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How to post to Discussion board in sharepoint from external email id?

Posted By:      Posted Date: December 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


How to post to Discussion board  in sharepoint from external email id?

I have done all necessary settings in central admin.



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Profile Pictures not displayed in Discussion Board in SharePoint 2007

Picture Placeholders are displayed instead of Profile Images in Discussion boards in MOSS 2007 but when you click on the user, their pictures appeared in MySites, also with Search People. How to fix this?!

Email this Post in SharePoint Blog is not working for Lotus Notes 6.5


I have tried "Email this Post" in a SharePoint blog. I got the email as desired, but the doesnot resolve the post.

Here are the link examples:

I got the link in email as mentioned below:


But i should get as below to resolve the link:


Any ideas?


Discussion board template of SharePoint 2007 not working properly


Use case 1 – Discussion board to suggest change to documents

 User adds a suggestion. The discussion board needs fields like module name, document name, section name and reason for a change etc.


 Problem 1 – When I try to add fields to the discussion board – When a user wants to post a reply to a suggestion, user screen shows the new item form and all fields instead of just a reply or comment field. Need help how can I ensue user only sees reply or comment field?


 Problem 2 – If I make these changes in the discussion board template through SharePoint designer 2007 and later if we plan to upgrade to SP 2010. Do I have to redo the changes I did on old discussion board or will upgrade take care of migration of the changes to new discussion board template available with SP 2010? 




Sharepoint discussion board


I am using content approval in a discussion.

The problem is: whenever administrator approves a pending post then Admin`s image replaces post creator`s image.


I want to display the image of post creator (or who reply a  post) not the image of last modifier image.

Regarding Sharepoint Discussion Board- content type "Message"

Hi I am using following CAML query to display pending discussions in a discussion Board spQuery.Query = "<Where><And> <Eq><FieldRef Name='_ModerationStatus'  />  <Value Type='ModStat'>Pending</Value></Eq><Eq><FieldRef Name='ContentType'/>  <Value Type='Text'>Discussion</Value></Eq></And> </Where>"; now I want to display the replies inside a disussion with approval status- pending, So I just change the content type as Message  in above CAML Query. But its not working. Please provide C# code for above

How to Archive old topics of Sharepoint discussion board

Hi, I want to move the topics of a Discussion Board into another discussion board/ List on the basis of Last updated column value. Is this possible using sharepoint Object Model.

Customising the native SharePoint Discussion board

I am trying to customise a discussion board by adding a series of columns. when I create a new discussion this works well . I am presented with a form allowing me to assign values to the custom columns however when I create a reply to the discussion , the form presented to me is the same as that presented when I created a new discussion. Is there an "on_reply" event that I can trap to ensure that the reply inherits the data from the original discussion item ? can you suggest anyway I can ensure that the original data values are not reset when a user replies ? regards, Counie    

SharePoint 2010 Discussion Board



We are planning to start a discussion board / forum on our SharePoint environment. The default SP 2007 look and feel does not meet our requirements, we want a bit more user friendly look and feel. We will go to SP 2010 not long after release, can someone maybe post a print screen of an example of SP 2010 discussion board? Or extra info about the differences with SP 2007? Can find those on the internet.


Import Discussion Board from SharePoint to VS2010


Dear all

I started to work with SharePoint 2010 and VS2010 C#.

I already have created a Discussion Board in SharePoint

I want to add this discussion board to VS2010 and I want to make some modification on it.

Enable or disable a field depend on specific user.

I want to make some events too.

Please advice how I can do that.


Thank you,

SharePoint discussion board Subject url link


I need to customize a discussion board to get custom formating.  I am inserting a dataview of the discussion boar that has the subject field between others fields.

The problem that I have is that when it is in dataview form, the subject field is not anymore a link to the subject.  So I thought that it will be like other list, just placing a <a href.  But it is not the case.  The link to the subject is Flat.aspx and then some other stuff.  So my question is how do I re-create the url link of the subject?

Thank you.

