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SharePoint Tutorial - SharePoint Logical Architecture

Posted By: Rahul     Posted Date: October 26, 2009    Points: 2   Category :SharePoint
The SharePoint logical architecure consists of nested and isolated levels. These levels provide benefits for security, navigation, search, branding and ect. depending on the level

SharePoint Farm
The base level for any SharePoint implementation is the SharePoint farm. Physically a farm can consist of one server or many servers. An organization may implement one or more farms. This usually depends on security and performance needs.

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SharePoint Tutorial -SharePoint Physical Architecture

The SharePoint physical architecture consists of services running on one or more servers.

There are three types of services that together run the SharePoint farm: web, application and database services. Web services through Internet Information Server is what processes the ASP.Net and sends back the html to a user's browser. Application services is where the "brains" of SharePoint are located. All of the SharePoint specific logic and services are processed there. Database services are run by SQL Server and it's where all the data/content for SharePoint is stored.

SharePoint Tutorial - Web Parts

A page in SharePoint is comprised of web parts the exist within zones. Web parts are available for just about everything. For example in the page below there are four web part highlighted by different colors. The purple web part displays a short list of the new announcements stored in the annoucements library. The pink web part displays events from a calendar within the site. The green web part displays an image from a location the user specifies. The gray web part displays a list of links from the links list on the site.

SharePoint Tutorial - Team Sites

Team sites are small web sites that are created to store everything about a particular thing. For example a site can be created for a department in an organization like human resources. I site can be created for a particular project. A site can even be created for a meeting. Everything about the thing (department, project, meeting) like documents, lists, calendars, etc. is stored in that site.

SharePoint Tutorial - Libraries

A library is a feature in SharePoint that stores files (documents). Think of a library as a folder on your file system. For example, a library can be created to store resumes in the human resources team site. A library is usually created for a specific type of file. Libraries can contain metadata to describe the particular file in more detail and to make it easier to find.

SharePoint Tutorial - Lists

A list is a feature in SharePoint that stores a lists of information. For example, a list can be created to store web links in the human resources team site. A list is usually created for a specific type of information. Lists can contain metadata to describe the particular information in more detail and to make it easier to find.

SharePoint Tutorial - Security

Security in SharePoint is comprised of users, groups and roles.

Users, Groups and Roles

A user account comes from the authentication system. For example, if Active Directory is used to authenticate then the user accounts will come from it.

There are two types of groups SharePoint uses: domain groups and SharePoint groups.

SharePoint Tutorial - Content Types

SharePoint content types provide users with a way to manage and organize content in a more meaningful way. It's a reusable of settings you want to apply to a particular type of document in a library or item in a list.

Developing on SharePoint 2010 Intro Tutorial

Folks, this is a exciting news for SharePoint Geeks that the availability of Developing on SharePoint 2010 Tutorial can be access here.

Video: SharePoint 2010 Services Architectural and Logical Overview

In this video you will learn about the new SharePoint Services model and see how this new model provides for greater flexibility and scalability. (Length: 18:51)

Video: Business Connectivity Services Architecture for SharePoint 2010

This video discusses the architecture of Business Connectivity Services. (Length: 2:15)

Could you lead me to a good ForeFront TMG / SharePoint tutorial?

I'm looking to create an Internet-facing SharePoint site (for fun and learning).  I was going to use ISA 2006 until I learned that I could only do so on a 32-bit system.  I'm looking into ForeFront TMG however I have very little ISA experience and no TMG experience and I cannot find any good tutorials.  Please lead me in the right direction.
James Grizzle
University of Cincinnati: College of Applied Science
Information Technology Web Tutor
IT Student Association: Vice President

SHarepoint 2010 Tutorial

Please give me url for Learn about sharepoint 2010.

SHarepoint 2010 Tutorial


Please Give me the Url for Downloading Sharepoint2010 Tutorials or Give me an url For Learning Sharepoint 2010. Anyone knows please help me out


SharePoint 2007 - Features and Architecture


Would like to know any best presentation/area where SharePoint 2007 features(show how valuable the product is) are well discussed/explained that include

Architecture, features such as various site templares, integrating with InfoPath forms, Security,custom web parts, Excel services etc?


Apriori algorithm [association rule]

Sharepoint Service Applications question, architecture



I read an article in documentation:

When for example u want to use service applications you need to connect your service
applications to the WFE’s. This is done using a proxy (don’t think WCF/ASMX proxy… think of it
in the more generic term for now (as compared to 2007)).

I donnt exactly undestand this - so what is this proxy and what is communication Protocol between WFE and the application server?

Second question is if it is truth, then if there are two farms or more then could you search content through all of them using one Search Service Application? And would it be enough to have ONE search server in total and on the other farm there would be only some proxy to search sevice?

Sharepoint Configuration Tutorial


I am a "garden variety" Win2003 system admin. My organization is planning to install Sharepoint next year so I am trying to find out as much I can about how Sharepoint works. I am finding the learning curve to be steep and difficult.

Install and initial configuration are understandable but what comes after that is not. I am having trouble understanding the "big picture" and how all the parts (applications, site collections, ssp etc. etc.) work together.

I need a a tutorial that would take me thru, step by step, a sample setup that a small organization would typically use.

sharepoint tutorial

Can anyone tell me where i could find tutorials for learning Sharepoint.The tutorial should provide information for  a beginner in complete.
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