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full-text search error

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I have created procedure for full-text search and it works in SQL Management Studio 2008 (SQL Server 2008 Express) but in Visual Studio 2010 not - I have error:

Full-Text Search is not installed, or a full-text component cannot be loaded.

I have read somewhere that only admin can use full-text indexes - so how I can use full-text search in VS2010 ?

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Full text search in a Word document



  I´m currently programming a web search application in ASP.Net and having problem with full text searching. My requirements are:

1. Save a byte array from SQL server to word document as a temp file in a server side?

2. How to highlight the string I am currently searching in the Word document and return to the user the sentence with the highlighted string (like on Bing or any other search engines)? Is it possible to fullfill this requirement with full-text search integrated in SQL Server 2008?

Thanks in advance,




Full Text Search Return no Result while "Like" does

Someone pls look at the picture and help me I tried Restart the serviceI tried restart the server But the number of row affected is still zero :(

Full Text Search architecture needs to be enhanced for true multilingual web applications

This is for the MS SQL Server development team that handles the code for Full Text Search. Hopefully you will read this. I developed a web application that supports multilingual content. As is typical in the real world, many people often need to create their content in multiple languages or even have multiple languages present within the same content. In my SQL Server database I have a single table that is used to store all the text from all languages. A single column is used to store this text. A separate column is used to identify the language of the content and uses Culture Codes like en-us, de-de, etc.. Furthermore, the format of the content could be plain text, html or whatever. Business logic at a higher level in my application code knows what the format is for each record because data is retrieved within the context of whatever a web page uses. For example, a user sending an e-mail would use plain text for the subject. For the body, html would be used. When these two pieces of information are stored in the same table, my code knows upon retrieving it what is text and what is html. It makes no sense storing a subject and body of an email in two separate tables. This is just a simple example but hopefully you get the point. After going through the documentation on FTS, it became clear to me that my table design is completely incompatible with the FTS paradigm. FTS requ

switch off full text search in sharepoint 2010

Hi I need to switch off full text search in sharepoint 2010 so that the search only searches on title filename and metadata. How can I do this? Juran

Full text search not working for pre-existing data on table after installing docx filter.However wor


Hello All,


I have a strange issue. I have pre-existing data in my table with full text index defined along with catalog. I noticed that I did not have the docx filter ,so I installed the filter and performed the steps below. After installing the filter  I added a couple of new records. I noticed that the full text search pulled up the new records matching the criteria but did not return any pre-existing records. Could you please let me know the issue.Please note – currently I am using sql 2008 , but also would like to verify the same in sql 2005 as well.

Also could you please verify the steps below for installation in sql 2008 and sql 2005 and with different architectures (Eg windows 2003/2008, 32bit, 64 bit etc)


This was tested on VM image on 64 bit architecture Windows 200

full-text search in SQl 2005 and 2008


Considering that full text search engine is now integrated into SQL in 2008 version comparing to 2005, has anybody notice any difference in full text search speed after migrating from 2005 to 2008 using the same type of hardware?



Can't full text search pdf files


I have a MyDocuments table that has the following columns: ID, Document varchar(max), and DocumentType

I'm only able to get HTML and TXT results from my full text search queries -- but I know that I should be getting PDFs as well.

What am I doing wrong?

FYI: I did install the iFilter.

Full Text Search .


Hi ,

I have around 250 tables and i beleive for each table the full text index/catlog) has to be created. When i write a full text search query say for all the tables what would be the cost(Performance) ???? and i also wanted to know about the performance of these full text Queries in an OLTP database(Transactions mainly)

Regards, Santhosh Hiriyanna

Full text search missing from one instance on one node of 3 node MSSQL 2008 cluster


Hello to all, 

I just started at a new client and on becoming familiar with the environment, I noticed that one of our instances on one node is missing the full text search option. The instance is not active on this node but I fear that if we ever need to failover it wont work.

The full text option is installed on the active node instance and the other passive node.

How do I add the full text search option to the instance on the node thats missing it ?

thank you.


Installing full text search not showing up as an option to install (per advances services installati



Per the following link regarding installation pre-reqs for the adventure works sample databases:


when adding features to an existing sql installation/instance I am not seeing the "Full Text Search" check box when adding features under the Instance Features/Database Engine Services node.

Has anybody else ran into this issue?



Full Text Search Theasarus Help!



I'm trying to use SQL full text search (SQL Server 2008) to match rows of information in two different tables with a cursor. Essentially what it should do is take product "A" and product "B" and see if they're of the same product family.

Example: A = "Windows Server 2003". B= "Windows Server 2008". <--this would be a match.

Example2: A = "Windows 7". B="Windows Server 2008" <--this would NOT be a match. I've constructed a Theasarus and am using the Contrains(FORMSOF(Theasarus,product)) and it appears to work to an extent. However, it is matching "Windows 7" with "Windows Server [edition]" products.  Below is my code and Theasarus.

