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Excel won't search and find numbers

Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

my excel program will not search and find numbers in new documents.!!!
Spreadsheets I prepare now which have numbers do not respond to the search command when I search for numbers.

If i search for a number, say 7647, i find several files that contain that number.

If I create a new spreadsheet with the number 7647 in it, save it, and then search for 7647, that spreadsheet does not show up in the list.

Also, if I search for a number in an older sheet, say 2345, and find one that has that number, and then ADD to that spreadsheet a new number , say 3456, save it, and search for 3456, that sheet is not found. So i can find all existing numbers that are there, but I can not search an find NEW numbers added to an old spreadsheet, nor to a new one.

It is like i have done something to my computer or excel program that is causing the search for numbers to not work.

The same is NOT true for text searches...They work fine all the time.

Also the Number search works fine in Word Documents, but not in excel.

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We implement search providers for both Live.com and SharePoint so you can take advantage of either in your own applications.

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Can I search Office Documents (Excel, Word etc) in WSS 3.0 without having to install MS Office?



Does WSS 3.0 come with the filters for searching MS Office Documents or do you have to have MS Office installed on WSS 3.0 Server?



Search does not find text in Word document stored in document library on a Report Center site within



We have a document library on a site created off of the Report Center site template. We uploaded a Word 2007 document with the word zebra in the text. Using the search bar at the top of the page we selected This list: Our document library and searched for zebra. We received no results.

We tested the same thing on another site (site template Team site) within the same site collection and search worked fine.

Does the Report Center search function differently then the search functionality on the Team site?

Tamara Bredemus SharePoint Minion...working up to Maven

Excel file not showing in search results

We have a strange issue. I have one Excel document (or at least one that I am aware of) that will not show up in search results for content within the document. I can find the document by title just fine, but when I search for words within the document I do not see it. The document was originally a 2003 Excel document and was recently converted to 2007. Other than that there isn't really anything unusual about it (some formatting stuff, but mainly just background colors and whatnot, nothing fancy). The crawl log shows the document was crawled without error. Anyone know anything else I can check on?

How to do wide search and export the records to excel file in ASP.net C# ?


This is my MYSQL  database connection :-

public static OdbcConnection Connection = new OdbcConnection("Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};Server=localhost;Database=jdmcrm; User=root;Password=admin;");

My table name is "customer" and  fields liek customerId , companyName , address and date ;

How to do wide search and export the records to excel file ? im quite new in asp.net .

Pls advise . Thanks





How to create a "search function" to find files and folders using C++ windows forms?

As mentioned above, how can I make a windows forms application that searches for files and folders specified by the user and display results in a ListBox? Thanks in advance another question: How can I make a textbox transparent? I would be really grateful if anybody told me what books are good to learn windows forms using C++? thanks again

Search cannot find contents of the PDF file

I have small SharePoint 2010 Server with 2 servers. Steps I made: 1. I have Downloaded and installed Adobe’s 64-bit PDF iFilter to the Front-End machine 2. I have downloaded Adobe PDF icon and inlucluded to the DOCICON.XML. 3. I have added PDF as supported file type 4. I have restarted IIS 5. I have made full crawl 6. Crawl log showed no errors. All items were succesfully crawled. Results: A) PDF icon displayed b) Search based on PDF document name works fine C) Search based on words inside PDF document is not found. What should I do? Reference: http://www.sharepointsharon.com/2010/03/sharepoint-2010-and-adobe-pdf/Kenny_I

Need to find File Share Excel Rendering time--SSRS 2008

we are using SSRS 2008 file share subscription to generate EXCEL reports,Requirement here is need to find the file rendering/completion time in order to send the excel file as attachement using xp_senddbmail. Your help is highly appreciated-- Sathish

Can't find Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll



I am trying to use this namespace and downloaded the O2003pia.exe from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/897646.


I ran the msi and see the Interop files in the GAC but when I try to 'Add a Reference' in VS2005, I do not see any of the Interop namespaces.


I already had Office 2003 installed before I ran the above msi.


What else am I doing wrong. Why aren't these included with VS2005 in the first place..............