SPEmailEventReceiver event not adding email to discussion board

If I catch an "EmailReceived" event, even if the only code I execute is as follows:

Public Overrides Sub EmailReceived(ByVal list As
 Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList, ByVal emailMessage As Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPEmailMessage, ByVal receiverData As String)

    MyBase.EmailReceived(list, emailMessage, receiverData)
End Sub

The e-mail message never makes it to the discussion board itself.  If I unattach the event, everything works as expected.

Is there a way that I can ensure the message automatically makes it to the discussion board?  If not, how would I go about adding the e-mail to the board?

Thanks in advance,

Custom Discussion Board List Definition in SharePoint 2010


Hi All,

I have created a custom discussion list definition using Visual Studio 2010 in SharePoint 2010. I had an issue, since by default, Visual Studio creates the custom discussion list definition as custom list. So, I have modified the my own Schema.xml with the standard SharePoint discussion Schema.xml by adding views section.

After deploying successfully, when i looked at the Threaded view, it gives a javascript error. I cannot open "Show Quoted Messages" link.

Could anybody face this problem? Please suggest on how to resolve this issue.


Chandrasekaran C N

Email Notification on Discussion Board


how is it possible to setup a Discussion Board in which the person that initially started the discussion is notified automatically when someone responds to his/her discussion?

The first issue here is, that I don't see an option to have an automatic Email notification setup for a user. I think SharePoint only provides a method to let users setup their Notifications. I need something, so that for the user which started the discussion the Email notification is setup automatically.

The second problem I have with Email notifications is, that if a user creates a notification rule that says notify me, as soon as someone else changes an item created by me, that by SharePoint responses are not recognized as "changes".

How can I solve these issues? Are there third-party tools that might provide a solution?

Modifying discussion board 'Alert me" Email Body

Hi i would like to modify the email body of alert me. I just don't like the link to modify the alerts in the body. in the alerts XML there is a variable for the entire body ( <![CDATA[$Resources:Lerts-weeklysummary;]]> ). how do i modify the content of body to remove "You can change this alert or any of your other alerts on the My Alerts on this Site page."

email body format is shown below

Alert 'English Primary Discussion - Weekly Alert' has successfully been added on 'English - Primary'.

You will receive alerts in e-mail. The timing and criteria for the alerts depend on the settings entered when the alert was added.

You can change this alert or any of your other alerts on the My Alerts on this Site page.

How to count number of viewer of a thread in sharepoint discussion board.


HI All,

I am working on sharepoint discussion board, I want to calculate the total number of viewers of a thread.

Just like a thread in MSDN forum Replies & Views.

is there any column in sharepoint discussion board to get number of views.

please tell me the approach or share the C# code.



SharePoint Designer - Send external email


Hi guys.

This is my problem:

I have a SharePoint List Item with with two fields: the first is a people field (corp. users) and the second is a text field for email external customers. This customers have hotmail or gmail email addresses.

I designed a workflow with SharePoint Designer for notifying both users and customers when a list item is created. This workflow has a only one step: send an email.

For users in the company (in the corp. domain) the worflow works fine and send the email to the users and they can check the notifications; but for customers that has a external email (like hotmail or gmail) the workflow does not send the email.

I wrote the customer email (customer@hotmail.com) in the To: field in the send email action fo the workflow for testing and is not send the email to the customer. I´ve set the outgoing email on the farm.

Is it necesary an additional configuration? Can SharePoint designer send a email to users that has email from Hotmail and others?

Thanks for any help.


SharePoint Blog remove links at end of post (posted by, Category, permalink, email this post, Commen


I have googled and searched for a way to change the links (remove and or edit) shown below:

Posted at 4:05 PM by THETEST\Administrator | Category: Category 1 | Permalink | Email this Post | Comments (0)

I got as far as changing the views for the Posts list, I un checked the Comment field. It still shows up, so I opend all of the views and unchecked the Comment field and it is still there. Do i need to approve the view? I have tried to see where the view is pending but I cannot.

Anyone have any ideas that can help me?

Thanks for your help.

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