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Sequential Diagram

Posted By: BangaruBabuPureti     Posted Date: May 27, 2010    Points: 2   Category :Patten/Practices
Gives Total Exposure On Sequential Diagrma

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An Entity Relationship Diagram Example

An Entity Relationship Diagram conveys a lot of information with a very concise notation. The important part to keep in mind is to limit what you're reading using the following technique:

Choose two entities (e.g. Company and Employee)
Pick one that you're interested in (e.g. how a single Company relates to employees)
Read the notation on the second entity (e.g. the crow's feet with the O above it next to the Employee entity).

UML Diagram Types

UML provides a number of diagram types as a mechanism for entering model elements into the model and showing overlapping sets of models elements and their relationships. UML does not specify what diagrams should be created or what they should contain, only what they can contain and the rules for connecting the elements. The diagram types include:

UML Diagram Types - 2

Further diagram types include:

Activity Diagrams - a generic flow chart used much in business modelling and sometimes in use case modelling to indicate the overall flow of the use case. This diagram type replaces the need for dataflow diagrams but is not a main diagram type for the purposes of analysis and design.

Use Case Diagram

The use case diagram shows the functionality of the system from an outside-in viewpoint.

Actors (stick men) are anything outside the system that interacts with the system.

I want Er Diagram for Fees System of small institution ,can u plz guide me what fields are necessary


I want Er Diagram for Fees System of small institution ,can u plz guide me what fields are necessary to store Fees information ...


How to setup db diagram to automatically insert username into table?

 I have a table setup in the database for users who are basically going to create a classified listing.  How can I setup a diagram that would easily create a table relationship with the Users table, so that it automatically inserts the users username when they submit a new ad?  If so, how?  I've tried adding a UserName row to my table and creating a relationship with the Users table "UserName" row, but it wasn't accepting the relationship when I tried to save the diagram...apparently because the UserName row in the Users table isn't a primary key?Also, one this is setup, what's the best way to provide the user a way to see a list of their ads and have the ability to edit them?

Sequential Workflow project unable to compile referencing x64 Workflow Activity Library

Folks -   I have an sequential workflow project targeting x64 that will not compile if the workflow activity library that it references is compiled for x64 (it will compile if the activity library targets x86).  The compile error I receive is: Compilation failed. Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information. [project name]   Any thoughts on how to figure this out?   Thanks.

Database diagram support objects cannot be installed...

I can't make a diagram on our server(Win2003 x64,SQL 2005 Enterprise x64 sp2 3054). I have tried to login as an admin and create a new db, but get the same message - 'Database diagram support objects cannot be installed because this database does not have a valid owner. To..' Also tried to make a diagram from the ReportServer db.   Any suggestions?

.NET 2.0 Framework Diagram/Chart

Alright here is a tough one.  I am looking for the .Net 2.0 Framework Chart/Diagram.  What do I mean by this. Im looking for all Providers, classes, properties, methods and events for all the providers.  Did microsoft ever release a copy of one?  It would be a diagram, chart or picture of all providers. I downloaded my copy of Visual Studio from the MSDN site and therefore never got a box to help me out with this one.  Maybe Visual Studio 2005 has one stored in it somewhere? Been searching for the past few days on this one. I want to be able to print a huge picture of it and hang it on my wall.  Let me know if anyone knows where one is or can get their hands on it.  It would look like a database diagram but with providers instead of tables.  Im really interested on this one.

