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PDF's & Flyouts/Layers

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I'm attempting to develop an interactive glorified PDF viewer, however, I am new to some of this and have a number of questions.

  1. Is there a method of obtaining the number of pages in a PDF and storing as a variable?
  2. Is there a nice control that allows a PDF to be embedded? I can find loads that allow generation of PDF's.
  3. Can PDF's be layered, or can they be part of a flyout popup?

Any help would be appreciated!



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Asynchronous Paging and 3 tier layers

Hi all, I have a query about asynchronous paging using RegisterAsynchTask or AddOnPreRenderCompleteAsync If I have a 3 tier web application with the UI, Business Layer and the Data Access Layer and I'm doing the Begin and End asynchronous processing of a method at page level (UI). This UI method accesses the DB and goes through all the layers starting asynchronously from the first page, then continuing "normally" through all the other layers. These underlying layers are all synchronous but started asynchronously through the first Page.My question is how should asynchronous paging processing be handled with regards to layers? Do I need to set the methods being used at all levels asynchronously (using Begin and End event handlers) ? And what about MasterPages... I can't Asynchronous processing for them. RegisterAsynchTask is not available and neither AddOnPreRenderCompleteAsync.... what I'm missing? Thanks and Regards

What are layers in Analysis Service?

what is Layer and How many Layer in Analysis Services and what is each usage ? Thanks in advance

TopNav dropdowns/flyouts - Only appear for all sites from home



Someting that has befuddled us since MOSS 2007 is Sharepoint's ability to only show full top-nav dropdowns from root (Home) or TopNav dropdown for certain sites within root when browsed to a location within the site.

Ideally, we'd like all Top Nav dropdowns and flyouts to appear on ALL sites and sub-sites, rather than just in particular cases. Any ideas about how to make this happen?



BindingSource object that acts as layers.


For : VS 2008, C#, Windows 7, framework 3.5, Windows forms.

I creating a program, that on some occasions needs to retrieve data from database.

After the main screen retrieve the data, I want to expends the data, and make only the changes made by the expended screen to the database.

Also there are more inner screen (the expended screen expends a new one).

The whole process should commit at the first screen (as one transaction - changes are only in memory, till I do commit).


What is the best attitude doing the above.

I have tried putting two bindingSource with two dataSources, but it's a guess, which didn't work well.

I need an example for that, please.


Thanks :)

How to make layers?


Hello! I am developing a small WPF application desktop based...

I have a 2 column grid to seperate the content.. how ever i want the left content to be able to change...

I can achive this using z-order but it doesnt help at the design view because the background is transparent...is there any other solution ?

Using SQL 2008 R2 Tooltips on Map layers


I have created a map report in SSRS 2008 R2 that uses geography data types to create a polygon map layer of adjoining areas. I want to be able to use the tooltip option to show properties from each of the individual areas of the layer, but it seems like I can only use aggregate data from all of the data in the layer and not any of the data specific to just the area in the layer I am hovering over.

Is showing aggregate data the only option for a map tooltip, or is there some way to show the data from the individual areas in the map layer that I haven’t figured out yet?

regarding flyouts in MOSS 2007 Navigation.

I have flash below my MOSS Navigation. When I hover over the navigation tab , the flyout pops up only in internet explorer, but it wont pop up in Mozilla. Can anyone suggest a work around for this ?
I played around with the css for the z-index to work so that the flyouts appear on top of the flash, but did not get it to working.

Hope it is not different from the way we do in regular html.

Here are the details of my Navigation
<style type="text/css">

            border-left:solid 0px #ffffff;
            border:solid 0px #c2dcff;
            border-left:solid 0px #ffffff;
            font-weight: bold;
            .Custom-ms-topnav a{<

Top Navigation Flyouts


Hi All,

I am creating a SharePoint 2010 site and I have this requirement where on the top navigation flyout I need to display a UI that would be similar to a custom web part. Once the user hovers over the top navigation, an image is displayed and below that there are certain links that point to pages within the site collection. I have seen the SPNavigation API and can add some links but I wonder if I can add some HTML tables to it and design it with some fancy fonts etc. Is this going to be possible? Can anyone throw some leads?


How to make layers?


Hello! I am developing a small WPF application desktop based...

I have a 2 column grid to seperate the content.. how ever i want the left content to be able to change...

I can achive this using z-order but it doesnt help at the design view because the background is transparent...is there any other solution ?

Dependency inversion between layers in MVC?


Split off from http://forums.asp.net/t/1618613.aspx

hi there

I would like to get your advise on Dependency Inversion..Should i include it as a layer between Business Layer and Repository Layer?

I think its really great when different team members work on DAL n BAL etc or when your database will be changed in future. It actually removes the dependency of the Data provider but over the expense of additional coding overhead. My question is , is it really worth it? If i suggest this layer to my PM and give him the above two reasons then i dnt think he will accept it since most of the time each developer works on his DAL/BAL's, and Change in DB wud be the least of his concerns.

RAD in every layer..

I mean if there are any auto generation tools available for generating repositories etc.

I read about MVCContrib Grid and i think its a good option to use for Grid.

If i use Spark ViewEngine then can i still use T4 templates to auto create custom views by customizing templates?

using Linq to SQL, what layers I should use ?


I want to use Linq to SQL in my web projects. I mostly work in small and medium size projects. Please guide me what layers I should use ?

Previously I was using DAAB and was using 4 layers (business objects, business logic layer, data access layer and user interface).


adding levels of flyouts to sharepoint 2010 Quick Launch



I have Sharepoint Enterprise RTM Trial on Windows Server 2008 SP2.

I have a team site in which i have a flyout Quick Launch menu as describe in technet discussion . I just wanted to add a level 2 (sub level of a level) in Quick launch, for example:

Heading > Sub heading > Link 1

                                   > Link 2

I have tried it from Site settings > Navigation page but i have found that a heading cannot be created in a heading i.e, sub heading is not allowed....

Is it possible to achieve this task without writing code ?


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