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Fonix VoiceDial (Bluetooth), WM5 PPC 2.0

Posted By: Syed Shakeer Hussain     Posted Date: July 09, 2010    Points: 2   Category :Others
Fonix Speechintroduces VoiceDial, a totally interactive, hands-free software application for today's hottest wireless devices. Simply speak the number or name to call, and VoiceDial does the the rest. It's that easy!

VoiceDial in a nutshell:

* Speaker independent - there�s no voice training involved, including both contact names and digit dialing.
* Highly accurate - even in noisy environments like cars or airports, perfect for when you�re on the go or anytime you want a better, safer and easier way to dial your contacts.
* Call any name directly - from your contact list or SIM card no matter how many names in your contact database. Just say the name of the person you want to call.
* Dial a number directly - using a continuous string of numbers no pausing or waiting for each digit.

See what others have to say about Fonix VoiceDial:

Fonix VoiceDial is a great example of a company that has capitalized on the Windows Powered software to create a solution that makes devices not only easier to use but safer in many situations, like dialing a phone number while driving. - Jeff McKean, retail marketing manager for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft.

Amazing! I tried Fonix VoiceDial on two different Windows Mobile 5 devices (i-mate JasJar and i-mate K-Jam) and in both cases it worked 'out of the box' without needing any training or specif

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Bluetooth Printing Guide using Windows Mobile Pocket Pc

FieldSoftware Products printing products use the Bluetooth "Serial Port Profile" (SPP). Unfortunately, there is no standard method to find your Bluetooth printer and begin printing... each device contains a Bluetooth stack/driver that determines the steps. There are two main stacks currently available... one from Microsoft and one from WIDCOMM/Broadcom. Below are step-by-step instructions for printing with the Microsoft and WIDCOMM stacks. Note that these may change for different versions of the Bluetooth stacks or for different manufacturers. Consult the documentation for your device for specific details on your device.

Identifying your device''s Bluetooth stack: There is no sure steps to identify a Bluetooth stack on a device. Below are steps for identifying current WIDCOMM and Microsoft stacks at the time this page is published. Note that these may not identify earlier or later versions of the same BT stacks.

Use a Windows Mobile Phone as a Bluetooth Modem

Many Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phones and Windows Mobile Smartphones can be connected to a Windows PC via Bluetooth for use as a wireless dial-up modem. If your Windows Mobile device supports Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking, or Bluetooth DUN, and your Windows PC Bluetooth-enabled, you have everything you need.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to use Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phones or Smartphones as a Bluetooth modem for Windows XP PCs.

bluetooth print via serial port PDA

Print via BlueTooth using PDA

How to transfer files between computer and mobile device using bluetooth

What is Bluetooth? How can I have it on my computer?

Bluetooth wireless technology is a communication technology that allows two devices to communicate wirelessly. Most of the notebooks are nowadays equipped with bluetooth. For those notebooks or computers that don't, you can use a bluetooth dongle to add the functionality and it just costs you around $5. Although higher price range bluetooth dongles are available but it makes no sense of buying them if you just plan to connect your mobile device to the computer. Look for one that has Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR (Enhance Data Rate) supporting speeds of upto 3Mbps and with Vista support. You can easily have one of that kind in just $5.

Setting up bluetooth to work on your computer

Just Insert the bluetooth dongle in the USB.
It should get detected by your Operating System and should be ready to use. In case it is just detected as a new hardware, you need to install drivers for it that came with your bluetooth dongle (You can try Google to find the drivers).
Once drivers are installed, a bluetooth notification icon will appear in your system tray.
Right Click on it to access Settings (This may vary with your bluetooth dongle).
Make sure you have turned Discovery On (It allow others to see your computer).
Switch On the bluetooth on the mobile device.

"Add Bluetooth Device" exe location




I was keen on using the Process class to open "Add Bluetooth Device" wizard, but I was wondering what is the location of the wizard's exe?


I would be glad if someone can help.



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