Share Point Designer 2007 Workflow (Sequential) - multi-collect data from user

I am currently building a multi-step workflow using ShrePoint designer for MOSS2007. I am getting a bit confused as to if I have an error or if I am doing something incorrect. Here is what I have going. My workflow consists of something similar to the following New document comes in, a collect data from user routine is ran and assigned to a reviewer. My understanding when I create a collect data from user WorkFlow step is any data I request is saved in the "Tasks" list. Therefore I need to grab the workflow task ID in order to later lookup what the reviewer submitted... I understand this...   However, I have one more collect data from user workflow step and I have one more item to collect. Even though this is a brand new collect data from user workflow step - does the collected data still go into the "Tasks" list? In other words, if I have two steps in a workflow and both of these steps are "collect data from user", does the data from both steps go into the same "Tasks" list?  I could see how this might be possible as long as the Task list columns contain all the items for all the different "collect" data from user steps.  I don't see two different Tasks lists representing or named "Reviewer" or "Final" or anything, so I assume the items are all in "Tasks"   However..

looking for tool to diagram my xml document

I am looking for a tool which will diagram my XML document. I need a visual representationof my XML data, so that is why I am looking for such a tool. It probably does not matter, but I am using C#, .net 

creating network topology diagram

Hi, I 'd like to build web application which is capable of creating network topology diagram and editing it.The diagram should be created based on the database entries.(for ex:-http://performancepointinsider.com/f...ngtopology.png.) Is this possible through .NET framework?do i need to use any  third party tool for this ?I am not able understand where to start help me out .How to handle graphical aspect of this application?if anyone has sample project /open source tool for this please let me know .  Any help or advice is kindly appreciated.   Thanks

sequential workflow + Active directory

Hi, i wanna get manager name of the login users in visual studio sequential workflow... Thanks ___________ arWINdh

Visual Studio Extension: Save UML diagram as image

I am auditing one big legacy application. I use Visual Studio 2010 modeling projects to visualize the design of this legacy application. When I wanted to get my UML diagrams to image files so I can insert them to documents I found no option for it. As it turned out we have to write extension for modeling projects and deploy it as Visual Studio 2010 extension. Here is the installer and source package of my UML.SaveAsImage extension. UML.SaveAsImage.zip VS2010 solution | 48KB UML.SaveAsImage.Install.zip VSIX insaller | 4KB I still cannot believe that we need to write extensions to get our UML diagrams to image files but okay, it's done now and let's say - problem is solved. At least this one. In my work I used code example by Cameron Skinner. He has very good blog posting titled as Save a diagram to Image File. Here are steps how I wrote this extension. 1. Create new Layer Designer Command Extension project As a first thing you should create layer designer command extension project. If you don't have support for modeling projects you should take more powerful edition of Visual Studio 2010. Name it your project as you like and click OK. 2. Add functionality to Command class You can find Command class from your new project. This class is created by default. Here is the modified code from Cameron Ski

Copying DB design diagram

Hi All, Is there a way to copy DB design diagram between environments. I keep trying some model in Dev environment, but whenever I copy a production copy onto Dev, I keep losing the DB Diagram. Is there a way apart from using Visio, to copy the diagram and release it along with the changes to prod environment. (i.e, If the schema of both the source and target databases is the same)

Sequential firing of button clicks

Hello all, I am faced with a tricky scenario. My application is in .NET 3.5 using C# as the development language. My page is having a number of User controls, each with a Save button of its own. Now my Page containing the User Controls also has a button named SAVE. Now all these User Controls are dynamically populated in the page with respect to some events and all of them are inside individual Update Panels. Now my requirement is ONCLICK of the SAVE button in the page, the clicks of the SAVE buttons of the user controls will get fired. But since its an asynchronous call, it will be a heavy overload if all the clicks get fired simultaneously. So I thought of having sequential clicks done, i.e., after the successful completion of the Click of User Control 1, the click of User Control 2 will get fired and so on. I presume this can be done with Server Callback, but I am at a loss how to proceed with it. It would be helpful if anyone can provide me with a solution at the earliest.   Thanks in advance   Sanjoy

Database diagram

Hello all, We have been assigned a project for future developement. The problem is original developer did not create any data model, so we are in trouble understanding how db structure flow goes. I know we can create database diagram (even did that), but db contains 162 tables so the db diagram becomes so big that it does not fit in the monitor's view. Viewing each table > keys (for relationships) is not possible. Any suggestions, to make the things simpler.
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