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SQL2008R2 - Additional instance on SQL2005 Cluster

Posted By:      Posted Date: November 25, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Hi everyone,

I currently do have a SQL2005SP2 2-Node Cluster which is used for BizTalk2006R2.
We now plan to install BizTalk 2010, and I want to continue to use the cluster hardware. As I won't be able to shutdown the BizTalk2006R2 any time
soon, I need to install an additional SQL2008R2 instance on the existing cluster for the time until all BizTalk migrations are done.

This is my current Cluster Configuration:
Cluster Group:
- Backup LAN
- Cluster IP
- Cluster Name
- Quorum drive

SQL2005 Group
- SQL Drive
- Enterprise SSO
- SQL IP Address
- SQL Networkname
- SQL Server
- SQL Agent
- SQL Fulltext Search


Would it now be possible to add a new Cluster Group, assign a disc, ip address and name to it and install SQL2008R2 into it?

Thanks in advance,


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named instance sql server 2008 install on cluster

I have a production two-node cluster with sql server 2008 sp1 cu7 running over windows server 2008 sp2. If I were to install a new named instance on this live environment, would it impair the default sql server instance functionality? I'm not referring to processor/io while the install is in progress. My question specifically is would the install process by its nature bring down the default instance. I'm pretty sure it won't, but don't see any documentation that would confirm this. thanks.

sql server 2008 cluster multi instance

we have a cluster with 2 nodes and we are thinking to add another instance so that node 1 takes care of instance 1 and node 2 takes care of instance 2, and at anytime they are watching each other's back. How is this done???? what is the procedure? thanks.  

The SQL Server failover cluster instance name 'Server02' already exists as a clustered resource. S

Hello, I have a node of 2 servers of Win 2008 R2 Enterprise and trying to install a 2nd instance in a SQL 2008 R2 Cluster. I had SQL_INSTANCE2 previously installed that I removed from the two nodes. Now when I attempt to install it again from scratch, in setup GUI where I specify the SQL Server Network Name and enter the previously entered name "Server02", I get a failure in the setup with the following error message: "The SQL Server failover cluster instance name 'Server02' already exists as a clustered resource. Specify a different failover cluster instance name." How do I fix this problem, I don't want to enter a new name like "Server03" in order to proceed with the setup, because when I do enter "Server03" the setup does continue without an error message. So what am I missing? Do I have to ask the DNS administrator to see if there's an A record for "Server03" and have him delete it so that the setup works? Or the fix is by doing something else? I would appreciate any help. Thank you  

Add instance to SQL 2005 cluster


Here is my current setup

2 node cluster with 5 SAN disks

I have 2 SQL Network names setup with 1 SQL instance on each


M:\   500GB

N:\   100GB


O:\   250GB

P:\   100GB

I would like to create another instance called

PRODSQL2K5\MSSQLSERVER_2 using disks M:\ and N:\  

Is this possible and is there a document I can follow.  I ran thru the setup, but it wants me to create a new virtual name or can I add this thru the cluster management software.  The servers are running Server 2008 Enterprise and I am running SQL 2005 Enterprise

Installing an additional SQL Cluster Node



We have a 2 node SQL Failover Cluster (2008).

We wish to replace these 2 Servers (Virtual Machines) with 2 new ones.  I was hoping I could 'cheat' and instead of powering off both current Virtual Machines and then having to do the SQL install from scratch on the 2 new Servers. I could do the following instead:

A:  Add the 2 new Virtual Machines as additional Failover Clusters into the current SQL Environment (so we now have a 4 node SQL Cluster)

B:  Power off the 2 OLD Virtual Machines (so the 2 new Virtual Machines make up the new Cluster)

Would this work or would it be looking for certain files, etc that were installed on the Primary Node?

SQL2005 LogShipping or Cluster for my usage


Hello Everyone,

I have a situation where I have a siteA and a siteB with a SQLServer 2005 Standard Edition on both site. I want that siteA has the primary database and site B the secondary database but when the VPN between both sites is DOWN I would like that siteA will become secondary serving only the siteA and siteB become primary serving the siteB and every others sites.

I have tried Replication scenarios and log shipping. In final I would use log shipping but I have a problem when siteA become secondary I can serve siteA with database on siteA but when the VPN becomes UP I can't keep changes done on databse A.

What's the best approach in this kind of situation?

PS : My databse is used for Dynamics AX

Intermittent unavailability of an instance in a failover cluster while a standby node is offline.


Hi everyone.

I've got a small failover cluster that I run for the websites my company has. During a RAM upgrade of the standby server, our websites started to show errors about not being able to access the database server. I verified that the instance was indeed up and the server accessable via remote desktop.
I also tried a SQL connection to it and it worked, but that might have been after it became available again.

This happened on and off until we were able to roll back the hardware changes that were in progress on the standby server and we were able to bring it back up.

