Subjects. Subjects differ for each class


I dont want the class teachers to type the subject names while entering the marks for each student. How can i get the subject names of a class and store them and then create a form to insert marks for those subjects.


Please help. I am confused

I have a scenario with GridView - Need inputs



  I have GridView that pulls a datasource that returns many a thousands of records. I am thinking of a scenario where I just pull the frist 1000 records and display them. And if user is interested to view the rest of the records then go to the database and display the other 1000 records and so on.

The things I need to figure out are below:

1).Is there way I can put a link that reads "Click here for newxt 1000 records" right next to the paging (pager at the bottom of the grid). If so then how do I go about it.

2).How do I get only the first set amount of records (say first 500 or 1000 ...) out of thousands of recrods from the datasource. Is there an in ADO.NET to use or can any body proivde some inputs?


We are using .NET 3.5 and SQLserver 2008.


Thanks in advance,




How to clear SQL Exam in www.ranksheet.com?



Can anyone let me know the question pattern and the methods to clear Free SQL Server Exam and Online Certification with www.ranksheet.com



Microsoft Certification Exam Software

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Preparing Exam:70-486 - Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

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