Please help,



Custom search to document library to find specific document



I have a document library with having multiple folders approx 100 (001 to 100) , each folder is having multiple document ,Every folder in that document library contains 50000 documents , Document library has some fileds like Fname, Lname,Document Type [Look up field] having value(Genral,Average,Advance) . now the problem is to search these documents with using custom search as per requirement

the user wants a webpart where it has 2 textbox [FName and LName] and a dropdown [Document type] and a button , using this the user can enter the first name , last name and selecting document type from the dropdown and finally clicking the search button filters the document library. 

my problem is with that how the value of this search criteria can be passed to the Document library.How these webpart can be connected with custom search or do we have any other way to search.




SSIS cannot find excel columns when using SQL command to import

I'm trying to import an Excel file, but receive the following error during the process:

Validation is completed
[DTS.Pipeline] Information: Prepare for Execute phase is beginning.
Progress: Prepare for Execute - 0 percent complete
Progress: Prepare for Execute - 33 percent complete
Progress: Prepare for Execute - 66 percent complete
Progress: Prepare for Execute - 100 percent complete
[DTS.Pipeline] Information: Pre-Execute phase is beginning.
Progress: Pre-Execute - 0 percent complete
[Source - Individuals$ [1]] Error: Column "Last Name 2" cannot be found at the datasource.
[DTS.Pipeline] Error: component "Source - Individuals$" (1) failed the pre-execute phase and returned error code 0xC0202005.

My Excel Source is using "SQL command" data access mode:
Select * from [Members$]

Is there something that I'm missing when using the 'SQL command' mode? Thanks in advance for any help.

keyword search - anyone got code or know where I can find it, tips ?


I need to search some records for one or more keywords ( user entered) and then display them in order of matching i.e. at the top all 3 keywords, at the bottom, just one keyword found.

Before I do this.... has anyone done it before ?

I was going to go through each sql record and search for the words, presume that best way ?

how to add search for available domain name and find information about specific one ?


Hello All , 

i have a task to add search for available domains and also to find some information about specific one

anyone has any background about how to do that or there is any web services that provide this functionality 

Thanks in advance

Where can I find 32bit version of Microsoft.SharePoint.Search.dll?



I'm trying to develop some PSI Extensions for use on our corporate network. However, I cannot copy the above DLL from the server to my development machine as it is a 64bit server!?! We don't have a 32bit instalation package to extract a 32bit version from...

Is there anywhere I can get a copy of the 32bit version so I can do some local development and succesfully build my assembly?

Any help greatly appreciated...




SSIS package to import excel 2007 with different column numbers



I have an already developed SSIS 2005 package which can import maximum of 50 columns of *.xlsx file. The file format is same except with the column numbers. I have many components in SSIS package (e.g. unpivot data, derrived column etc) which are developed for 50 columns. The package works fine for importing 50 columns. But sometimes it fails for excel sheet having 12 columns (columns < 50) it gives error for the source columns cannot be found. Surprisingly, if the contents are copied to another file it may work but not surely. Please let me know if I can do anything in existing package.

Thanks in advance,

Sql query to find continuos sequence of numbers




I have a table of structure below.

create table table_1

(id bigint identity(1,1),

stringnum varchar(20)



insert into table_1 values('2130')

insert into table_1 values('2131')

insert into table_1 values('21320')

insert into table_1 values('21321')

insert into table_1 values('21322')

insert into table_1 values('21323')

insert into table_1 values('21324')

insert into table_1 values('21325')

insert into table_1 values('21326')

insert into table_1 values('21327')

insert into table_1 values('21328')

insert into table_1 values('21329')

insert into table_1 values('2133')

insert into table_1 values('2134')

insert into table_1 values('2135')

insert into table_1 values('2136')

insert into table_1 values('2137')

insert into table_1 values('2138')

insert into table_1 values('2139')




I am trying to compress these stringnums i.e for example

if a complete range exists say 21320 21321,21322...21329 (i.e if the number is ranging from 0-9) then the last digit of the number can be eliminated so that the result is

2132 ( which is equivalent to 21320-21329 )


this elimination of la

Cannot find Search settings


Hi All,

I installed WSS 3.0 and set up the central administration. When I went to "Services in Farm". I found Windows SharePoint Services Search" available but stopped. When I click on it to Start it I get the setup for all the user names and the database. It got configured without errors but now when I go back to the Services page. The Search service is gone!

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have no idea what the problem is!!


Here are some related logs from Event Viewer:

The search service started.

Could not import the registry hive into the registry because it does not exist in the configuration database.

Successfully stored the application configuration registry snapshot in the database.

Context: Application 'Search index file on the search server'

Catalog: Search. A master merge was started due to an external request.

A master merge has completed for catalog Search.



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