There was nothing of interest in the SQL Server log, but there is a continous log for the whole duration of the problem, so there was no restart of the SQL Server service. The event viewer is of more interest, since it shows events relating to the heartbeat network card, but I don't know how that would affect the availability of the server, since the standby node is offline. I'd appreciate any help you can provide, it's not very redundant if it also depends on the standby server being up. :)

Here are the event logs from the time of the problem:

Level Date and Time Source Event ID Task Category
Information 4/23/2010 10:55:56 AM Microsoft-Wind

Full text search missing from one instance on one node of 3 node MSSQL 2008 cluster


Hello to all, 

I just started at a new client and on becoming familiar with the environment, I noticed that one of our instances on one node is missing the full text search option. The instance is not active on this node but I fear that if we ever need to failover it wont work.

The full text option is installed on the active node instance and the other passive node.

How do I add the full text search option to the instance on the node thats missing it ?

thank you.


Depending on SQL2005 services on Windows 2003 Cluster



We have an SQL2005 cluster that is running ESRI ArcSDE. ESRI suggests that it depends on SQL Agent and this is how we have the resource dependency setup. We had a situation that we had to take SQL Agent offline and then abck online and this caused ArcSDE to stop as well. ArcSDE needs SQL to be active rather than SQL Agent and there could be other occasions that SQL Agent is in trouble and needs to be stopped/started as is used for our database backups. Is there a better dependency we could use or have we setup the dependency in the clustered services incorrectly?




Adding additional "SQL Server Name" or "Server Alias" for exisiting SQL Server Instance - Standalone


Hi All,


I would like to add a new network name and IP address for the existing instance of standalone sql server.

Existing Server Details :-

Old Cluster Domain Name = OLDSQLServer (Old SQL Server Name )

Old Cluster Network IP Address = 10.x.x.x (OLD SQL Server IP)


New required additions to the Server :-

New Domain Name = NEWSQLServer (This domain entry and IP also should connect to OLDServer)

Please help me with the procedure.

Venugopal S

Adding New Storage for new Instance in Windows 2003 Cluster environment.


Hello all

Part of Preparation for adding new Instance in Cluster I required

1. IP   - I got It

2. Network name    - I got It

3.free disk resources     - I got iSCSI drive but I have to intilize now.

Here my question is

I have to Intilize the "iSCSI" from Both ndoes or it is ok if I intilized from Active node.

Please advise me.

Thanks in Advance


Database mirroring with multi instance fail over cluster


Hi Guys 

I have a Question about setting up database mirroring on database. This database is on an instance on Active-Active fail over cluster. I want to make this instance as primary Server in Database mirroring.

Will it possible to mirror this database to unclustered server ? What would happen if there is fail over and the primary instance moves to the other node What would the effect on database mirroring ? Any ideas....



Multi instance cluster - same port


HI Team,

I have a four node cluster with three instance running as below. All are named instances




I have configured all this to run with static port 1433 and it works fine - even it all failover to one node.

Is this configuration supported? will there be any issue in terms of getting the firewall port to be opened for clients to connect (i think the firewal port 1433 will be opend to the host IP )

multi-site failover cluster, is node & file share majority quorum really correct in this instance -



The HA design we propose in a nutshell:

Primary site A

Node 1: 1 x physical host for a SQL Failover cluster instance for application A

Node 2: 1 x physical host for a SQL Failover cluster instance for application B

Node 3: 1 x physical host for two SQL Failover cluster instances, one for a test env for application A, and another for a test env for application B

Secondary site B

Node 4: 1 x physical host for a SQL Failover cluster instance that acts as a 3+1 failover node that will pic up the failure of either or all of the 3 nodes in Primary site A.

Now I am a complete novice, but my understanding of quorums are that their purpose is to establish when the cluster must stop running due to things like network failures etc. There really is not much out there in terms of a laymans description for quorums :(

The basic requirement for a multi-site failover cluster with an even number of nodes is to use the node & file share majority configuration, and that is what I have here. 4 x nodes (3 at site A and 1 at site B), and a seperate file share for the witness file (which makes the odd number for a majority).

So my understanding is that:

If node 1 fails, it will failover to node 4

If node 1 and 2 fail, they will both failover to node 4

If node 1, 2 and 3 fail, they will all fail

One SQL instance was failed for SQL 2005 SP4 patching on 3 nodes cluster


Hi All,


I did SQL 2005 SP4 patch for 4 SQL instances on 3 nodes cluster this morning. The patch on one SQL instance was failed due to permission issue . I login with my adm account which is in local admin group. We have done on test and DR box before and no problem at all. I had to use cluster admin tool to start the sql instance. Actually it has been patched to SP4 after I checked. Then I did failover the instance to another node. The server authentication was changed to windows mode only, all SQL logins failed to access databases. So I had to change the SQL to mix authentication mode and restart the instance.  



Adding a new instance on a Active\Passive SQL2008 Cluster

I have a SQL2008 (Windows Server 2008) cluster with currently one SQL instance on it. I would like to add a second SQL 2008 instance on the cluster. I know it needs it's own IP.  What do I need to do overall? How do I install it? Is it the same where I install a new "named" instance on Node A and then do the same on Node B?  Maybe someone knows a good resource out there that takes you through this?

Thanks in advance.

replication between sql2005 and sql2008R2




Will replication work between sql2008R2(distributor and publisher) and sql2005(subscriber)?



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