Thanks for the help!

  • declare @FTSproduct nvarchar(255)
    declare @FTSwrappedProduct nvarchar(255)
    declare @FTSformsOfProduct nvarchar(255)
    declare @TechnologyName nvarchar(255)

    Full Text Search how-to


    Hi everyone,

    I want to do something like a search button with a textbox and user can type in whatever they want to search. Upon click the button, I search the entire database (however, I do not want to search the entire database but only a few tables. Can I limit the visibility here ?). I been searching on the internet and came across Full Text Search feature on MSSQL 2008. I'm using MSSQL 2008 express edition. I been reading how to do something like that on MSDN for about 3 hours and I still have no idea how to do it.  I'm not saying the documentation is not good. It's just that it provides too much information than I need and making me confused. I would be really appreciated if someone could point me out to the right direction (any good tutorial or article on it but not as long as MSDN documentation). Tongue out Thanks all.

    Full Text Search "Contains" is slower then "Like %"


    I have an issue with Full-Text Indexing on SQL Server 2008 x64.

    I have three tables:
    TableA with 90 000 rows
    TableB with 12 000 000 rows
    TableC with 22 000 000 rows
    All tests I perform in SQL Management Studio

    I created FTS catalogs with autopopulation.

    When I queried TableA : Select * from TableA where Contains(field1, '"j*"') I see 11000 records less then 1 second

    But when I queried TableB or TableC with same query I see 250 records in 2 seconds. It is obviously very slow.
    Query with "like %" instead of "contains" executes less then 1 second for the same tables.

    Can the problem exist because of large tables B and C? TableA queried successfully.
    Maybe those tables need more time for indexing? (but they are indexing(populating) 3 days already)

    Some details:
    For tables B and C I always see "Population Status = Processing notifications" (9)
    Property "TableFulltextDocsProcessed" always increases

    Full Text search join runs really slowly when inserting results into a table.


    We have a problem when inserting the results of a join on a full-text search into a table. I have had to anomalyse the query but the bottom line is that the insert into a table is the factor that makes the query run really slow.

    The join itself works fine and returns the result set (2 rows in this case) in approx 100 ms:

        tablea WITH (NOLOCK) 
    INNER JOIN CONTAINSTABLE (indexedviewa,*,'nnnn') AS kwsearch
        ON kwsearch.[key] = dbo.tablea.aaaa 
    WHERE p = 1
    AND q = 2
    AND r = 0
    AND s NOT IN (8,9)
    AND t = 'zzzzz'

    However, when the results of the join (2 rows in this case) are taken and inserted into a table (whether it be #temp or a permanent table), the query takes approx. 3500 ms:

        propertyId  int,
        agentId     int);

        tablea WITH (NOLOCK) 
    INNER JOIN CONTAINSTABLE (indexedviewa,*,'nnnn') AS kwsearch
        ON kwsearch.[key] = dbo.tablea.aaaa
    WHERE p = 1
    AND q = 2
    AND r = 0
    AND s NOT IN (8,9)

    How do I view Full-text search catalogs in SQL Server 2008 Express?


    I've installed SQL Server 2008 express with advanced services on my Vista Home Premium, and have enabled Full-text search. 

    "SELECT fulltextserviceproperty('IsFulltextInstalled');" returns 1, and using CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG mycatalog I was able to create my Full-text search catalog. I was then able to create full-text indexes on my DB columns, and even search through them.

    However, there is no &

    Point In Time Recovery of Database with Full-Text Search enabled SQL 2005


    Is this possible? 



    Backup made at 10:30

    changes made in system

    Tail of the log backup taken at 10:35

    Restore to point in tim 10:33 

    At this point I get the error System.data.sqlclient.sqlerror: The File "sysft_yadayada_1" was not fully restored by a database or file restore.  The entire file must be successfully restored before applying this backup set.

    BUT when I restore the database to most recent possible I have no issues..

    when I do a select * from sys.master_files    sysft_yadayada_1 does not exist in that list, but  sysft_yadayada_5 does... When we were initially configuring fulltext search for this application we had a couple hiccups first till we got it working and thats the filename that ended up sticking.


    cannot currently modify this text in the editor.It is read only error


    Hi, perhaps i have found a bug in Visual Studio 2008 Team Edition.Every thing was going well.

    I started to build my project, but for certain reasons i went to Built Tab and while the project wes in build process i clicked Cancel Button.

    Alas!! after that my class file has gone to non-editable mode.It is giving this error:

    "cannot currently modify this text in the editor.It is read only ".I closed and again opened Project but no improvement.I went to Tool->Import Export Setting->reset all settings but no benefit.

    How to resolve this problem ?

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